Which neighborhoods to consider when planning a move to Miami

Miami is a big city filled with thrill and opportunities. If you get a chance to move there, we wholeheartedly recommend it. However, it’s a really big city, so you need to learn more about it before you do relocate. You should pick a neighborhood based on a few important standards. The neighborhood you choose should be in harmony with your personality, and suitable for your age, and you should always make sure that it’s family-friendly if you have a family. Miami is really big, but we have found some of the best neighborhoods to consider when planning a move to Miami. Take a look at the list and find which one suits you the most.

Bal Harbour is among the neighborhoods to consider when planning a move to Miami

If you love beaches, this is the spot for you. You can enjoy any activities that are related to the sea after local movers Miami relocate you to this luxurious resort. It has a reputation for being luxurious because of its beautiful oceanfront resorts, as well as a wide variety of luxury shops. At first, it doesn’t really seem like a place where young professionals would live. However, after you get to know the place, you will realize why that’s the case. It is a really popular option because of the ultra-luxurious Bal Harbour Shops and it’s a great place for people who love golf because of its Indian Creek country club. If you’re an avid fan of golf, you’re at the right place. There are some budget-friendly shops and restaurants you can visit as well but they are a bit rare compared to the luxurious ones.

Two elderly people are sitting on a bench.
Coconut Groove is among the neighborhoods to consider when planning a move to Miami because it’s great for both families and elderly residents.

There’s a reason why families love Bal Harbour while young people avoid it. It has some really nice bars and cafes, but no nightclubs or discos. Nightlife in this neighborhood is definitely more on the quiet side and that’s why people with families like it so much. For people who are very much into clubbing and spending nights dancing, having to go all the way to the mainland would be inevitable. That means bigger travel expenses, as well as more time, spent commuting.

Bal Harbor also has lovely beaches and shopping and dining options. However, it has no cultural buildings like museums or galleries. For that kind of pleasure, you’d have to visit some other neighborhood.

Edgewater & Wynwood is perfect for young professionals

When someone says Midtown, they usually mean all of the Edgewater and Wynwood neighborhoods together. These nice neighborhoods are almost on the very edge of Downtown Miami. They have waterfront views like no other neighborhood. You will feel like you are in a dream once you see those views. Also, these neighborhoods are gaining a lot of popularity because of the new skyscrapers, as well as luxurious residential areas. There are some fresh lofts that were made by excellent architects and can match any other modern marvel in the country. Let’s see what makes Wynwood and Edgewater great neighborhoods to consider when planning a move to Miami.

If you love art, don’t hesitate to schedule your move to Wynwood with Pro Movers Miami has to offer. This lovely neighborhood is known for street art and the traditionally thriving art scene. The community loves to invest in art, as well as cherish it after it’s done. It really is for the more artsy kind of people. If you prefer a quiet, suburban lifestyle, you should consider some other options as well.

A woman is doing yoga on the beach.
Bal Harbor will provide you with a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities.

Unlike Wynwood, Edgewater is really tranquil and quiet waterfront neighborhood. This area really has its own identity. That’s why it’s great for young families and professionals who love a peaceful neighborhood.

There is another reason why Edgewater is among the neighborhoods to consider when planning a move to Miami. It has a great position and a great commuting system. You can live a peaceful life in a quiet neighborhood and still be able to reach any of the nightclubs in downtown Miami within 40 mins.

Coconut Grove is great for exploring and sightseeing

If you are used to your home having an old vibe, book some great packing services for your relocation. Coconut Grove is definitely the oldest neighborhood in Miami and it makes it priceless. The villas and mansions you can find in this place are just magnificent. In some areas of this neighborhood, you could swear you are in a small town in Italy. The architecture, the colors, as well as the people, suit this place. The history of this place gives it a place among neighborhoods to consider when planning a move to Miami.

Nightlife isn’t why Coconut Grove is among the neighborhoods to consider when planning a move to Miami

Coconut Grove also has a number of charming parks, as well as cheerful cafes you can visit. The nightlife is a bit limited and that’s why some people avoid it, but to a young professional or a student, this neighborhood would be a perfect choice. Its Italian Renaissance style of buildings gives it an immeasurable value to a lot of people who opt to live there.

Miami during night.
You should pick a neighborhood that is close to the downtown.

If looking through neighborhoods to consider when planning a move to Miami, don’t forget Key Biscayne

What’s great about Key Biscayne is that you can easily get a sense that you live far away from the big city, while being only a couple of miles out of the Central Business district. In a way, it is similar to Bal Harbour but it offers so much more. It has more entertainment options, as well as a variety of living arrangements. It is an island so it has a special vibe and a little bit of a different climate. The famous US Open tennis tournament is held here. If you love all these things, don’t wait too long to book your relocation with residential movers Miami.

It’s also a great place for kids. It’s very safe and that’s why it’s among the neighborhoods to consider when planning a move to Miami. Your kids will have a great childhood in Key Biscayne with many beautiful activities, ranging from sea aquariums to big parks and outdoor activities.