Storage Advice from the Best Miami Movers

Advice on Storage from Local Miami Movers

In most cases, when people are moving they will need to put some of their belongings in storage, at least for a short period of time. Whether this is because they are downsizing and need to keep things out of the way or because they want to store certain items until they are needed, it is important to make sure you’re doing it correctly to avoid issues down the road.
A good self-storage unit is the most popular option when it comes to storage during a move. If you’re looking into this option, consider the following bits of advice from the best movers in Miami. It will help everything to go smoothly and keep your belongings safe.

Let the Movers Help

One big tip is that you can have the movers you hired for your home relocation help by bringing certain items to the self-storage unit. As long as you let the moving company know that you will need some items brought to the storage area and others to your new house, it won’t be a problem. Depending on the location of the self-storage facility there may be an added charge for the extra time, but letting the movers take care of this is well worth it.

Packing for Storage

When you’re packing your things for a move you are likely going to have things in boxes for a few days at the most. When you’re packing for storage, on the other hand, you need to make sure everything is safe for several months (or longer) of storage. Make sure your boxes are properly sealed to keep moisture and air out of them. Adding in moisture absorbent items can further provide protection to many things. If you have temperature sensitive items going to storage, make sure the unit you select has temperature control.

Pack from the Back

When loading a storage unit you always want to put the biggest items all the way to the back. This will allow you to have a more efficient loading plan so you can get everything into the storage locker without a problem. The other point to keep in mind when planning how you will load the unit is whether or not you will need access to any items. If there are certain things you will need to have access to on a regular basis, putting that in front, but off to the side, is a good idea.

Heavy Boxes to the Bottom

Putting your heaviest and most durable items at the bottom of the storage unit is very important. Good local movers will do this almost instinctively because that is also how they are trained to load a moving truck. If you’re adding items to the storage locker yourself, however, make sure you keep the weight in mind to help protect your items.
Storage lockers are an excellent way to help your Miami move go easier and keep your new home more organized. By following these tips from local movers, you can be sure that your belongings will be kept nice and safe until you need them.