What are the most expensive items to transport

Moving to another place is already an expensive process. However, when you add factors such as damages during transfer, the price can be even higher. This is because every item in your household has value. And sometimes the value isn’t just in price but in emotional feelings and memorable moments. While it’s hard to identify the actual emotional value of a specific item, it for sure gets easier when we’re talking about the actual money value. Continue reading this article by Pro Movers Miami to find out what are the most expensive items to transport.

What are the most expensive items to transport?

The most challenging items that need precaution and special care are large odd-shaped items. The reason is very simple. These items are very heavy and difficult to transport. In addition, one more reason why these items need to be handled carefully during transportation is that there is a chance of damage. For that reason, it’s better to hire professional movers to do this work for you. If you’re in need of one, seek out white glove moving services. They offer moving services for a fair price. 

Heavy musical instruments

Musical instruments in your house are going to make your living space even more beautifully designed, but the real trouble starts when you need to move these items and transport them to another location. Some instruments’ price can be a few thousand dollars or even more. For instance, high-end grand pianos can cost anywhere between $60,000 and $190,000. And for that reason, you’ll need to do some planning and preparation because if you end up damaging these items, replacing or repairing them will be quite expensive.

Grand piano
Because of their shape and size, musical instruments are quite expensive for moving and therefore you should do some planning and preparation.

Electronic devices

Because of their delicate construction, TVs and other electronics require a bit more attention during transport and packaging. Moving and packing electronics can be difficult because of their weird shapes. To avoid damaging your electronic items, here are some tips you can follow. It’s best to use the original electronic device’s box when packing it. However, if you don’t have original boxes, you can cover them with a dust cover or bubble wrap and place them in a box of a similar size. Detach power cords and the cables before packing and then store them in some plastic bags to keep them protected. If there is space between equipment and box, put some crumpled paper inside to isolate crashes during transport.

Valuable paintings, sculptures, and mirrors

Besides their uniqueness, these kinds of items are easily breakable, and that’s why it’s necessary to be extremely careful when moving them. So, here is something you can do to protect your valuable belongings from unnecessary damage. First of all, use foam, paddings, or matboards in order to keep mirrors and paintings safe. Then, pack them in a suitably sized moving box. When packing them inside the box, stuff between crumpled paper or newspapers. Or you can cover them with bubble wrap. In the end, use tape to close the box. This way, you will avoid getting opened or damaged items during the relocation.

Aquariums need special attention during relocation

Things that make an aquarium hard to transport are its shape and size. Furthermore, the amount of special care the aquarium requires makes it quite expensive to move. Before you start packing the aquarium, there are some preparations that need to be made. Before you start cleaning it you wanna get special boxes for the fish and all the decorations. Keep your aquarium well protected with bubble wrap and special covers to avoid breakage during transport. When it’s in the truck, the aquarium should be placed flat on the ground. Also, an important thing you should know is that professional movers do not have the right to move animals. Therefore it’s up to you to ensure the transport of your fish.

Fish tank
Aquariums are quite expensive for a relocation because of their shape and size.


If you plan on moving rugs or carpets to your new home, you may have to adjust to additional costs. Talk to your movers in advance to make sure you count in that extra expense. Here are a few helpful tips that can lower the price – get your carpets professionally cleaned, roll them up, and secure them by using a rope. If you have large enough bags, you can use and use them to pack your carpets. These steps are going to make it faster for movers, which means that the cost will be lower.

Furniture pieces

You will often find weirdly shaped or bulky furniture pieces. Moving it requires manpower, time, as well as a large moving vehicle. It’s not the smartest thing to do when trying to save money on moving your favorite sofa or other heavy furniture pieces. The final price can be even more expensive if the furniture gets damaged. DIY isn’t impossible, however, you should consider renting a large moving truck, the time will spend organizing everything, and the effort it’s gonna take to load and unload it.

Artwork might be one of the most expensive items to transport to a new location

The reasons why artwork is one of the most expensive items to move are its shape and value. You can’t just put them in cardboard boxes. Packing requires special materials and extreme care, and the same goes for loading and transporting. It is always the best option to book a specialty fine art moving company that has the necessary materials and the experience to complete moving your artwork successfully. however, end up deciding to pack the artwork yourself, you have to be sure to create a couple of layers of protection and handle them very carefully!

Expensive artwork items
Artwork may be one of the most expensive items to transport and therefore you should consider professionals handle moving it for you.

Most Expensive Items to transport: Final thoughts

Now that you know what the most expensive items to move, it’s up to you to plan and decide what’s worth coming with you, what may be better to leave behind and what should the movers take care of. However, it’s always best to prepare well and let a professional mover take care of your belongings. If you’re moving to Florida or somewhere else, make sure you have the best plan for moving your precious belongings.