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The Most Respected and Reputable Moves in Fort Lauderdale

Quality and Affordable Movers in Fort Lauderdale

Despite claims to the contrary, not all moving companies are created equal. Almost every company promises the highest level of treatment and by the time customers realize just how short they’ve fallen on their promise, it’s too late to consider another option and you’re in for a long and needlessly stressful moving experience. This scenario is not an issue with Pro Movers Miami. We are a fully ensured, reputable and experienced moving company offering quality professionalsmovers in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. We offer comprehensive commercial and residential local and long-distance moving services.

Call our professionals today at (305) 707-7007 for a no-obligation written estimate. We look forward to serving all of your moving needs.

What to Expect from a Moving Company?

At some point in their lives, practically everyone is faced with the task of choosing a moving company. When it comes time to make your choice, there are a few criteria to look for that could make the process exceedingly easier.

Reliability - Try and check with previous customers to see if the company was punctual and attentive throughout the move. Look for testimonials and recommendations on their website that can attest to their performance and reliability.

Accountability – It never hurts to ask if the company you’re considering has a breakage or lateness policy to protect you from property damage of wasted time. Two of the most common problems that occur during the move are damaged items and going over your allotted timeframe.

Local or Long-Distance? – If you’re moving across the state, it’s important to hire a moving company that is familiar with the logistics of long-distance moving. Be sure to get their level of experience prior to signing any contract.

Insurance – In order to protect your belongings, verify your prospective company’s level of insurance. At Pro Movers Miami all moves are covered with minimum coverage of $0.60 per pound. By law we are obligated to reimburse you only $6 per 10LBS broken glass vase, for ex. We warn and advise all of our customers to purchase FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE (please ask for details).

Are They Familiar with the Area? – The last thing you need is for your movers to be lost on unfamiliar roads with everything you own. It may sound obvious, but it’s helpful to make sure your moving company has a thorough knowledge of the area to which you’re relocating.

These are just a few of the questions you should ask when it comes time to hire a moving company. At Pro Movers Miami, our Fort Lauderdale movers are committed to providing you with a comprehensive and quality moving experience.

Call us today at (305) 707-7007. There’s no reason why you should have to settle for a lesser-quality moving company. We have everything you need to make the transition into your new home or office as smooth as possible.

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