Top benefits of living and working in Marathon

You have decided on relocating to Marathon FL. Those are amazing news because this place is beautiful and prosperous at the same time. But before you start living and working in Marathon, you must prepare for this journey and learn more about the place. So, it is time to organize, pack, do your research, prepare the budget, and search for moving companies Miami. Luckily, we have a guide on doing this and more importantly, all the info about Marathon and the quality of life you’ll have there. Let’s dive right in!

How to decide on living and working in Marathon?

Presumably, you will get to know your new neighborhood before moving in. The most efficient way of doing it is to browse the internet. Check out all relevant websites, blog posts, and of course, social media groups. On social media, you can find people that moved in recently or those who are living there for quite a while. This way you can obtain a firsthand experience of living and working in Marathon. Also, you will meet friends that is for sure. Furthermore, make sure you are reading about demographics, politics, economy, infrastructure, community, as well as the history of the place. If you know a bit about everything, you’ll have an easier time blending in.

a woman researching about living and working in Marathon
Research enough about Marathon before you choose the right neighborhood for you.

Also, while researching Marathon, you should at the same time search for movers Marathon FL. Simply check out a few moving-related websites and find the most experienced movers in the area. Be sure to check if they are licensed and if they possess all the equipment to relocate you safely. Moreover, they should have all the safety features, competitive prices, and moving services you require. After implementing your search criteria, you will find a professional and reputable moving team within an hour.

The community of Marathon

Even though this is a small place with only around 8.700 people, the community is tightly knit, friendly, and diverse. People are friendly and neighborhoods are designed for families with children. Also, the populace is well educated with almost 70% of residents who hold some kind of diploma. So, with this kind of environment, you will have the chance of meeting educated and more open people. This is also good for your kids who will be attending school and growing up in such an environment. And when it comes to schools, Marathon has access to some of the best public and private ones in the area.

people on the beach
Attend social events, hit the beach, and you will blend into the community in no time.

Why is good to have a great community waiting for you when you move in? Simply because you will blend in easily if people are welcoming, friendly, and diverse. Luckily, Marathon is exactly that. Hence, you shouldn’t be afraid that you’ll have trouble meeting people or attending events. It will be much easier than you think. Start by checking out a local diner or a bar with live music and a few minutes later you’ll meet several locals who are eager to help and show you around.

Cost of living and working in Marathon

Now, living and working in Marathon is a good decision for several reasons. Firstly, even though it is a place with many activities and tourists, the cost of living is still considerably lower than in the rest of the US. Although it is a bit pricey for Florida standards, but the payment is a bit better as well. Job opportunities are out there as long as you are qualified to apply for higher positions. As for the groceries, bills, and health coverage, it is almost the same across the board. But what you must know is that Marathon is business-friendly. It has one of the cheapest office rentals and the government is strongly supporting private and smaller businesses. So, if you are a business owner or intend on becoming one, you can give it a try in Marathon.

As for the housing market, you must know that half of the residents are renting. Properties are a bit expensive to own here and they come at around half a million. Rent is around 1.3k which is affordable to anyone. So, this is the reason why people opt for renting more than investing in a property. Lastly, the average commuting time in the area is less than 30 minutes. Although, if you are working in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, or Key Largo, you can expect to travel for more than an hour. On the other hand, proximity to Key West Airport and Miami International Airport will make life much easier for those who travel for business a lot.

What to do for fun in Marathon FL?

As we have already mentioned, Marathon is a ton of fun. All those beaches in Florida will make it possible to have a weekend full of exciting things to do. But we shouldn’t neglect all the green areas, parks, playgrounds, and wide-open spaces. If you are a nature lover, this is a place to be. On the other hand, Marathon FL does not lack a great deal of shopping, bars with live music, great restaurants, cool coffee places, and much more. So, we suggest researching this one beforehand so you can find a few great spots right from the start and visit them as soon as you land.

two people with surfboards on the beach
Marathon is heaven for aquatic activities. You will have a ton of fun that is for sure.

As a city is set on 13 Florida Keys islands, you will have a plethora of aquatic activities to choose from. It is surely a unique place in Florida where you can boat, fish, surf, dive, snorkel, interact with dolphins, or do whatever you want in or near the water. Your kids will love it, that is for sure.

Prepare to relocate

Now you know enough and you are ready to wrap up your relocation plans. Start by creating a moving checklist containing all moving-related responsibilities and a complete inventory. Inspect all your furniture and belongings and note them down on this list. This way you will know more about the packing materials requirement. At the same time, you should inspect the environment as well. Your long distance movers Florida must know if there are any obstacles or special requirements for your relocation project.

Once you have your checklist and inventory list ready, you can start working on moving services. Now you know all the requirements, and budget required, and you have your moving team with you. All you must do is choose what kind of moving service you want to purchase. Obviously, you will do it according to the complexity of the move. If you want to rent one of the Miami storage facilities to get more space and make your relocation more efficient, you should do so. But keep in mind that some services are quite good for your situation while others are unnecessary. Although, if you have a stretching budget, you should make your relocation easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

And now you know everything there is about living and working in Marathon. We are sure you’ll find a job in no time as well as a bunch of new friends. Start exploring as soon as you settle in and get used to the new environment. Hopefully, we made this part a bit easier for you. Good luck.