What moving costs are tax deductible?

Until January 1, 2018 relocation was less costly. The money would be returned to you thanks to the moving expense tax deduction. But since 2018 you can’t relax when it comes to money. Most taxpayers have no right when speaking about moving costs. Of course, some states made some exceptions. But in most cases, it’s not like that. Thus, analyze thoroughly when deciding on a professional moving company. You should be aware that certain moving costs are tax-deductible.  You’ll find here some useful information that can save your budget.

Let’s see what moving costs are tax-deductible

Above all, pay attention to the costs specifically related to your move. Therefore, you can’t expect to refund costs for meals you eat on your move. Shopping is out of the list too. Among the relocation expenses tax reduced by the government, we will enlist the most important ones.

  • packing
  • shipping
  • travel
  • interim lodging
  • storage units
  • rental trucks
  • supplies
  • parking costs

Furthermore, you still have rights as an active-duty member of the military.

Other criteria make a significant point

The following details relate to civilians. You might get a new job assignment. Thus, relocation is necessary. Choose moving companies North Miami. Still, your moving charges accessible to a tax discount are specific.

Distance and time

Firstly, you need to be at least 50 miles away from your old home. Miami beach movers will arrange your relocation perfectly. Secondly, you need to start within a year before or after moving. Also, you should work at it for at least 39 weeks in the following year.

a man loading the truck with boxes
Find reliable movers. Especially with a long-distance move. Remember that you can claim a deduction in these situations.

Moving back to the US

Equally important, you can still claim a deduction when you go back to the US. Of course, don’t expect it to be that easy. Even here rules exist. You can ask for a deduction in certain cases.

  • You’ve retired.
  • You can’t work anymore because of death or disability.
  • You’ve been laid off, but it wasn’t your fault.

Employers may reimburse for the moving expenses

Employers can refund the expenses for their employees. However,  deducting moving expenses, in this case, isn’t possible. Moreover, you would have to pay taxes on the money given by the employer. Nevertheless, some employers help by giving more money for the move. All this in order to cover added taxes. Therefore, help your employees.

a man counting money since certain moving costs are tax deductible
Don’t be desperate since some moving costs are tax-deductible. Save money. Your employers can help.

You need to find ways to reduce expenses

To conclude, maybe something will change in the future. Nevertheless, we have to cope with the current situation. It’s crucial to know what moving costs are tax-deductible. Therefore, pay attention to the additional costs. Try to save money. Reduce unnecessary expenses. Do more yourself. Choose the best time for relocation. Get familiar with the costs of the movers. Move less stuff. Find affordable, but reliable movers. You do what you can. Hopefully, the rules will change.