Top Reasons Why Residents are Fleeing the Luxurious Lifestyle in Sunny Isles Beach

People have begun abandoning the luxurious lifestyle in Sunny Isles Beach lately. This may be caused by the change in the local economy, quality of life issues, safety concerns, or personal circumstances. Maybe elevated real estate prices and living costs are the reason for such a change. Or people simply get bored and move on. The reasons for your relocation are plentiful and we must review them to obtain the real picture. So, before you call your movers Sunny Isles Beach offers and hit the road, let us figure out what makes people leave the beautiful and luxurious Sunny Isle Beach.

Elevated housing costs may be the reason for people abandoning the luxurious lifestyle in Sunny Isles Beach

We will begin with the obvious one. The real estate market and the elevated costs of property leasing and purchasing. As you may know, Sunny Isles Beach was always a luxurious place to live in. Most of the residences and condos are in a range between $2-$3 million with an average of $620k. This is still double the average Florida cost. For some people, maintaining such a property can become expensive and may be the reason for a change of pace. And we can confirm this by the increased demand for high end movers and white glove moving services.

higher real estate costs are the reason for fleeing luxurious lifestyle in Sunny Isles Beach
The real estate market is shifting daily. Higher property prices can drive people easily away from the luxurious lifestyle in Sunny Isles Beach

Rental prices are no better. We have 50% higher costs than the state average. This means people will struggle to pay the rent once the inflation and the general cost of living increase are upon them. You can expect to pay a minimum of $1700 for a studio apartment while one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments are $2000, $2.500, $3.200, and $3.700 respectively. Compared to the Miami-Fort Lauderdale – West Palm Beach Metro area, a family of four can save up to $1000 on rent. Hence, some people are surely moving because of the higher real estate prices.

For some people, the cost of living is higher than before

For some residents, the possibility is that the cost of living in Sunny Isles Beach may have become too high. While a luxurious lifestyle can be appealing, it can also come with a high price tag. This could lead to financial stress or even hardship for those who cannot afford the high cost of living in the area. And in the same way, real estate is shifting, and the cost of groceries, maintenance, and entertainment is shifting as well. In the past couple of years, we had a pandemic followed by inflation. This affected the global economy significantly. And some places are not affected much but Sunny Isles Beach is not one of them.

Luckily, the price increase for basic things is not so high while luxurious items and services doubled in price. This is all because of high demand and low supply caused by logistics hardships. Now, you’ll be glad to hear that the overall cost of living is only 30% higher than the national average. And this is all because of the elevated housing costs. If we exclude those costs, we have only about 3% higher prices than the national average. This is not something that will affect your luxurious lifestyle in Sunny Isles Beach but again, it all depends on what you spend your money on. And it can easily be the reason for people to abandon this kind of lifestyle in Sunny Isle Beach and move elsewhere.

Forever changing job market is something that can drive people away

Residents may be leaving Sunny Isles Beach due to changes in the area’s economy or job market. If job opportunities or economic growth in the area have declined, you may choose to leave in search of better prospects elsewhere. While this is the reason for you to leave the luxurious lifestyle in Sunny Isles Beach, it is still a personal reason. Your decisions are heavily influenced by your career path, your education, and your experience. If a better opportunity arises, you will accept it and move to another city. Of course, if this all sits well with your family and other plans.

colleagues talking
Career goals and changes in the job market can be the reason for your relocation.

Hopefully, you have found your dream job and all you must do now is call Pro Movers Miami and let us help you relocate efficiently. Work with some of the best moving professionals in the state and have the safest and most efficient relocation ever.

Sunny Isles Beach can be boring for certain types of people

It is always a possibility for you to start looking for a change of pace or a different type of community. Sunny Isles Beach is known for its luxury high-rise condos and hotels, which may not be a good fit for everyone. You may be seeking a more laid-back lifestyle or a community with a different culture or atmosphere. Not to mention that this place is mainly a tourist destination, and the area can become overcrowded during peak season. Maybe you are searching for a more mature demographic. Or you simply got bored and you want to change the scenery.

The luxurious lifestyle in Sunny Isles Beach can become monotonous over time. Yes, living in a luxurious high-rise condo or hotel with access to a private beach and other amenities can be appealing. But it may not offer the same level of variety and excitement as living in a more dynamic urban environment.

New horizons are always the reason for leaving the luxurious lifestyle in Sunny Isles Beach

While this is the reason for people to leave Sunny Isle Beach, to be honest, it is a reason to leave any place in the world. Getting bored is one thing while searching for different communities and lifestyles is entirely another. Maybe you want to find a more diverse, engaging, or specific community. Or you want to try it out in a different culture, and customs, and to try new things in general. If you are limited in Florida, then you should start looking at other states or even abroad.

a man standing on the peak looking at the horizon
Searching for new horizons and a change of scenery is a good enough reason for leaving Sunny Isles Beach.

If this is the case, make sure to research the area you are moving to beforehand. Ensure you know what job and real estate markets look like so you can prepare the right budget. Also, make sure to have enough for long distance movers Miami because the way you relocate matters greatly. Nothing can ruin your new beginning like a poorly organized and expensive relocation. So, call your movers in advance and arrange everything.

How safe Sunny Isle Beach is?

For most of us, crime rates matter a lot. Sunny Isle Beach is still safer than 50% of the cities in the US. Having 10 crimes per 1000 residents per year is still good when compared to other areas. But this can still not be enough for some families, especially those with higher budgets. People want to be safe and protected and because of this, they might find their way to safer environments such as Arizona, Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, California, or Illinois.

Traffic safety concerns

Now, you must know that most unfortunate events occur on the road. Driving is not the safest in Florida and especially not in Sunny Isle Beach where we have a lot of tourists from all over the place. Such a colorful driver demographic can cause unsafe driving conditions and when we add high temperatures and humidity, the situation becomes much worse. But this is nothing new for Florida roads, but it can still be a reason for people leaving the state and, in this case, Sunny Isle Beach.

Now you know more about the changes in luxurious lifestyle in Sunny Isles Beach and why are people abandoning it. Obviously, you’ll do the same if some things that we have mentioned are influencing your safety, budget, or mental well-being. Hopefully, we have helped enough to make a sound decision. Good luck.


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