Top challenges of laboratory equipment relocation

The accelerated change in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry means that most companies will eventually face the daunting task of relocating their laboratories. Moving a lab has nothing to do with moving an office. It can be an extremely complex operation. Moreover, when moving a lab you must handle the most fragile pieces with great care to keep them intact. Hence, for laboratory equipment relocation, movers must provide special care when transporting the equipment. For this reason, you need the intervention of experienced moving companies in Florida.

Laboratory equipment
Laboratory equipment requires special care.

How the laboratory equipment relocation plays out?

The relocation of your laboratory is an extremely complex operation. This kind of move requires personalized support provided by professionals. We bring you the best deals with prices that cater to everyone’s budget.  Get a free estimate to receive the offer that suits best your budget. Movers should pack samples, devices, and computer hardware packs in advance. Laboratory relocation requires maneuvering of valuable analytical equipment, hazardous materials, products, samples, and sometimes live animals. Moreover, in some cases, the data needs to be packaged securely and sent to the new premises. In short, the moving service should perform the following tasks:

  • Relocation of laboratory material
  • Transmission of laboratory data
  • Transfer of samples and research material

Once the moving company relocates all the necessary items to the new premises everything should be inspected. Unpack everything and go through the inventory list and check the condition of the material.

Planning the move

Whether you move a lab across the hall or the street, it is not an easy task. Moreover, the reality is that no two labs are the same. Furthermore, to ensure that the lab move is a safe and efficient process, you need to create a detailed plan and schedule. Planning takes a lot of time. Thereupon allowing the company to have sufficient time to develop a fully functional plan is crucial. Planning all the details is essential when dealing with laboratory equipment relocation, especially if you are moving to multiple locations. Therefore, we at Moving companies Pompano Beach FL help with planning the logistics of the move well ahead of your actual moving date. Once we develop the plan together, it is necessary to review it with all the parties involved.

Men planning laboratory equipment relocation.
Planning all the details is essential when dealing with laboratory equipment relocation.

Furthermore, a project plan needs to cover all operational aspects of the move. It should coordinate shipping and receiving facilities, identify and prioritize critical assets. We adapt our operations according to the specificities of the machines. Also, it is of great importance to specify the location of the goods in the new space, describe the logistical obstacles and identify the essential transport needs. We study the loading and unloading accesses in order to anticipate any difficulties. All the measures to be taken before, during, and after the transfer of equipment from your laboratory are determined upstream.

Special packaging is a must when moving lab material

To guarantee a quality service that meets your requirements at Pro Movers Miami we put our experience and expertise at your service. To comply with the specific constraints of moving a laboratory we implement all the means, whether human or technical. Our teams specialize in the heavy and delicate handling of sensitive equipment such as medical and laboratory equipment.

Hand writing on a box.
Pro Movers Miami uses a special packaging for lab equipment.

Moreover, our movers use special means of transport and packaging when dealing with laboratory equipment relocation. By doing this we are making sure that everything is protected throughout the move. Furthermore, the packaging is optimized to avoid shocks and vibrations during transport. You need specific packaging when packing glassware for a move like bromine ampoule, flasks, spouts, test tubes, or any other fragile material. In particular, you should favor single-use packaging stretch film, plastic containers. By doing this you will avoid any contamination or proliferation of bacteria. Besides, our movers scrupulously respect the rules of hygiene and safety.

Making a stock inventory before the relocation is an important step

Before any move takes place, stock inventory should be made. What to keep and what to toss?  However, hazardous waste should be properly removed. Since these chemicals can be a source of explosion contacting professionals who will take care of them and remove it properly from the premises is the way to go. Our experts know the issues involved in such a move. We label all the so-called “risky” materials in a specific way. This allows you to store compatible and incompatible materials separately. Furthermore, we transport chemical equipment onboard adapted vehicles that meet all safety standards. We make sure to minimize shocks and vibrations during transport so that your fragile or risky products do not undergo any alteration.

Person holding plastic container.
Contact professionals to remove and transport any hazardous waste.

However, there is often a gap between leaving and moving in from the old location to the new one. What to do with all the things in the meantime? Call Miami storage facilities and store your material at our units. Our storage services will store all the nonhazardous lab equipment safely. You don’t have to worry about moisture or weather changes because our storages are climate controlled. Moreover, in our storage, your belongings are safe for long-term or short-term storage requirements.

Hiring a professional will save you time

After we remove the equipment from premises the space needs to be properly cleaned. Staff wears proper personal protective equipment at all times when removing biological contamination. Usually, this includes latex gloves, lab coats, eye protection, long pants, and close-toed shoes. However, hiring a professional cleaning company is the best decision you can make. By hiring them you will save yourself some time.

With unparalleled know-how and experience in moving delicate items, Pro Movers Miami is the service you need to ensure and facilitate laboratory equipment relocation. We are available by email or phone if you have any questions about a business move. We provide you with a Project Manager who will contact you in order to establish specifications. He will manage your move with you from A to Z.