Should you trust moving reviews when picking a moving company?

Reviews have become a very important part of any big decision we want to make. Whether we are buying a snack or a house, we tend to look for someone else’s opinion of it. They have helped a lot. Internet is a magical place due to the power of connection and sharing. That is the advantage that previous generations couldn’t even hope to have. Therefore, the question arises – can you trust moving reviews when picking a moving company. Should you rely on them when it comes to picking the best luxury moving company?

How to choose the right review and should you trust it?

Nowadays, there are so many products on the market, and consequently, there are so many reviews, too. How to pick the right one and to what extent can we regard them as truthful – that is today’s main topic.

five star rating system
Reviews are important when choosing a moving company.

The rating system helps you pick the review

The base of every review is a star – system. It’s easy and universally understandable, one star means dissatisfaction, and five stars mean the product or service is amazing. Is it always like this? Is this rating system reliable enough? Perfect is not real. You may want to keep that in mind if you find a moving company with an average five-star rating. Even though many people didn’t have any problem, you may face some troubles and reverse – your five-star can be a 2-star review for someone else.

Different needs make different reviews

Moreover, we as customers have different desires. Today, the service is not standardized, it is not enough to just do the job as it used to be. Every business is personalized, so the rating depends on the expectations and the crucial criterium that someone has. I value great communication and a transparent website. Whereas my friends prefer punctuality when it comes to getting something done by a service company and that means our reviews will definitely be different.

Things to pay attention to when picking the best moving company

The first thing you should do is check the best and the worst reviews. If it has a lot of positive messages and makes you want to hire the company, you may want to see the negative ones, because they may or may not be valid to you, depending on your needs when picking. Considering three or four-star reviews is also important because they can be the most reliable ones. Some problems may occur, but the main question for deciding is – would you pick the same company again?

Men greeting each other with fist bump
Sometimes you should trust moving reviews when picking a moving company

Fake reviews and how to spot them

Companies can also post fake reviews, just to boost their image in your eyes. Why would they do that? Well, the first thing most of us do when we need something is google. If you search for a moving company and see great five-star reviews, it is highly possible that you are going to pick them.

Nevertheless, you may have an awful experience and leave a bad review that will not get that much attention because of the numerous good ones. Strategies like this work, but they certainly won’t last long and be respected because no one will pick or recommend something like this to others. If there aren’t any bad reviews, it is probably pretty fake. I mean, come on, we are on the internet, there HAS to be a bad comment here and there, just to make balance, even when it’s not true.

Should we trust the moving review?

Packing your entire house into boxes and giving someone full trust with all you have is a big deal. Those moving boxes can be damaged or even lost and some of the workers will not care. In order to prevent that from happening, you should choose the moving company whose bad reviews do not contain these kinds of complaints because if the problem and unkindness happened once, it can happen again. Also, make sure that the bad review is not too emotional, because it can be fake, too. There are too many reviews and it can be hard sometimes to trust moving reviews when picking a moving company.

What should you look for to trust moving reviews when picking a moving company?

Being either too good or too bad, the review doesn’t serve its purpose. You are looking for the real one, the one that gives you facts, the actual situation that you can expect if you choose the alternative. If people are too hyped about something, there is a high chance you shouldn’t be trusting it. Short reviews of the best movers Miami or of the worst movers Miami that doesn’t give you any reason behind the comment are not useful, and you should be in a search for that kind of review.

Those comments are too general, too basic, they could have been written by anyone; they do not provide any specific information which is usually crucial. Do not spend much time reading too long and descriptive comments. You should check the overall situation, read a few reviews with both satisfied and dissatisfied sides and decide if it works for you. Are those flaws and cons too much for you to accept, or are they not that important to you?

family taking a photo
You and your family will have a memorable relocation.

Packing into boxes

When it comes to your stuff, you should learn about packing and help the movers as much as you can, but let them do the main part of the job, such as transport and storage in some of the storage Miami facilities. In case you are expected to move before a certain date and you haven’t found a new place yet, you may want a safe place for storing the furniture until you know for sure where it should be packed and how. This can come in very handy when you are renovating your home, too.

Besides the internet and people’s opinions, you may also check the mover’s license. Speaking to the chosen packing services Miami, asking them anything you need, and making sure that they respond kindly and fast helps a lot and makes you more relaxed during the moving period which can be often exhausting.

To sum up – reviews are great and they help us a lot in day-to-day activities, but we must remember they are not the only adequate source. Talking to other people or to the company itself, or checking its professionalism is also an option. Keep your eyes open so that you can tell which information is fake and which one is the right one and that way you can trust moving reviews when picking a moving company!