Ways to reduce waste and recycle when moving a business

You decided to move your business to another state and start fresh. You have already hired one of the most reliable interstate moving companies Miami. And now you are thinking of speeding the process up by eliminating the waste. Luckily for you, there are so many great options to do that nowadays. We live in a highly developed society with great new ways to reduce waste and recycle when moving a business. On the other hand, the amount of waste being produced by a single person increases daily. Each of us should start investing some effort for that to change, starting today! 

The best ways to reduce waste

Here listed will be some of the best and the most innovative strategies for reducing waste in your office. This works well when moving business or any other day in a year.

Start on time

As with everything else in the business world, the key is to start on time. You have planned to move your business for a long time, and you are certain about your decision. There is no excuse for not starting all the preparations earlier. Part of these preparations should be the recycling of all the waste before you move. Your relocation will be much easier without all the unnecessary clutter. Therefore, you should get rid of it the first chance.

Motivate the rest to reduce waste and recycle when moving a business

When it comes to reducing waste, you will need all the help you can get. Maybe the reason all that scramble was untouched in the first place was because you can’t do it all by yourself. Motivate the rest of your team by making a power-point presentation. Show them how reducing waste can be beneficial for the firm and the planet. Similarly, you could call a meeting and discuss the matter and the ideas on the subject. And while there, use that time to talk about the acceptable moving quotes Miami as well.

Motivate your team to help you reduce waste and recycle when moving a business
Motivate your team to help you reduce waste and recycle when moving a business

Install those bins

Unfortunately, all this could end up being ineffective without the right logistics. Make your workplace recycle-friendly by installing the correctly labeled bins. Choose the ones that are unlikely to be confused. And don’t forget to arrange the pickups for the waste by the pertinent recycling company. Lately, there are so many great companies in this field. Some of those are using organic waste to feed the animals. This is a rather win-win situation.

Go wrapperless

Probably the best way of reducing the waste would be to cut it down at the source. The advanced factories producing goods strive to replace plastic wrappers. Cartons and other bio-degradable materials now. Present-day, even plastics are made biodegradable. On top of this, a variety of products are being sold without any kind of envelope. You should go after those types of products with minimum waste left behind.

Ways to recycle when moving a business

The best way of recycling stuff is by giving them away. Supplies that are obsolete to you could be very useful to someone else. In this case, when you are moving your business, you will tend to replace all the outdated equipment with a brand new one. Some people take this old stuff with them just in case. But this is just creating unnecessary disorder and difficulty moving. Here are some people and institutions you can donate to:

Apprentices and graduate students just starting their first business

Remember when you were just starting with your career? You probably weren’t even considering the latest technology for your office.  You were happy with that used printer that worked just fine and that almost-new desk. Probably you imagine that today almost everybody can afford to get new office equipment. But you would be surprised. Publish an advertisement saying that you are giving your perfectly usable furniture away.  Offer the exchange of those for help in removing it from your old workplace. Even though you are planning to get professional assistance from Miami movers and packers, you should preferably make some selection first. Select your favorite pieces, and let someone else take the rest away.

Third World countries

Be among the charitable minority that donates to Third World countries. We often take for granted the impact which each of us can make individually by donating. Many organizations around the country can help you with that.

Kindergartens and orphanages

It probably never crossed your mind, but if you don’t want to carry extra weight when moving, you could donate some paper, markers, and pens away. What is just another box of supplies to you- can be someone’s reason for joy. Many orphanages or even public kindergartens are struggling to get these supplies. Likewise, donations can be made to help families in need around the world.

a kid drawing
Donate for the kids while getting rid of the unwanted office material

Garage sale, the second-best option

You want to get your things recycled. At the same time, you would like to earn some extra money for your moving expenses. Organize a garage sale. Garage sales are never getting out of fashion precisely because they are so convenient. Time invested here will be time saved during the move. And money is just a bonus!

Dismantling the old equipment and standard recycling

If you can not sell or donate you can still recycle the old-fashion way. The following are among the most recyclable materials :

  • paper– is among the easiest to reprocess, still very valuable to the environment
  • metal– dismantle the old machines and recycle different kinds of metals when moving the business
  • plastics– pick up those bottles after the going away party
  • glass– separate the broken glass and put it in the correct bin
3 different recycle bins
Recycle the old-fashion way

Ultimately, everybody has their preferred way to reduce waste and recycle when moving a business. As long as you prepare everything thoroughly for the move, it is not so important which option you choose. And if you can anyhow help someone or do something for the planet along the way, that is a huge benefit.