Tips for setting up a home office in your Fort Lauderdale house

The Covid-19 virus has changed a lot in the way humans approach everyday life. Especially, work. Long behind us are the days where sitting in a cubical from 9 to 5 was considered normal. Today, like it or not, working from home has become the new normal.  Simply, because of the pandemic, a lot of companies have changed their approach to the way they operate. If you are one of those people who have been caught off guard by this virus and changes in your firm’s policies and now need tips for setting up a home office in your Fort Lauderdale house, this article is for you. Or, even if you are one of the people who are thinking about moving to Florida and are looking for some good tips on how to set up your home office, this guide is perfect for you!

a chair in an empty white room
Your home office can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.

Today these Miami movers are going to share with you our favorite tips and tricks you need to know when setting up your office in your home. Ready? Great! Let’s get started.

Working from your home office

Let’s be frank. Working from your home office can be awesome. There’s no commuting, no dress code, and you can even choose how your workspace looks like! Plus, no boss is breathing down your neck. You decide when you are going to work. The only thing that matters is that the work get’s done. However, that’s exactly where working from home can also be quite a nuisance. If you are not careful you can soon find yourself staring down your computer screen, unable to start your work. We know, we understand. Procrastination can be hard to beat, however, you can set up your home office to minimize the amount of procrastination you do by following these three simple steps.

A person procrastinating and thinking about setting up a home office
If you find yourself laying down in your bed the entire day and not doing any work, maybe it’s time to change your work environment.

1. Understand that it doesn’t need to be complicated

Most people when they imagine home offices, imagine a big desk, minimalist computer, and other paraphernalia to allow for maximum productivity. However, as you are about to find out. A home office can be as simple as sitting on a lazy bag and getting to work. Don’t overcomplicate it. If you want a designated spot for your home office, it might be closer than you think.

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2. Make sure to have a dedicated spot when setting up a home office

Whatever you decide to be your workspace, make sure you exclusively and only do work at that space. That is your dedicated work area. Do not eat there, do not sleep there, do not do anything except work. This way, you are telling your brain that whenever you sit down at that designated spot you need to focus and go to deep work.

3. No interruptions

At least that’s what you want to communicate with your household members. Make sure that they understand that when you are sitting at that designated spot they do not interrupt you unless it’s really important. If that’s not manageable, either buy yourself a pair of noise cancelation headphones or simply wake up earlier than the rest of the household.