Tips for packing oddly shaped items for a long distance relocation

It’s a lot easier to pack when you aren’t dealing with oddly shaped items. You’re going to need to especially take care of those, due to the fact they can break easily. Moreover, it’s a lot easier to securely pack items when their edges are in straight lines. But, do not worry. With these tips and tricks, you’re going to have an easy time packing oddly shaped items for a long distance relocation. If you feel like you’re stuck or just can’t do it, you can always hire some of the white gloves packing services – and get done with it! The funny name comes from the fact that those moving professionals use white gloves when doing delicate work – such as when packing fragile and rare items. You’re not going to get disappointed by their services, and moving will feel like a breeze.

General tips for packing oddly shaped items for a long distance move

Most of the time, packing such items is going to be pretty straightforward. You’re just going to need to change a couple of things to make sure each item is well-protected. That means taking some precautionary measures to avoid any damages that are actually very common for long distance relocations. So, keep in mind the following things:

  • You’re going to want sturdy plastic or card boxes. Use them as the first measure of protection for your items. Moreover, you’re going to want to buy new ones as those that are older could have deteriorated with time.
  • Add protective paddings, such as bubble wrap or anything else that might seem like it’s a good idea. If you’re looking to save a couple of bucks, you can use some rugs or a towel to put around and below the object in your box. For example, if you’re packing a vase you can put something directly below it, and around it. That way, you’re making sure that any potential drops won’t damage it.
  • Disassemble everything. If there’s anything that can be taken off – do it. Disassemble everything as much as possible.
  • Tape the item and the box to make sure they aren’t going to move too much inside of the box and otherwise. As for the box itself, you want to tape it in all directions making sure it won’t open in any case.
  • Hire professional moving companies to help you relocate if you don’t think that packing oddly shaped items for a long distance relocation is something you can confidently do. There are actually a ton of long distance movers Miami offers that offer packing services for delicate items.
A family of two packing an oddly shaped item for their relocation.
Using these common tips and tricks is going to make sure you can pack any items you want for your move.

More specifics things you want to keep in mind when packing specific kinds of items

While the tips mentioned above are great for most of the items you might encounter, you still may have additional questions. The following tips will teach you how to approach specific items – such as hollow ones, or really long ones. Even if you don’t have any such items, it’s a good idea to read the guide as it can give you additional ideas on how to protect some of your own.

  • Hollow objects. The thing you must do in this case is to stuff something inside of the object to avoid it breaking towards its inside. Put either something sturdy or a towel.
  • Really wide objects. The most important thing here is to add additional support somewhere close to the middle of the object. Also, try to make a custom-sized box to put it inside. This is also going to be true for really long items, as well.
  • Items with wavy edges. Try putting additional padding next to the wavy edges in order to make sure potential bumps won’t damage the item. Use plastic boxes, if possible.
  • Round objects. You’ll want to add additional cushioning inside to stop them from rolling around and potentially getting damaged.
A hand is seen adding extra layers of protection to the object, which is one of the best possible things to do when packing oddly shaped objects for a long distance relocation.
Adding extra layers of protection is a must when packing any kind of delicate object.

Packing items for putting them in storage as opposed to doing a long distance relocation

A lot of people also pack their items for storage purposes, instead of relocating them. Maybe your new apartment just isn’t big enough, and you want to save up some space by putting the extra stuff in options for storage Miami offers. In this kind of situation, the accent isn’t going to be on putting extra cushions and padding for protection when packing oddly shaped items for a long distance relocation. You simply want to put them in boxes in such a position that they aren’t going to break due to any pressure. The rest is a matter of finding climate-controlled storage options and hiring their services. Luckily, with so many options nowadays, that isn’t going to be a problem. The only thing that remains is to find good boxes. That’s also quite easy since there are a lot of choices online.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for packing your items for relocation then use the tips. Packing is actually the worst possible place for fragile and oddly shaped items to be at – but don’t stress over it. With a bit of research and preparation, it will go as easily as possible. Another possibility is to hire any of the residential movers Miami offers. Even if you’re doing a DIY move, using their packing services for your oddly shaped items is a smart idea. That way, you’re making sure the most dangerous part of the moving process is covered. After that, you really shouldn’t.

An oddly shaped figure of Buddha, something which would need special care when packing it for a move.
Packing oddly shaped items for a long distance relocation often includes things such as statues.

As you have seen, packing oddly shaped items can be hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. On the other side, with the tips above it’s going to be easy. It’s just a matter of using common sense when packing. Try to foresee what could potentially happen – and just add protective padding and layers there. That’s really the whole logic behind packing oddly shaped items for a long distance relocation. Do that and you won’t have any issues. And if it all breaks down and you can’t seem to do it – you can hire one of the moving companies for not a lot of money.