Top places for millennials in Miami Dade County

Millennials are what you call a tough crowd. There are a lot of distinguishing features that separate the Millennials from their predecessors, as well as the generations that came afterward. However, do we all know who the millennials are? We are here to discuss the top places for millennials in Miami Dade County, but how can we discuss such places if we do not understand the millennials themselves? Who are they and what is this Generation Y everyone is talking about?

Millennials are unique in every way.
Millennials are a very specific generation of people.

First off, the Generation Y and Millennials are the same things. Originally, Millennials were called the Generation Y but the name did not age well. Originally, coming after Generation X and before Generation Z, Generation Y consists mostly of us. This means people being born between 1986 and 1993. Mostly. It can be unstable and change often. But this is the current trend. However, Generation Y was too obnoxious and it gradually became Millennials. Even the generation coming after 1993 is called Post-Millennial. Fun stuff. However, Millennials are a tough crowd. This is why it will not be as easy to speak about the best places for millennials in Miami Dade County. But we are going to try. From the perspective of one team filled with Millennials.

The best places for millennials in Miami Dade County

So, given that Millennials are a tough crowd it is difficult to imagine the best place for them. Well, it isn’t impossible per se, but it is rather difficult. What is the main characteristic of these generations? The kind of the downside of people describing Millennials labels us as extremely lazy, narcissistic and quite unstable in terms of career (often jump from one job to another). So, their moving checklist will often include large, cozy furniture fit for a large home in a quiet, yet eventful neighborhood. Sounds terribly complicated.

From a completely objective point of view, the biggest problem Millennials have, in my opinion, is that their life expectations are unrealistic. Furthermore, their working life expectations are just as unrealistic. They are often postponing their career and marriage as much as they possibly could. Not all of them, though. This does not have the objective to generalize people. Just stating some facts researchers have come across throughout the years.

So, in order to understand what the best places for millennials in Miami Dade County are, we need to take a stab at what Millennials want in life. Where do they want to go, how do they want to spend their time and what attracts them the most?

What do Millennials want?

Before anything else, we need to understand one thing. Over fifty percent of the global population is under 30. This means that the Millennial and Post-Millennial generations are the overwhelming ones. This is a huge deal considering that this is the largest youth population in the history of our planet. This means that this same population is the dominant one, and many trends are being shaped around them.

A list of places for millennials in Miami Dade County will not be impossible to find.,
Finding a proper place for millennials is not easy, but not impossible either.

This is good for Miami Dade County because just like any other place on the planet, Miami Dade County is focusing on the Millennials too. This means that there is going to be an abundance of places for millennials in Miami Dade County. You just need to know where to look.

Millennials are open-minded youngsters, to say it in the simplest of ways. They want to have a good time. Also, they want to put in minimal working hours. Lastly, they want to play games and just embrace life as much as they can. Oversimplifying, I know, but it is what it is, Luckily for the Millennials, Miami Dade County has got a bunch of things to facilitate that.

Best places for millennials in Miami Dade County – the list:

City of Miami

To top of the list we will begin with the Millennials mecca- the City of Miami. A logical choice on the list and a fan favorite among many others. It really is a magical place that does not cater only to Millennials, but many other generations. However, usually the younger ones. It has countless distinguishing features that make it as brilliant as it is. Past all the most obvious locations within it we kick it off with:

To name just a few. These places will be ever so appealing to all members of Generation Y. Simply because these places basically host all the activities that the Generation Y enjoys the most. To, sort of, combine it all in one phrase – these places offer a lot of fun. So, contact your movers in Miami Dade County and have them help you get to these places today!

Miami Beach

A second logical choice to add to the list. Miami Beach can attract countless Millennials just by its name, let alone any of the activities that take place here. To name a few, Miami Beach takes pride in there are open-air beach parties that host international DJs all year round., Furthermore, it is a brilliant place for numerous concerts taking place all year round.

Millennials will always find their peace in Miami Beach.
Miami Beach will always be the number one spot for millennials!

Also, even if it is an uneventful day (which rarely happens) the place is a fricking beach. It is a place where you can be lazy all day long whilst still having a ton of fun.

Coral Gables

For a total change of pace, Coral Gables offers different scenery. This place takes pride in Mediterranean revival houses and leafy medians. Also, adding a very famous university to the mix, it will have plenty to offer for knowledge eager Millennials.

All in all, Millennials are a tough crowd. It will always be ever so difficult to please us, but there is hope. Many locations have picked up on our trends and needs and will be able to facilitate accordingly. So, wherever you end up in Miami Dade County – you’ll be alright.

On behalf of Promovers Miami, we wish you the best of luck in finding your dream corner!