5 reasons why millennials move to South Beach

If you made a decision to move to Florida, congratulations! It is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. Florida is a great living place, especially for millennials, mostly for its diversity. However, it is not enough just to decide to move to Florida. Based on your preferences, you have to find a place for you in this wonderful state. Of course, Miami is always one of the first choices. But, even if you choose to relocate to Miami, the question of where still remains unanswered. Luckily for you, the one thing from your checklist can be crossed out, because Miami moving and storage services will be at your disposal whenever you want. As for the place, we recommend Miami Beach, more precisely South Beach. And we bring you the reasons why millennials move to South Beach. Keep reading to find out.

What kind of a place is South Beach?

Before we move on to the reasons why millennials move to South Beach, let us introduce you a little to this wonderful area. First of all, you need to know that living in Miami is very different from living in South Beach. It is a neighborhood of Miami Beach. It’s a compact region in a compact town. So, it is simple to travel around on foot, by bike, or by public transportation. Given the limited parking options, it’s a great place for people who wish to downsize and give up driving.

Miami Beach guard post on a beach
There are many reasons why millennials move to South Beach

With views of the beach or the skyline of downtown Miami, this neighborhood is also one of the most prestigious in Miami. Although you might expect to find a little more peace on the west side along West Avenue, it is a playground for the rich and visitors of all kinds, and it is also famous for its diversity. If you are planning a relocation to Miami, call long distance movers Miami, and choose South Beach. It is the right place for millennials.

The first reason why millennials move to South Beach is the weather

Of course, the weather in Florida, in general, is great. You get a lot of sunshine throughout the whole year, whereas winter almost doesn’t exist. When living in Florida, it feels like you are living in an endless summer. Why then choose exactly South Beach? Well, when you live in Miami, even though it also has a lot of sunny days, the humidity is at a high level. With South Beach, that is not the case. You get to enjoy only the best part that a lot of sunshine has to offer. Throughout the summer, South Beach has a stronger coastal wind and lower temperatures. This means you enjoy all the benefits of Florida’s abundant sunshine without being oppressed by humidity.

If you are into recreation, that is another reason for moving to South Beach

If you are the sports type, this is your cue to contact movers South Beach FL, because you will find a lot of parks and recreational areas here. Some of the wonderful parks where you can enjoy yourself while staying fit at the same time are:

  • South Pointe Park and Beach,
  • Flamingo Park,
  • Lummus Park,
  • Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

In some of these parks, you can just find peace and enjoy nature. In others, you can run, jog, or ride a bike. Or, you can play basketball, tennis, baseball, or some of the many other sports, because these parks have great sports fields.

People sitting on the grass in a park
There are many great parks in South Beach

The diversity of food is also on the list

People go from all over the country and the world to visit South Beach to enjoy its fine white sands, crystal-clear seas, and pastel Art Deco structures. This entails a diverse culture and amazing cuisine, including many delicious Latin dishes. Everything from food trucks and cafés to gourmet dining establishments provide amazing gastronomic experiences in this city. Additionally, you may get inexpensive tropical fruits in the markets, such as luscious mangoes, which are unavailable to those who live farther north.

Housing estates in South Beach

We have already mentioned the type of architecture in South Beach. Those lovely buildings make everyone want to have an apartment there. However, there is one thing you should know and must be aware of before you call movers Miami Beach and start your relocation. That is the fact that Miami Beach, or South Beach, as its part, isn’t the most affordable place to live in the U. S. It is even among the least affordable places in Florida and Miami when it comes to housing estate costs.

However, don’t let this fact discourage you. These high costs are offset by other, much lower, costs. For example, its proximity to Miami’s center makes it easy to commute. And, in South Beach, you don’t have to use a car as a way of transport at all. Everything is so close, that you can go everywhere on foot. Or, as we have already mentioned, you can use a bike and stay healthy while running errands.

Friends laughing and hanging out
It is easy to meet new people in South Beach

Making friends is easy

This is one of the reasons for moving to South Beach that millennials just love. Since most people live in apartments, it is easier to meet new people, because you have a lot of neighbors. In addition to that, most people choose to live in buildings where people of similar age also reside, so they usually get in touch quickly. Apart from living close by, millennials meet each other in one of the many parks we have mentioned because there are always some happenings and gatherings. So, if you are an outgoing and gregarious person, South Beach is the right place for you.

Enjoy your life in South Beach

As you have read, there are many reasons why millennials move to South Beach. And we have mentioned only some of the most important ones. So, if you think these are the reasons enough, contact your reliable movers and start packing as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss a day of your new life in South Beach.