4 things to know before moving to Pinecrest

Are you imagining the next chapter of your life in a sunny place? Where you can spend your weekends on the beach drinking delicious mocktails? Then Pinecrest is the place for you. But before you hop in your truck, let’s see what are 4 important things you should know before moving to Pinecrest. Our team of professional movers and packers Miami came up with this brief list to help you decide.


1. It’s one of the best neighborhoods in Miami

Miami is a beautiful city. It’s a place that has everything. Parties that last for 24 hours, plenty of job opportunities, great public and private schools, and wonderful beaches and greenery. There are a couple of different neighborhoods. Pinecrest is one of the best neighborhoods. So what are you waiting for? Hire a reputable moving company and start your relocation. Remember that you can also use their packing services. Why would you bother with the meticulous task of packing every single item from your home, when you can let professionals do that?

Pinecrest is in the south of Downtown Miami. It’s considered one of the best neighborhoods in Miami. If you want to escape the craziness of Miami, but still be quite close to it. Pinecrest is a perfect choice. It’s an attractive-looking neighborhood, with some of the most beautiful houses. Even though Pinecrest is a nice place, it’s not filled with massive mansions like other affluent neighborhoods in Miami. In addition, there is a variety of architectural styles. Whether you are looking for a neo-colonial or Mediterranean style, you will find your perfect forever home in Pinecrest.

Miami skyline
Moving to Pinecrest means you will live in one of the best neighborhoods in Miami.

2. It’s a great place for raising children

Moving to Pinecrest is a brilliant decision. There is something for children of all ages. So, it’s no wonder many families choose Pinecrest as their home. If you are moving from another part of Miami, it’s important to hire experienced residential movers Miami. So that your relocation runs as smoothly as possible.

Great public and private schools

Pinecrest is extremely kid-friendly. Here is where you will find some of the best public schools. If you are looking to enroll your children in one of the best schools in the neighborhood, check out Pinecrest Elementary School, Miami Palmetto Senior High School, Palmetto Middle School, Pinecrest Cove Academy, and Pinecrest Academy. It’s recommended to schedule an appointment so that you can see what the school looks like. Also, you will have time to meet some teachers. In addition, Pinecrest has a couple of highly-rated private schools, such as Gulliver Academy and the American Academy of Pinecrest.

Let’s not forget about colleges and universities. Near Pinecrest, you will find the University of Miami, Miami Dade College, and Florida International University. Whether you or your child is looking to study online or on-campus, it’s important to research what is the best option. You can find a wide range of subjects to study, from arts and humanities to nursing. Remember to pay them a visit, so that you can get to know the campus and university before enrolling.

Books and an apple on the desk
Pinecrest has a highly rated school system.

Wonderful activities for children

There is no way your kids will be bored in Pinecrest. The neighborhood has a lot to offer, and age is just a number. It doesn’t matter if your kid is 5 or 15 years old, they will have fun. You can enjoy some activities as a family as well. For example, you can organize a picnic at the park, or you can enjoy concerts at the local amphitheater.

There is a ton of parks and playgrounds where you can let your kids run freely. You can join community activities at parks.

  • Suniland Park and Flager Grove Park – if you like to play soccer, go to these two parks.
  • Coral Pine Park – but if you enjoy tennis more, this is the place for you.
  • Veterans Wayside Park – if you want to organize a picnic, this is where you can find plenty of picnic tables.

3. It’s peaceful and clean

Miami is a well-known party city. People come here for a crazy vacation. You can drink for 24 hours and the party stops only when you want. But it’s not so crazy all over the city. There are different neighborhoods where you can step away from all the craziness. Of course, Miami has many wealthy communities, where you can find homes that are worth a couple of millions. But Pinecrest is different. Here is where you can find gorgeous mansions, but also mid-size homes. So there is no need to worry you will find a home for your family.

Moving to Pinecrest will bring you peace. Life is slow and steady over here. So if you also want to experience this peaceful life, hire one of the best movers Pinecrest FL for easy relocation. By hiring professional and experienced movers you ensure your relocation to Pinecrest goes stress-free.

Downtown Miami is just 30 minutes away so you will always be just a ride away from everything important. But you will still enjoy the tranquility of suburban life. You can easily go to work and back. People in Pinecrest form a tight community, that’s built on respect. There is a set of rules that residents follow. Everyone does their part. That’s why the neighborhood is so clean and peaceful.

A cup of tea and an open book.
Pinecrest is one of the most peaceful communities in Miami.

4. There are many community activities you can join

Pinecrest has a vibrant and diverse community. People take care of each other, and their neighborhood. You can join one of many wonderful activities the Pinecrest community center offers. There is a variety of young and adult programs, you can do yoga in the parks with your neighbors, go to fitness classes, and there are camps for kids to enjoy.

There are lot more things you should know about this charming community. But let’s leave some for you to find out. Moving to Pinecrest is an amazing decision. Surely you and your family will love your new life here.