Where are Miami residents moving to – Top 5 popular states for relocation

For many people moving to Miami is a dream coming true. So, it is not easy to imagine that someone wants to move away. And, according to records of Miami movers, the inbound moving is still high. But, they are also moving many Miami residents out of the state. So, where are Miami residents moving to? To find the answer, we should first understand the reasons for their moving away from Florida.

A woman looking at a map wondering where are Miami residents moving to
There are a lot of states Miami residents choose to move to.

What are the main reasons for moving away?

The thing is that various people have various reasons for moving. One of the most common of them is work. Getting a good offer in another state would be enough motivation to leave the beautiful white sands of Miami. So, the other common reasons are:

  • new job
  • more favorable costs of living
  • joining family members
  • getting married
  • moving away after divorce
  • enrolling the faculty in some other place
  • moving due to climate (people suffering from asthma or rheumatism have problems with high humidity)

We’ve stated here just some of the common reasons. However, there are several more reasons. For example, living in Florida also means that you will have to face wildlife. The summers and very hot and humid. And the humidity may cause you some health problems. Also, you may grow tired of the constant crowds and numerous tourists. Or you can grow tired of hurricane alerts. So, you want to move to some more quiet place. Florida is also known for too often traffic jams. So, you might also have enough of losing too much time commuting.

People Biking Near Body of Water - Where Are Miami Residents Moving To?
Miami is a lovely place, but some residents are anyway ready to leave it.

Where are Miami residents moving to?

Once again, this will depend on individual preferences. Or, in the case of marriage, to reunite with a family, you will already have a destination defined. However, if you are moving for other reasons, you might consider several states as your new home. Among those states are:

  • Texas: The Lone Star State
  • Georgia: The Peach State
  • North Carolina: The Tar Heel State
  • California: The Golden State
  • New York: The Empire State

Regardless of which state you will chose to move to, you can always count on the professional assistance of interstate moving companies Miami has to offer.

Texas could be the answer where are Miami residents moving to

We can see that many people choose Texas as their new home. So, what could be a reason for such a choice? Those two states are about 1,400 miles apart. And, they have a lot of differences. Once in Texas, you will be surrounded by entirely different scenery. And the different cultures too. So, let us see what Lone Star State can offer to Miamians. 

The benefits of moving from Miami to Texas

As in Florida, you will not have to pay income tax in Texas either. Besides taxes, there are some other financial benefits that you will enjoy in Texas. So, here is an overview of what you can expect, once you move to Texas.

Costs of living are lower in Texas

In Texas, your hard-earned dollar will go further. In comparison to the national average, most of the costs of living are lower. Also, housing costs in Texas are only 86% of the nation’s average. And, when we check the housing costs in Florida, we can see they are 99%. Besides, the average median household income in Texas is $64,034, while in Florida it is $59,227.

State size and varieties

Texas is a big state. It has a land area of 268,820 square miles. So, it makes it the second-largest US state, surpassed only by Alaska. And, this also means that you can expect diverse geography, climate, culture, population density. And various opportunities for outdoor activities, too. Its 29 million residents are mostly concentrated in major metropolitan areas.

However, if you better like smaller places and farmlands, Texas can be an excellent choice for you. If so, check the moving quotes Miami, and find the best mover to relocate you to your new home.

Aerial Photo Of City Buildings.
Moving to Texas, you can choose between big cities and rural areas.

The most popular cities in the Lone Star State

When moving, people are mostly looking for the most popular cities in the state. The reason is that such cities usually come with a lot of amenities. And, that they usually have a healthy job market. So, the most popular cities in Texas are:

  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • San Antonio
  • Galveston

Miami residents also choose Georgia for their new home

Although just about 400 miles northward, the Peach State has a more pleasant climate. So, no wonder that Miami residents, who have health issues, are finding Georgia a better place for living. Although summer can still get humid, the state has, overall, quite moderate weather, with temperatures of 62 degrees. During the winter, you might experience chilly weather, but without ice or snow. And, cold periods are very short.

Georgia has a strong economy

In case you are looking for good employment, Peach State could be the right one for you. Namely, more than 20 of the 500 Fortune companies are located in Georgia. Among them are Home Depot, UPS, Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola, Southern, and Aflac. Also, in Georgia, the industries from textiles to mining are well developed. So, securing the right job won’t be a problem.

Georgia offers a lot of possibilities for outdoor activities

In case you love staying outdoors you will be able to do it either in big cities, visiting numerous parks. Or in the country, where you will be able to enjoy the mountains and beaches. The Peach State also has more than 50 state parks, which are easy to access. Does all this look inviting to you? If so, don’t hesitate to give a call to local movers Miami. They will help you to organize your move in the fastest and most efficient way.

Georgia offers excellent educational possibilities

Miami is well known for the high ranking schools and excellent universities. But, moving to Georgia, you won’t be disappointed. The state also has some of the best-ranking public and private schools in the nation. So, in case you are moving with kids, they won’t miss the possibility to receive an excellent education. And, when it comes to high education, your kids will be able to attend Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University.

The most popular cities in the Peach State

Are you wondering which are the most popular cities in Georgia? So, let us see where are Miami residents moving to. If so, try Atlanta or Augusta. You might even find some of your old acquaintances in those towns. Or some of your ex-office friends.

