Why you should downsize before relocating to Indian Creek Island

Moving into a smaller house can make a lot of sense. In most cases, you will save money, have less stress in your life, and reduce your carbon footprint. Also, it can signal a new chapter in your life. That is why you might want to downsize before relocating to Indian Creek Island.

What are the pros of downsizing before relocating to Indian Creek Island?

Most people downsize to save money, however, it’s not the only reason to think about moving into a smaller house. These are some reasons why you might want to consider downsizing. Before you start looking for the best moving companies in Miami, we’ve compiled a list to help you decide if downsizing before relocating to Indian Creek Island is the right move for you.

downsized house in indian creek island
There are many reasons why downsizing is a good idea.

No mortgage

Smaller houses are theoretically cheaper than bigger ones. So, if you have a lot of equity in your current house, you might walk away with enough money from its sale to pay cash in total for a smaller house. Paying in total gives you a few advantages. Short-term as well as long-term. The first one is that you will have lower closing costs since you will not need a mortgage, which comes with lender fees and origination. In addition, you will close faster without a mortgage, and also, you won’t have to deal with all the paperwork that comes with a mortgage. Also, once you are in your new house, you won’t have a monthly mortgage payment.

However, it’s not guaranteed you will have enough money to pay for a smaller home in total after you downsize. Smaller homes can have the same price just as much as bigger ones depending on the demand and location. For instance, a 1,500-square-foot house in a downtown neighborhood can cost just as much, if not more, compared to a 3,000-square-foot suburban house. And, if you only get a check for $100,000 after selling your bigger house, it most likely won’t be enough to buy a smaller one in total.

You can move to a location that suits your lifestyle

Downsizing is a chance to pursue the lifestyle you have always dreamed of. Whether you’re after a vineyard lifestyle, a coastal adventure, or calm, country living, the options are endless. Lots of family homes were chosen because of the location to work, schools, or even housing affordability, mostly in the suburbs. This is your opportunity to move to a place that suits your new laidback lifestyle. Downsizing can take you anywhere, whether that’s close to your current house, or you’re chasing a sea change or a tree change.

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When you downsize before relocating to Indian Creek Island, you can make money from selling your old house.

You can make money from selling your house

It’s a quite simple equation. If you sell the bigger house and purchase a smaller house you will have money left over for your retirement as well as your lifestyle. This money can go to a comfortable retirement, including hobbies, holidays, and anything else you’d like to do. Local movers Florida recommends discussing with a financial advisor to find out what your finances would look like after the sale, and what your Retirement Budget may look like after you downsize before relocating to Indian Creek Island.

Declutter and refresh

The more space you’ve had, the more likely those sheds and cupboards are bursting with items. And let’s be honest, you probably don’t need those items anymore. While decluttering can be a bit too much, relocating to a smaller house means you’ll go through your possessions, and figure out the things that you really want and need. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to the suitcase full of old magazines and that bag of cables. We believe in you.

Less stress

Downsizing can reduce the stress that usually comes with bigger houses. Because you will theoretically have a smaller mortgage payment (or no mortgage payment) as well as lower utility bills, you’ll have more money in your pocket each month. As a result, you won’t need to worry about how you’re going to make your car payment or if you can afford to go out for a dinner with a friend. Also, you’ll have more time to relax because you don’t have to spend the entire weekend mowing the lawn, or cleaning the house. Less stress equals better quality of life.

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You will have less to maintain and clean which means you will have more time.

More time

You will have less to maintain and clean when you downsize before relocating to Indian Creek Island. After all, it’ll take less time to clean a 1,800-square-foot house compared to a 3,600-square-foot one. And that means more time for you. And, if you move with the help of movers Indian Creek Island from a home into an apartment or condo, your landlord or property management company will probably take care of repairs and lawn care and you might otherwise find yourself doing it on a Saturday afternoon. However, smaller spaces mostly need a bit of daily cleaning to avoid looking cluttered. So even though you might spend less time cleaning your smaller house, you may have to clean it up a few minutes every.

You’ll save energy

The average home size in the U.S. is 2,500 square feet, and eventually, paying for utilities to keep a home of that size throughout the year is much more than paying for a home half the size. When you downsize, you could use these savings to pay for your retirement. They can also help you achieve personal goals, such as taking gourmet cooking classes or checking off a bucket-list item, or even going on an African safari. Another thing you can do with the savings is to invest, so you can secure the future of your children and grandchildren.

Are you ready to move?

If you decide to downsize before relocating to Indian Creek Island, hiring a professional can take a lot of the stress out of your move. If you’re in need of a capable moving company near you, check white glove movers Miami. They offer moving services across Florida and would love to help.