Ultimate cross-country moving checklist

Moving is a complex process. In order to easier complete it, you should break it down into smaller tasks. But how can you be sure that you’ve done everything you need to do? And where do you start? After all, some things take longer than others so you’ll need to know how to prioritize them. And that’s where we come in. With our cross-country moving checklist, you won’t have to worry about a thing! We cover everything from interstate moving companies Miami to transferring utilities to cleaning. So just follow our guidelines! That way everything will get done in time and you definitely won’t forget anything!

14-week cross-country moving checklist

You may think that starting your moving process more than three months before the day it is scheduled for is a bit early. You may think that, but you would be wrong. Starting as soon as possible is crucial when moving. It is the only way to ensure you have the time to do everything without rushing. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get going!

Set a budget

One of the first things you need to do when moving is to decide on a budget. How much money you are willing and able to spend on your move will inform many of your decisions, such as which interstate movers to hire, which of their services to pay for and how to get yourself to your new home. So it’s vital that you settle this early on in the process.

Personal budget
Decide on a budget well in advance.

Research movers

Since finding the right movers Coral Gables Florida can take a while, it’s best to start early. Ask for recommendations from friends and family who’ve recently moved, read online reviews and narrow down your choices.

12-week cross-country moving checklist

With three months on the clock, it’s time to start taking action. This is where the moving process really starts!

Hire movers

Once you’ve picked your top moving companies, contact them to get a moving estimate and compare prices. Finally, decide on the best cross-country movers for you and hire them immediately. Doing so well in advance is the only way to be sure they are available on the dates you need and the best way to get a good price.

Make arrangements

Movers will move your house, but you still need to find a way to move yourself. Now is the time to book plane tickets and start arranging for rides if you don’t plan on driving yourself.

10-week cross-country moving checklist

With 10 weeks left, your move will still feel infinitely far away. But in truth, it’s just around the corner so it’s time to let everyone else know about it too!

Get the word out

Your move across the country doesn’t only affect you. So here’s who you should tell about it:

  • your children, especially if they’re moving with you
  • your family
  • friends and neighbors
  • your boss

Ten weeks will be just enough time to say your goodbyes and make peace with the upcoming change!

8-week cross-country moving checklist

Two months from your moving day, it’s time to start one of the most difficult parts of the move: packing.

Packing preparations

Of course, nobody expects you to have your toothbrush ready to go with 8 weeks left. But some preparations are in order. Start putting together an inventory list, declutter by donating to charity, sell what you don’t plan on bringing with you, find free or cheap packing supplies near you and pack the things you have no use for (like out of season clothes, fine china, family heirlooms and similar).

Boxes with packaging
Get packing supplies before you start packing.

6-week cross-country moving checklist

With 6 weeks to go, your moving preparations should be in full swing!

Start packing

Unless you’re planning on paying for packing services from professionals, your packing will take several weeks to complete. A month and a half before the move is the perfect time to start. Pack the things you don’t currently need or use often first. Then move on to everything else. Try to go room by room for best organization!

4-week cross-country moving checklist

Not all moving preparation is about your old home. You should also prepare for living in a new place. And with a month left to go, now is the time to do so!

Decide on new doctors, vets, schools and the like

Starting a life somewhere else means needing to change your routine and habits. Things like doctors, vets, schools, and jobs are something you don’t change often while living in the same place. But when you move across the country, you’ll need to find new ones. So start researching now!

3-week cross-country moving checklist

At 3 weeks left, the time comes to start cutting ties with your old life.

Cancel or transfer subscriptions

If you have any local memberships such as the gym or a club, it’s time to cancel them. In case you subscribe to any kind of delivery service, whether it be groceries or magazines, you should now change the address for delivery or cancel your subscriptions.

2-week cross-country moving checklist

Two weeks is not much time and you’ll definitely be feeling the pressure now. But don’t panic – you’ll still have just enough time for everything you need to do!

Transfer utilities

It’s very important to transfer your utilities now, at just the right time. You don’t want to keep paying for services you’re not using at your old home. But you also don’t want to come to a new home where you have no running water or electricity. So sort things out with two weeks to go!

Disassemble furniture and prepare power tools

You cannot move large things in one piece so disassemble your furniture to make it easier to move on moving day. And don’t forget to drain your power tools of fuel, clean them and let them airdry – this is the only way to move them safely!

1-week cross-country moving checklist

With a week to go, you should have everything pretty much sorted out by now. All that is left now are a few finishing touches!

Finish packing

You should never leave the packing for the last minute. So finish up with it during the week before moving day. Leave only the things you plan on bringing with you and the things you need for day-to-day life still.

Days leading up to the move

The days leading up to a cross-country move are always hectic. Don’t leave a lot of things to do for this time! Instead, focus on the little things that must wait and on making moving day as simple and stress-free as possible.

Clean everything

A thorough cleaning is in order after you’ve packed all your furniture and large appliances. You probably haven’t cleaned much under the fridge up until now so this is the perfect opportunity to clean all such nooks and crannies you’ve been skipping. After all, you don’t want to leave your place a mess when you leave, do you?

Cleaning supplies on tile
Cleaning is a part of moving preparations.

Prepare for moving day

Moving day will go much smoother if you prepare for it. So reduce stress by making to-do lists and planning out your day! And don’t leave things for last minute: fill up your gas tank, pre-prepare your meals and do everything you can in advance.

Keep things running smoothly on moving day!

There could, of course, be a whole cross-country moving checklist for moving day itself. It is, after all, the most stressful day of the move. But try not to panic and things will go smoother! If you’ve prepared properly and done what you could in advance, moving day should be a breeze.