What to expect when moving from Indian Creek to NYC with teenage kids

All the New Yorkers will tell you that NYC is the best city in the world. They will tell you it has better food, better entertainment, and better everything than anyplace else on the planet. However, it takes some getting used to. Especially if you never visited or if you’re coming from a smaller town or city. So, for anyone who’s moving from Indian Creek to NYC (or even thinking about it), professional movers Miami compiled a list of what to expect when moving from Indian Creek to NYC with teenage kids.

Moving from Indian Creek to NYC

Do you want to move to “The Big Apple”? You’re certainly not the only one. It has the largest population density in the entire country, and it’s home to a population of 8.4 million people and this number just keeps growing. New York is attracting people from all over the United States and the world, and it’s recognized as a cultural hub that prioritizes diversity. Also, there are about 800 different languages spoken in the city alone. Famous for its blooming industries, luxurious shopping districts, Broadway performances, and amazing nightlife, New York City truly is “The City That Never Sleeps.” Now let’s see what you should expect when moving to NYC with teenage kids.

moving to NYC
NYC is truly an amazing place that has lots of things to offer.

New York’s diverse job market and economy

New York state’s GDP keeps rising and it already hit 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020. It has one of the largest economies in the world. The Big Apple’s economy also encompasses the biggest regional and municipal economy in the country. Newcomers build their careers in professional and business services, financial services, retail, healthcare education, and entertainment. So, if you would like to spend your day trading on Wall Street or performing on the Great White Way, an opportunity is waiting for you.

Extreme weather

The slush and snow don’t keep locals from walking to the subway or their offices during the year. Summers are humid, hot, and wet in New York City. Winters are usually snowy and windy. Partial cloud coverage is usual during the year, and the temperature usually varies from 28°F to 85°F. However, you should expect to experience sub-zero temperatures and heatwaves from time to time.

Newer complexes might have central air or mini-split systems; however, lots of the apartments in New York City have AC window units. When moving from Indian Creek to NYC, interstate moving companies Miami suggest you plan to purchase one for every room in their apartment to stay cool. Steam boilers usually heat the entire apartment building from a central control system in the winter months. Heat rises, so plan carefully if you want the toastiest unit in the complex.

Woman wearing parka and carrying backpack during winter
When moving from Indian Creek to NYC, you should prepare for extreme different weather.

Renting vs. buying a home

NYC is considered a safe city compared to other large urban areas in the country. This means that finding a great place to live in New York City is quite easy. If you want to live in a nice and safe neighborhood you should be prepared to spend lots of money. Housing cost is 369% higher than the national average. This means you need to make sure to save lots of your budget on home costs. Also, not only are housing prices steep. Down payment, property taxes, closing costs, and other expenses to account for, are also expensive. Owning a home in New York City is usually unattainable for residents. Unfortunately, only 32% of the population living in New York City are homeowners.

While housing costs may be expensive, rent prices are no better either. The average monthly rent for those living in NYC can reach about $5,100 per month. This is depending on what neighborhood you want to live in. The most expensive neighborhood to call home is Manhattan where rent prices start at about $3,000 a month. Because of this reason, it‘s not uncommon for renters to live with a roommate or to rely on a couple of side hustles to afford expenses.

Person holding a key
When moving to NYC, you should know that housing and renting are quite expensive.

Living is expensive

When moving from Indian Creek to NYC, you should know New York City is considered the most expensive city in the United States to live in. As of 2021, the cost of living in NYC is 129% higher than the national average. Also, the cost of living in New York City far surpasses the cost of living in San Francisco. San Francisco is considered the second most expensive city in the country. When considering a city to move to are going to want to compare things such as the cost of living as well as the value the city provides and there is no city like New York City. When it comes to expensive cities to live in in the northeast United States, only Washington D.C. and Boston compare to New York City’s living costs.

In order to live comfortably in the city, movers Indian Creek Island recommends that a resident would need to make at least $11,211 monthly before taxes are deducted (around $135,000 annually). The median income in NYC is about $63,998 and the current minimum wage is $15. Depending on where you want to live in the city and what job you have will determine whether or not the cost is worth it. Even though prices dropped a lot during the COVID-19 Pandemic, they are rising again now.

Are you ready to move to New York?

Moving from Indian Creek to NYC is a stressful process and all these tips can be a lot to remember, and you’ll probably need some packing services Miami to make the process easier. There are lots of cliches when it comes to New York, but one thing is for sure—it’s a world capital brimming with amazing experiences to be had.