Will your movers relocate hazardous items?

Planning a move is never an easy process. However, with the right preparation and enough knowledge, it can go smoothly. Packing is one of the most important steps during a move. Therefore, you should do it right. This means that you will have to make a list and be aware that there are some items the movers you choose will refuse to move. If you were wondering will movers relocate hazardous items, you are at the right place. We have prepared a list of items that are considered hazardous, as well as some of the reasons why the movers won’t relocate them. So, let’s get going!

Items that most movers refuse to move

Before packing your belongings, you should be aware that some items are not suitable for the move, and the movers cannot take the risk. Believe it or not, these include things such as plants, personal or sentimental items, and beverages (except the non-perishable ones). But most importantly, any of the reliable moving companies Miami Dade has will refuse to relocate items and materials that are considered hazardous.

a woman removing her red nail polish
Before a move you should be informed about all the items considered hazardous (even if you don’t think so at first) and whether movers relocate hazardous items.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of hazardous items you should exclude from your packing list for the movers:

  • gasoline
  • chemicals
  • all flammable liquids
  • lighters, matches, and lighter fluids
  • deodorants and other high-pressure tanks
  • fireworks
  • nail polish and nail polish remover
  • paint and paint thinner
  • fire extinguisher
  • chemistry sets
  • lamp and motor oil
  • liquid bleach
  • aerosols
  • kerosene
  • charcoal
  • fertilizer
  • pesticides
  • batteries

Movers will also refuse to relocate items such as guns, ammunition, and gas tanks of power tools.

Reasons for the refusal of movers relocate hazardous items

When you are planning a move to Miami, you should always choose reliable and trustworthy movers. And any such movers will make sure to operate the whole relocation as best as they can. Since hazardous items are usually those that can be flammable, corrosive, or explosive, there are some very good reasons why movers avoid relocating them. First and foremost, there are strict laws that prohibit moving hazardous items. Any professional mover will want to maintain their good reputation and stay out of trouble by avoiding such illegal operations. Another major reason is the fact that your movers will not want to jeopardize your move in any way.

explosion in the nature destroying trees
If movers relocate hazardous items, they are risking to damage the environment due to possible explosions.

Safety is probably the most important reason why movers do not relocate hazardous items. The company will want to maintain the safety of its employees. Furthermore, they won’t risk the possible damage that the hazardous items can do to their trucks and equipment. But even more importantly, they don’t want to risk damage to your other belongings.

Another reason is ethics. The proportions of mishandling hazardous items can be disastrous. Damage to the environment is something that any reputable company will want to avoid.

Some of the rules may differ from company to company. Some companies may provide you with a list of prohibited items. You can always contact the moving company and ask will their movers relocate hazardous items. Either way, you will want to prevent any misunderstanding, danger, or risk. Stay safe during your move!