4 safety upgrades for your new Miami apartment

If you’re a new apartment owner, you may be putting yourself and your family at risk if you haven’t examined the safety of your home. Regular safety inspections may help keep your apartment secure, but there are instances when you’ll need to go above and beyond. Home security enhancements are necessary and affordable when compared to the price of threats such as an apartment fire or a health concern. Also, you need to protect your apartment from burglaries and break-ins. When local movers Florida you hired go, don’t let your possessions unattended. Because most individuals don’t know everyone in their building, robbers may go unnoticed through the halls. It’s crucial to establish a safe atmosphere and boost the security of your apartment, and you may do it after you’ve moved in. We’ve devised safety upgrades for your new Miami apartment that will keep your family protected.

Buy a security system for your new Miami apartment

The first task you have to do when Miami moving and storage movers have helped you with your relocation is to set up a security system. These days, you usually don’t need a contract, a telephone, or a bulky security system that has to be driven into the wall. You may now buy a security system that is simple to set up. There are ones that are easy to install and won’t damage your walls – moreover, they are inexpensive. Once you’ve got everything set up, make sure just a few people have the password. Your flat will be less secure if many individuals know how to enter. The highlight? When you move out, you may take it with you. Along with the door and window sensors, it’s simple to remove from the wall.

White security camera under the blue sky
Security cameras are one of the most important safety upgrades for your new Miami apartment

Another piece of advice is to pay attention to the lightning outside of the building. While your property manager is in control of the complex, they may be unaware that there are dark patches in the corridors or that a few bulbs have gone out. For the tenants’ safety, speaking out and informing your apartment property management that you feel insecure in particular places due to a lack of illumination is important. Take notes and discuss them with management so that the apartment safety in the neighborhood may be improved. While you’re about it, inquire about the frequency with which keys and key codes are changed across the complex. Even though it is not really an upgrade, it will make you feel safer and will be one of the great safety upgrades for your new Miami apartment.

Adding locks to upgrade safety in your new Miami apartment

Adding extra locks to your front door is a simple approach to improve the security of your residence. You most likely already have a deadbolt and locking doorknob installed. Consider installing new locks and updating your old ones if you want your apartment to have more modern security. The locks you can add include:

  • a swing lock,
  • a portable lock,
  • a smart lock.

Always contact your property management before taking any action. They may refuse at first because of the expense, but then offer to pay for it yourself to improve the security of your residence. If you wait for the manager to agree for too long, you can always rent storage Miami and keep your most valuable possessions there.

A silver lock and keyhole on a brown apartment door
Adding more locks can improve the safety of your apartment

When your new Miami apartment is on the first level, one of the easiest methods to get into it is through a sliding door on a balcony. They’re rather common, and even when locked, they’re quite easy to open. To prevent the door from opening from the outside, place a bar on the track. They come in various sizes and may be purchased at your local home improvement store. You may also add an extra lock to your apartment security by installing a tiny camera on your balcony to monitor any movement.

Security cameras are among the best security upgrades

Speaking of cameras, they, like security systems, have advanced significantly. They’re now easy to set up, and subscriptions are far less expensive than in the past. Many independent security cameras provide the video stream to your phone if you don’t want to set up a security system. Some cameras can provide vision inside your home in the middle of the night, for example. Before you install anything, make sure your apartment complex agrees to the additional surveillance.  Many people who are unfamiliar with security cameras have been suspicious of surveillance. However, the benefits of such devices, particularly when combined with a more comprehensive security system in an apartment much outweigh the downsides.

Health safety upgrades for your new Miami apartment

When you move into your new apartment in Miami, you shouldn’t secure it only from burglars. There are also some health concerns that you should take care of. To prevent any possible accidents, install fire alarms. Smoke detectors are one of the most common safety equipment in the United States.  If you don’t have any smoke detectors, you should get some right away. The most dependable systems are hard-wired, although a simple battery-powered model would suffice. The latest smart smoke detectors can notify your smartphone of a triggered alarm’s position. They also notify you when their battery expires. These sophisticated detectors work in conjunction with smart home equipment such as smart thermostats to provide a comprehensive security system.

A red fire alarm is as one of the safety upgrades for new Miami apartments
Fire alarms and smoke detectors are also important for your safety

While an apartment complex full of people may appear to be safer than a single-family home, burglaries still occur owing to a lack of well-lit areas and proper grounds upkeep. If feasible, avoid the ground-floor unit in favor of a higher-floor flat before moving in. Fortunately, you can still increase the security of your apartment. You can speak up about maintenance and external lighting, as well as add security measures within your unit. In the meantime, with the help of antique movers, keep your most valuable possession in the storage. These are important safety upgrades for your new Miami apartment. You should get them as soon as you move in.