Besides, living in Georgia is much cheaper than in Florida. Compared with 100 as the national average, Georgia’s overall score of 93.4. That is about 10% less than Florida’s 102.8. Do you think that Peach State is the right one for you? If so, just give a call to long distance movers Florida offers and schedule your move.

Cape Lookout Lighthouse in North Carolina - Where Are Miami Residents Moving To?
Many Miami residents are moving to North Carolina.

North Carolina could be the place where are Miami residents moving to

North Carolina is one of the 13 original US states. It is located on the Atlantic coast, just between New York and Florida. It is bounded to the north by Virginia, and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean. Southward, it is bordering South Carolina and Georgia. And, at the west is located the state of Tennessee.

Costs of Living comparison

Checking the costs of living, we can see that median housing costs are 22% higher in Florida than in North Carolina. Also, the median rent in Florida is $1,175, compared to the NC rent of $907 for the same size housing unit. Also, the median household income in Florida is only 2% higher than in the Tar Heel State. When it comes to other costs, such as groceries, utilities, healthcare, etc. North Caroline is cheaper in most of the categories.

 The geography and climate of North Caroline

North Carolina has three distinct regions:

  • Coastal Plain (vast marshlands are present in the coastal tidewater area)
  • Piedmont (plateau of rolling hills, cut by many rivers – the fertile agricultural region)
  • Appalachian Mountains (great highland system)

So, depending on the region you are moving to, the climate will also defer. Overall, you can expect mild winters in the coastal areas, as well as pleasant summer temperatures. The mountain range experiences cooler weather, with heavy rainfalls. In general, in case you have been suffering due to the strong heat in Miami, you will feel much better after the move.

Main industries in North Carolina

Moving from Miami to North Carolina, you will be able to find good employment. Having a good infrastructure and educated manpower, the state has attracted many industries. The most important among them are aerospace and defense, information technology, biotechnology, plastics, and chemicals. Traditionally, North Carolina is connected with cotton and tobacco production. And agriculture is also playing a big role in the countries’ economies today. 

The most popular cities in the Tar Heel State

So, if you have decided to move to North Carolina, residential movers Miami could be the right choice for you. And if you are looking for good employment possibility, you should move to one of the following cities:

  • Charlotte
  • Raleigh
  • Greensboro
  • Durham
San Francisco - where are Miami residents moving to?
California is one of the favorite destinations for Miami residents.

Where Are Miami Residents Moving To: Leaving Miami for California

2,700 miles apart, Florida and California have warm weather, beautiful beaches, and lots of sunshine. And, you might have a lot of benefits from leaving Miami for the Golden State. When preparing for the move, using moving services Miami could be a wise decision.  They will help you to prepare faster. And to get rid of surplus items. That way you will cut the transportation costs. And, for such a long trip, they can be very high. Talking about the costs, prepare yourself for those waiting for you in California. Not only that the Golden State is more expensive than Florida. It is one of the most expensive states in the US. 

Weather differences

Both Florida and California have a lot of sunny days. And, both experiencing high temperatures. But, there are still differences in climate. Namely, Florida is known for its strong humidity. At the same time, you will enjoy 70-80 degrees with almost no humidity once you move to California.

The southern and northern parts of the Golden State have slight differences in climate. But, the prevailing Mediterranean type of climate. And, that is thanks state being located alongside the Pacific Ocean.

California beaches are different than those of Florida

Living in Miami, you were enjoying the white sand beaches. But, soon as you move to California, you will notice differences. Namely, California’s coastline has sandy beaches to stunning cliffs. And incredible rock formations too. Also, living in California, you will be able to watch seals. So, after the move, you will have numerous possibilities to spend your free time. From visiting beaches to climbing rocks. Or visiting nearby national parks, and spending time there.

The employment possibilities in California

Almost every large technology business you can find in Silicon Valley. It is home to many tech companies. Among them are Apple, Google, Facebook, HP, Intel, eBay, etc. In case you are in the IT business, this is the right place for you to look for a job. In case your vocation is related to entertainment businesses, look no further than LA. If you are looking for a good job in the military, the biggest naval base you will find is in San Diego.  And, of course, there are numerous jobs available in the manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, hospitality, transportation, and healthcare industries. 

View of New York City Buildings.
People from Florida are traditionally moving to NY.

New York is one of the places where are Miami residents moving to

There is actually a long tradition of New Yorkers moving to Florida. And, many young talents from Miami, and Florida, are moving to NY. The main reasons are education and the excellent job market. So, if you decide to move to NY, count on the excellent services of movers Pinecrest FL has to offer.

Costs of living difference

Living in the Empire State, you will have to count on much higher costs than in FL. However, the average income in NY is also much higher than in Miami. So, you will be able to ensure good living conditions. Also, the strong and ever-growing market will enable you to move from one job to another. That way, you will be able to secure better and better jobs.

Climate differences

As you will be moving almost 1,400 miles northward, you should expect a much colder climate. You will be able to experience all four seasons. And, you will need to adjust to cold winters. 

Moving away from Miami

As we could see, there are various reasons for moving. Also, there are many places which can offer you an interesting lifestyle. Or better jobs and more favorable costs of living. We have presented here several states which might be interesting for you. So, this can help you to see where are Miami residents moving to. And, checking the pros and cons can help you bring the final decision.


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