4 tips for moving a library in Miami

How to transport your books and protect them during a move? This is probably the question every person asks if they have to move their entire library to their new home. But don’t worry! Moving companies Miami are here to give you 4 tips for moving your books and furniture safely. When moving a library in Miami, the main question is whether the dismantling of the furniture is necessary or not. In any case, we recommend you to contact professional movers. They will be able to take care of dismantling, transport, and reassembly. Not to mention that moving with professionals has the advantage of being covered by movers’ insurance in the event of damage to your library.

Books on a shelf
Before you start packing make sure to dust off your books.

Tip number1: What packaging should you use when moving a library in Miami?

First of all, dust off your books before you start packing them. To do this, it is preferred to use a soft brush. Plus, if your books already have reinforced protections, such as corner guards or book covers, they will be protected even more. On the other hand, if you think that covering each book separately, before the move, is a good idea stop right away! This task will take up too much of your time, especially if you are a collector of hundreds of books. A more practical solution is to place them directly in the cardboard boxes! But if you’re a book lover we know you will want to protect your treasures with special packaging.

We recommend that you categorize them according to their sizes and group them together if you want to reposition your books identically when reassembling your library. You can then label and number the boxes by category. Then, you can cover them in newspaper or bubble wrap or enclose them in plastic bags. However, be aware that there are all kinds of boxes for each type of goods to be moved. Among them, book boxes are specially designed to effectively protect your books and they have the advantage of being light. So, take advantage of this inexpensive and ready-made solution for moving a library in Miami! You should order several lots be sure not to run out on moving day. However, if you don’t want to tire yourself with packing, let professional packing services Miami take care of it.

People taping a box before moving a library in Miami.
Make sure to use special book boxes when moving a library in Miami.

Tip number 2: Storage solutions adapted to books

After the packing stage, we arrive at the storage stage. What if you find yourself in between moves? While waiting for the future move you will need to properly store your books somewhere. Moreover, sometimes family or the people who host you may not want you to take up their small apartment with your collection. Also, their library is maybe already full and cannot accommodate another book! Therefore, we advise you to store them in Miami storage facilities, to prevent them from being damaged. By choosing the storage solution, you are assured that your works will be protected over the long term, in a dry and secure place. And there you go! One less worry!

If you are a student we have the ideal solution for cheaper moving a library in Miami. Indeed, if you only have your books or a few pieces of furniture to move, the group move is a good tip! You’ll save a lot of money by sharing a truck with your fellow colleagues. You probably know the exact date to resume your studies well in advance. Therefore, you will be able to reserve a place on time in the mover’s truck.

Movers moving a library in Miami.
Save money by sharing a truck with your colleagues.

Tip number 3: What to do when the bookcase is too bulky?

Once you have cleared your shelves and stored your books, you are ready to tackle the bookcase. Now imagine that you are the proud owner of a magnificent solid oak bookcase. How do you relocate this imposing structure safely? The first thing to do is to measure your furniture! You must check that it will go through the door, without dismantling, and on the other hand, that it will fit into the new home. However, if your furniture can’t go through the door, the best solution is to dismantle the bookcase, if possible. However, if you are the owner of an antique library we recommend that you use our company’s moving services. We have a team of professionals that knows how to move antique furniture safely.

Furthermore, some carpentry companies specializing in dismantling and reassembling libraries can adjust the measurements of your furniture for its new location. Indeed, they will offer you tailor-made solutions. This will prevent you from saying goodbye to your favorite piece of furniture if you can’t find a place to install it when you move in.

Dismantle the bookshelf

To be able to dismantle the parts more easily if its size allows it we recommend you lay the bookcase down. This will also make it easier for you to clean it. First, use tools intended to dismantle the assembly parts. Then, place them in sealed and labeled bags, which you can then tape to each dismantled part, in order to find their place. This will give you shelves, drawers, or doors that you can cover with covers or transport directly to the moving truck.

Beforehand, be sure to mark them! This will help you find your way around when reassembling. However, to disassemble an Ikea bookcase, we hope that you have kept your user manual because otherwise, we can only wish you good luck in separating the various elements! Of course, you can always go to the store and ask them to give you a new manual. The last practical solution to save time when reassembling your furniture: take pictures or film the operations!

Woman dismantling a shelf.
Make sure to note where every piece of bookshelf goes when you dismantle it.

Tip number 4:

The last but the most important tip we can give you is to make a plan. This will make moving a library in Miami an easy task.

  • Choose the date: the best time to move is during the week, it will be less expensive and you will avoid traffic jams.
  • Decide on a budget: how much are you willing to spend on library relocation?
  • Do an inventory: make sure to write everything down beforehand, like that you will know if everything arrived at your new location.
  • Finally, you only have one thing left to do: Complete a free moving quote at Pro Movers Miami. You will receive several quotes to move your books and your library. Thanks to the expertise of our movers your goods will be transported safely to your new home.