Tips for storing office supplies after moving to Downtown Miami

A well-organized office is essential to your business. After you relocate to Downtown Miami, you will most likely face numerous challenges. One of them is storing your office supplies. Lots of people get really anxious about this process which results in wasting a huge amount of time. This is a big mistake as they do not use all the opportunities they have in downtown Miami. This place is truly amazing for professionals, therefore, you don’t actually need to spend so much time on easy tasks such as storing your office supplies. In order to make it much easier for you, Pro Movers Miami will provide a few tips for storing office supplies after moving to Downtown Miami which will help you better organize your office.

Plan the whole process of storing office supplies after moving to Downtown Miami

The first essential step when organizing anything is planning the whole process. We suggest creating a checklist to make that whole process easier. Write down all the tasks you need to complete and in which order. Another great idea is to write an inventory list. This way you will not lose sight of any of your office supplies. These 2 lists will be very helpful to you, especially after your move to the new office.  You need to make sure to remain well organized as that is crucial when relocating your office. Otherwise, you will not take advantage of all the opportunities for storing office supplies after moving to Downtown Miami, one of them being storage units Miami.

Planner beside a pen
You should make an inventory list and a checklist

Prepare a supply room or closet

Depending on the size of your new office you will need to prepare a supply closet or room. If you have already relocated your business, preparing a supply space is the first step in organizing your new office. Preparing a supply closet is essential for storing office supplies after moving to Downtown Miami. Having a designated supply room means that there will not be any confusion and you will have quick and easy access to the things you need. Also, it will be easy to pack your office for possible relocation in the future.

Put specific storage supplies in different storage areas

You shouldn’t store all office supplies in a supply room or closet. Some of the office supplies should be placed near the places where they will be used. For instance, if printers run out of paper you can refill them quickly when the printing paper is stored near them. Otherwise, the employees will waste time looking for paper around the office. Likewise, you should store the cleaning products under the sink.

Store and label your supplies properly when moving

When relocating an office make sure to properly store your office equipment. You should not just place the equipment in one box because you will need a lot of time to separate your supplies in the new office.  In order to avoid disruptions, later on, separate your office supplies into a couple of boxes. For example, put all your cleaning supplies in one box and everything related to printers in another. You should also label the boxes with a marker to ensure easy organization later on. This way the employees will quickly find what they need since they will know what each box contains. Therefore, setting a new office will be easy. Another great idea is to use storage units provided by movers Downtown Miami.

Cardboard boxes on a wooden floor used for storing office supplies after moving to Downtown Miami
You should properly store and label your supplies

Tips for storing furniture after moving to Downtown Miami

Sort out the furniture for your new office

If you want to store some furniture, first you need to know how much space you will need for it. List the furniture that you will store and properly evaluate how much space you will need. You don’t want to pay more for the space you don’t really need but also don’t want to end up with an overcrowded storage unit where your furniture can be damaged. Contact commercial movers Miami for assistance with taking the right steps during the process.

Consider climate control

If you decide to put your furniture into the storage unit, you might want to think about climate controlled storage. Changes in temperature and humidity can cause damage to your wooden furniture. If you store filing cabinets with documents in them, the papers might also get damaged. If you have some office artwork to store, it may also require a climate-controlled storage unit.

Store your furniture during renovation

Very often companies end up renovating their new office facilities. If you are one of them,  you can store some of your furniture to keep it out of the way. You can store only the things you don’t need at that moment so that your renovation can proceed smoothly.

Workspace with new furniture
You can put your furniture into a storage unit during renovation

Choose the essentials for your new office

After the office move, think about what furniture you need to start working on immediately. Do you want to furnish your conference room or kitchen first or you prefer to bring the desks for all employees? Think about the number of your employees and what they need to start working without missing the deadlines. Your employees should be comfortable in the office from the start so that they can get to work immediately.

We are at your service

We hope we have provided some useful guidelines that will make storing your office supplies after moving to Downtown Miami go smoothly and without stress. If you want to get the best storage units and know that your office supplies are in safe hands, feel free to reach out to us at any moment. We are always at your service!