Step-by-step office moving checklist

The way we work has forever changed, and more companies are investigating alternative sorts of workplaces to relocate to or allow hybrid work and remote teams. If you’re preparing for office relocation, you’ll be striving for little disturbance throughout the transfer. Whether you’re relocating to a brand new office or a coworking space, planning, preparation, and communication are key. Although shifting offices is a tough task, there are steps you can take to keep things operating as smoothly as possible. Here’s a simple guide and a step-by-step office moving checklist to help you make the shift without unneeded worry. Feel free to contact the best moving companies Miami in case you need any moving services.

Step-by-step office moving checklist

We know how stressful moving can be these days. Therefore, we at Pro Movers Miami have created this step-by-step moving checklist to make it easier for you. We think this may be useful, especially if you’re expanding your small business for the first time.

a nice office
Moving an office space is a big task, therefore, we suggest that you hire professional commercial movers to help you have a successful relocation.

Step One — Starting with the basics

As soon as you’ve made up your mind to make the move, get to work on the preliminary details. It’s best to get started at least a year and a half in advance of your move date. Make sure to hire a reliable moving company like commercial movers Miami for your move.

  • Examine the terms of your commercial lease. In the event that you decide to depart early, you might lose your deposit. During the transfer, you may also be held accountable for any damage or breakage that occurs. Don’t forget to keep up with the latest updates.
  • When looking for a new location, think about your company’s long-term viability and growth potential. This involves everything from the layout of your office to the technology you need, and how it will benefit your employees.
  • COVID-friendly safety protocols should be considered. Is the new location conducive to social isolation and additional hygiene and sanitation measures?
  • Assemble a team of planners that can allocate responsibilities and take care of the relocation procedure
  • Start comparing moving quotes from several commercial movers to discover the best combination of service and price.
  • Check to see whether you require relocation insurance for any significant apparatus or equipment.
  • Your IT team should be briefed on the go on what technology is required for the day.
  • Obtain a comprehensive floor layout for your new location
  • Calculate the size of the new workplace and devise a layout strategy

Step Two — Informing your employees and partners

Once you’ve set a moving date, notify everyone, both internally and outside, that you’ll be moving.

  • Get in touch with your present landlord/property management and officially notify them of your departure.
  • Make sure everyone on your team is aware of the date and location of the move. You may also want to explain the cause for the transfer, the advantages to your team member, and the changes that it may bring about in their daily routines to them.
  • Get everyone on the team to agree on who is responsible for what in advance by creating a master list of everyone who needs to get a change of address.
  • Contact movers Edgewater FL and set up a date for the move.
  • If you’re moving to a new city or state, notify all of your local partners, affiliates, and suppliers, especially those who will be affected by your new location and contact information.
people working on an office moving checklist
Make sure your employees have insight in the office moving checklist and timetables.

Step Three — Logistics

  • Make a list of the current workplace furnishings.
  • Consult with a furniture business if you need any new furniture.
  • If you need new furniture for the office and stationery, place your purchases now.
  • If additional storage space is required, make the necessary arrangements.
  • Organize your departments according to a color code system. Stick color-coded labels to each department on a comprehensive floor plan.
  • Assign a number to each employee, and then label their workstations and equipment with that number.
  • Define and identify your new floor plan’s common areas precisely.
  • Sign all official documents, including permits and licenses.
  • If you require parking permits, local licenses, or elevators on moving day, make sure you reserve them in advance.
  • Make arrangements for the cleaning of your existing workplace and your future location.
  • Finalize the new location’s access codes and security measures.
  • Send a full floor plan to your movers, or they can meet with you at the new location if it is necessary.
  • Prepare your workers for moving day with a complete moving day schedule.
  • Organize a list of emergency phone numbers for the movers and their helpers, as well as for elevator technicians and the building’s administration.

Step Four – Time To Move!

At this point, you should feel confident and ready for the big move-in day! Here are a few additional ideas to make the big day run well.

  • Access to lightning-fast Wi-Fi should be a top priority for every business. For phone lines and systems to be operational, schedule a date
  • Install new IT systems
  • Keep representatives on hand to ensure that all color-coded objects are placed in the correct areas and that all desks and numbered boxes are located in the correct locations.
  • The relocation crew and internal representatives should be provided with refreshments.
  • During the relocation, if necessary, you can have the air conditioning turned on.
  • Keep a copy of your emergency phone numbers on hand, either on paper or in your phone’s memory.
  • Form a committee to oversee the organization of an official inauguration celebration.
people celebrating
Have an official celebration with your employees and thank them for their hard work.

Congratulations, you’ve had a successful relocation!

Pause and rejoice if you’ve successfully relocated your workplace without too much worry. We hope that this office moving checklist was helpful. Keep in mind that you can always count on Pro Movers Miami for any further rearrangements you plan to make. Make sure that you get all of your local licences before moving. Congratulations and happy relocation! May your business continue to thrive in your new environment.