5 myths about moving to Miami Beach

You have decided on moving to Miami Beach but you still have your doubts. Simply because Miami is so famous and such fame and glory have its share of bad rep and myths that can make you wonder if this is the right move for you. But worry not, today we will help you make the right decision and set you and your Miami Beach movers on the right path. You will know more about the location you are moving to and we will together break a few myths along the way. Let’s go!

Prepare to hit the sunny beaches of Miami!

Hopefully, you have already prepared yourself for the relocation ahead. If not, let us quickly cover this part. Before you contact your local movers Florida, you must obtain the mandatory info. Start inspecting your home in order to figure out how complex your move is. Inspect your furniture and other household belongings to realize how many packing materials you must purchase. Then, inspect the environment as well and you’ll know how safe it is to work there. Then, write it all down on your moving checklist and add the following as well:

  • Info about movers.
  • Moving services.
  • Budget.
  • Insurance.
  • Packing plan.
  • Other moving-related responsibilities.
a person taking a phone call
Find your movers, ensure they are up to the task, give them a call, and secure your relocation project.

Once you have it all, contact your moving representative and they will help you further. Your Pro Movers Miami are there to ensure you have a pleasant moving experience. One that is affordable, safe, and successful. Give them a call and wrap your moving plans up.

Some say moving to Miami Beach is expensive

Moving to Miami Beach is not expensive at all. This is individual and it varies from household to household. So, these are just rumoring and myths that people can’t meet their end in Miami. One thing is certain, there are costly areas for elite and rich people. But this is nothing new and Miami is not the only place in the world with this kind of neighborhood. And you can easily avoid these places if you check these areas online and focus on lower-cost areas when chasing a property. On the other side of the fence, you will find affordable housing, reasonable prices at shopping malls, groceries, car rentals, and much more. So, just forget about what you have heard about this and know that people here earn an average payment and live comfortably.

You won’t be able to afford anything if you decide on moving to Miami Beach

Remember how we just stipulated that you could support all your everyday needs with your paycheck? Ok, there is a small trick there. Paycheck in Miami is fairly low as the prices are as well. This is simply because there is a huge demand for supply and demand in general. And the solution for this situation is to work two jobs. Miamians do not mind and it is their lifestyle. They can live comfortably as one paycheck will cover all the basic needs and the other to spend on various luxuries. But one thing is important to know. You can’t move to Miami without a job. You must either find one straight away or move here while already being employed.

woman working at the register
Miamians got used to working two jobs to afford a comfortable way of living.

Miami is for tourists only

Whoever said this, knows nothing about Miami. Yes, there are a lot of tourists in Miami but this place is so versatile and diverse that you wouldn’t believe it. And most of the people you’ll meet here are residents and locals. We understand that this misconception comes from movies and TV series because Miami is a popular honeymoon destination. Or people want to come here to taste one of the finest cocktails and dishes in the world.

Also, other things people like to see when visiting Miami are the sunny beaches and the forever famous nightclubs. Arguably, there is no better and wilder nightlife in the entire US. Lastly, another myth that came from the TV, especially from the comedy movies and series is the notion that everyone speaks Spanish here. That is absolute nonsense. Yes, people do speak Spanish here but there are many languages present. As we stated already, Miami is diverse and it is welcoming everyone who is willing to become a part of it. Besides, learning Spanish will only benefit you.

You’ll get bored after a while

There is no way that you’ll get bored after moving to Miami Beach. Even if you spend each weekend with your toes in the ocean covered in sand and shun by the sun. Remember, if you visit Miami Downtown, you will find some nice restaurants, shopping places, coffee shops, bars, etc. Or you can hit the club, go fishing at the pier, or simply take a stroll through the city and marvel at the beauty of the architecture. Although, if you want something more thrilling, go for a cruise or book an Everglades tour to visit your fellow alligator friends. Do not worry, they won’t bite.

miami beach
Even if you get bored for a while, there are always sunny beaches, the ocean, and soothing waves to get you back on track.

Miami Beach and Miami Downtown are all there is?

Of course not. People do not even understand how huge Miami is. Again, most of what you saw about Miami is on the TV and through movies. But they show you only the most popular areas. Residential places are scattered all over the place and when you add all the highways to the equation, you won’t believe how big Miami is. But this raises one question – how to commute? The answer is simple. You must either have your personal vehicle or rent a car. Uber or a taxi is too expensive so you should try to obtain your vehicle somehow. Work out a plan beforehand because you can’t use public transportation in Miami if you do not want to spend hours inside a bus.

You are ready for moving to Miami Beach. Now you know more about the place you are moving to and you broke the myths that were clouding your judgment. It is time to call your residential movers Miami and prepare for the journey ahead. Miami awaits!