What is the cost of moving an upright piano

Even though an upright piano is a magnificent and elegant instrument, moving one can be a daunting task. Because of the unusual design and high value of the instrument, this work should not be handled carelessly. Since they are frequently heavy and delicate, even a small scratch might make your investment useless and ruin its purpose. Because of this, you need always choose experienced, skilled piano movers Miami has to make sure your investment is moved securely and arrives undamaged. The cost of moving an upright piano may surprise you, so much so that the risk of a do-it-yourself relocation is not worth it.

The price of moving a piano

Your location, the distance the piano needs to travel, and whether it’s a full-sized concert grand, a baby grand, an upright, or merely a spinet all affect the price. Generally speaking, upright pianos are less expensive to move simply because they are less bulky and inconvenient, taking less time and resources. We highly encourage you to request a quote for this service from the respected movers Miami people most often choose.

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Get a free estimate from moving companies on the price of transporting an upright piano

Obstacles on a moving day

Keep in mind that any challenges that your piano movers must face on the day of the transfer will raise the piano moving fee, sometimes significantly. This is reasonable because your hired workers will need to put in extra effort and time to remove the massive musical instrument from your home. Stairs are frequently a major issue when moving a piano and can significantly increase the cost of the transfer.

Quick jobs

A last-minute transfer will typically cost more. To get the greatest rate and ensure that all the necessary items are available on a moving day, you should probably plan far enough in advance. On average, moving companies usually will charge double the initial amount for an emergency or last-minute move. On the other hand, if time is essential, using packing services Miami has to insure that piano will arrive undamaged at the final location is probably the best solution. When you are in a hurry and alone, unexpected problems and damages always occur.

Tuning a piano after moving

The price of moving your piano can include the cost of hiring a piano tuner once it has been moved. Internal parts may get rattled or loose during transit. The average cost of hiring a piano tuner is $100 per hour. It can take an hour to an hour and a half to properly calibrate a piano. Of course, you can attempt tuning it yourself with tips and guidance on how to tune a piano.

Cost of moving an upright piano may vary depending on the company
Relocation of your piano is a delicate process

Hire a reputable moving company

When it comes to moving a piano, don’t go with the cheapest option; instead, go with the best piano moving company. It is critical to the health of your piano. Do some preliminary research; obtain free quotes for the cost of moving an upright piano from white glove moving companies. Make a few phone calls, or speak with some friends about their experiences. Make certain that you are confident in your decision.