Who is Moving to Bal Harbour and Why?

Making the final decision of relocating to another place is not easy. There are many aspects of that relocation that you have to think about. There are costs of living, there is the place itself. When we say place itself, we mean whether that particular place, like Bal Harbour, is the right fit for you and your needs. That is why you should learn about who is moving to Bal Harbour and why. You should get all the necessary information in order to make the right decision. So, before you start looking for movers Bal Harbour, make sure that you have vital information about the place itself. It will make your decision much easier.

Bal Harbour’s location and popularity among new residents

The most important thing about the place you are considering moving to is the location. The location of Bal Harbour is great, that is something that we have to say. Bal Harbour is basically a village within the city of Miami. It has around 3000 residents. However, it is the right number if you want to lead a specific lifestyle. The lifestyle is great for people that want a much calmer place where they can lead a more peaceful lifestyle. Also, the influx of tourists is much smaller so you do not have to worry about this matter. These are the most important reasons why newcomers love this place. You are in Miami but you are not. That is why need to remember.

sunset on the beach
Want calm sunsets on the beach? Come to Bal Harbour!

Access to top-rated schools, restaurants, and shopping centers

Even though this place is smaller, as we have said, it does not mean that it is bad for living. On the contrary, this is one of the best places for you to come to. It is a great place for families to come because the schools here are great. Some of the best public schools are School for Advanced Studies – Wolfson, Mast Academy, Coral Reef Senior High School, Doral Academy Charter High School, and many others. Also, private schools are great so you should not have problems with education, no matter which type of school you pick.

People who love to enjoy food are moving to Bal Harbour too. Some of the best restaurants are located here so you should not worry about this aspect as well. Some of the most popular restaurants are Carpaccio, Le Zoo, Makoto, Café en 3, and many others. All of these places are highly rated so you should not worry whether something will not be okay. Everything will be great!

Bal Harbour’s luxurious lifestyle

A great answer to who is coming to Bal Harbour is the lifestyle. This place is considered one of the more luxurious places in the Miami area. There are some statistics that will support this statement. For example, the median home value is $1,600,738. It is quite high and not everybody is able to afford this. Also, renting will not be that cheap as well. For a studio, you will pay around $3,100. If we increase the number of rooms in your future home, the price is going up.

  • One-bedroom apartment: $3,700
  • Two-bedroom apartment: $9,500
  • Three-bedroom apartment: $15,000
  • Four-bedroom apartment: over $20,000

It is not cheap but most places here are luxurious by default. Most people that are coming here are using all the best moving companies in Miami and that also shows the true nature of this area. All in all, if you want to live here, you need to be prepared that the costs of life will not be as low as you would want them to be!

jachts on the sea
Luxury is Bal Harbour’s middle name!

Access to private beaches, parks, and recreational activities

Even though not that big, Bal Harbour is a place that has a lot to offer. Some of the most popular destinations where people like to go out and enjoy themselves are places like Angel Charters, Bal Harbour Beach, Blue Moon Fishing Charters, and many others. The point that you need to remember is that everything will be waiting for you if you choose to come here.

a beautiful beach that shows who is moving to Bal Harbour and why
Enjoy some of the best beaches in the world

Relocate here and see first-hand who is moving to Bal Harbour and why

Making the decision to come to another place is easy. On the other hand, actually coming here can be a very difficult thing that you have to pull off. Why? Well, moving to another place, especially if it is a big one like Miami can be hard. Also, it is even harder if you have more difficult items to relocate. For example, relocating art can be hard. It can be expensive, it is fragile and you want to protect it in the best way possible. That is why finding the right art movers Miami is the job that you want to invest more time in.

However, it is not just about art. You may have a lot of different things that you would like to move. It can be hard without any help. It is always better to get professional white glove packing than to try and improvise everything on your own. The key element of relocating to Bal Harbour is making sure that your transition process is as good as it can be!

Come to Bal Harbour this year and see why it is a great place to live in!

We could write everything about this great place and it still would not be enough. The key thing is to prepare as well as possible before committing to the end. It is important to see Who is moving to Bal Harbour and why and make sure to understand whether you would be the right fit for the place. You can see that it is not for everybody so you have a lot to think about. Make sure you dedicate enough time to this matter and we guarantee that you will not make the wrong call!


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