Top reasons why people decide to move to the suburbs

Since the situation with the pandemic Covid-19 has started, a lot of people have been choosing to leave cities and move to the more peaceful suburban areas. At first, you may not think that it is a good idea. Often people who live in big cities where they are always in a hurry have problems getting used to living somewhere where everything is quieter.  However, we will show you what are the top reasons why people decide to move to the suburbs. You just keep reading. By the end of this article, you will be ready to call moving companies Miami and start your relocation process. Of course, not all suburban areas are the same. We will tell you something about the best suburbs in South Florida. All you have to do is make a decision and start packing your bags. You will see how great suburban life is.

The first reason why people decide to move to the suburbs is more space

The need for extra indoor and outdoor space is one of the main drivers of suburban relocation. Your children may have their own rooms in a larger home with more bedrooms and baths, and you can enjoy more solitude. In addition to that, you’ll probably like having extra space between you and your neighbors. For some people, this is extremely important. It won’t be like in a city where people live close together. An additional advantage of relocating to the suburbs is having a yard with outdoor space. You already know how important outdoor space may be if you have children. Your family’s outside amenities, such as backyard swing sets and barbecues can freely lay around the garden.

A suburban house with a big yard
Space is one of the reasons why people decide to move to the suburbs

One of the places where you can get just that is Bal Harbour. If you want to relocate with your family, call movers Bal Harbour and start the process. Why? Well, because in this suburban area you can lead an extremely peaceful life. Nothing much ever happens. Residents enjoy the sun and long beach walks. There is no nightlife, which can be a disadvantage for youngsters. however, everything else is great.

Another reason is affordability

Unfortunately, when it comes to the living cost in suburban areas, we have to disappoint you. Many suburbs are more expensive than living in a city. There are a few reasons:

  • fewer houses, which means less choice,
  • transport and commuting,
  • peace and proximity to beaches have their price.

Living in the suburbs probably means you want peace. So, when people sell, they put higher prices. You don’t want to have neighbors around, so you have fewer options to choose from. Apart from that, if you travel to work, it can cost you a lot during the month. The good news is that this depends on the area. Some suburbs are affordable.

For example, Coral Gables is somewhere in between. The cost of living is higher than Florida’s average but not as high as in some other suburban areas. This suburb is also great for families. First of all, it is one of the safest areas. Secondly, it has great schools. Finally, you can choose from a variety of properties. So, calling moving companies Coral Gables is the next step. We are sure you are going to enjoy your life there if you decide to move to the suburbs of Miami-Dade.

Suburbs are safe

We have already mentioned how important safety is when it comes to moving, especially if you want to live with your family. Suburban areas are often much safer than cities. There are fewer residents, so the chances of a crime are lower. Also, people who don’t live there probably won’t choose the suburbs to commit crimes. Compared to an adjacent metropolis, most suburbs have lower crime rates. The Federal Bureau of Education reports that the violent and property crime rates in big cities are two and a half times greater than those in the neighboring suburbs. Local ties are much stronger in the suburbs.

Books on bookshelves
Education in the suburban areas is at a high level

Education in the suburbs

Speaking of safety and children, of course, that education comes to our minds. Top-notch public and private schools may be found in many suburbs. One of the key draws for families are these highly regarded school systems. Schools in suburbs often have more instructors and fewer congested classrooms. A family-friendly area also makes it simpler for kids to develop their social skills. Playdates and after-school events are simple to schedule for suburban youngsters because they frequently attend school with nearby children. Living close to other families with children also makes it easier for parents to establish friends, which is difficult to accomplish when all of one’s free time is devoted to child-rearing duties and juggling between work and kids.

One of the best suburbs that has great schools is Kendall. You can choose between more than 30 public and private schools. In addition to that. it is also extremely safe. What can make you contact Kendall movers more quickly is the fact that it has more than 350 sunny days. The only problem with living in Kendall is the proximity to the beaches. They are not very close to the housing estates at all. However, this also has its perks. If you don’t mind walking a bit longer, the fact that beaches are not near makes this suburb more affordable.

Suburbs are for nature lovers

The suburbs are perfect for you if you enjoy being in nature. You’d be lucky to see many trees and plants in the city. The suburbs, on the other hand, are teeming with wildlife. Beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, woods, and parks abound in the suburbs. Large swaths of vegetation and open space may be found here, where you can breathe in some fresh air. Additionally, more animal species may be found in suburbs than in cities, indicating a more wholesome ecology if you live there.

A mountain road
Nature is outstanding in the suburbs

So, now that you know the main reasons why people decide to move to the suburbs, you see that it is a great idea. There are a lot of things to do and see there, while you lead a peaceful, safe life. Choose one of the places we have mentioned and start packing your bags.