Should you hire movers based on reviews only?

No matter if you are moving cross-state or locally, it is imperative to find a reliable moving company to assist you. But the first question that comes to mind is – where to find good moving companies in Florida? Of course, the first step is to search for them online. You will compare prices, services, and of course, moving reviews. But should you hire movers based on reviews or there are other ways to find a reputable moving company? Let us find out together and ensure you hire the best moving company your money can buy. Let’s dive right in.

Should you hire movers based on reviews?

The answer to the question if you should hire movers based on reviews, is yes and no. It all depends on what kind of review you are reading and what you expect from the moving company you are reading about. Yes, it might sound convenient to simply hire the first moving company Fort Lauderdale you find online. But before you do it, you must be sure you know what you are looking for and how the entire process works. Firstly, not all moving reviews are legit. Some or written by the moving company to attract customers. While others are created by previous users. Of course, like in any industry, there are fraudulent companies and fake reviews. No matter if they wrote them themselves or paid some 3rd party to do it, the result is the same.

a man considering on hire movers based on reviews
Make sure you are reading good reviews and take notes when you find good moving companies.

So, how to distinguish a fake review from an honest one? It is simple. Firstly, you must read several reviews about a specific company and not only from the official blog. You should search the external source like social media and other moving-related blog posts. Also, if you can obtain referrals from friends and family, that would be the best choice. As for the review, keep in mind there is no moving company that offers only the best services in the market. If the review is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. You will easily spot if your movers are honest or if they are only trying to boost their reputation with fake reviews.

Research more about the moving market

Before you hire movers based on reviews, you must completely understand the review you are reading. Some reviews are simple like “this moving company is awesome”. But you will find a wall of text reviews written by a professional who covers many important topics. If a review is too long to read, you should read it anyway. Most of the time, the most valuable info is hidden somewhere in the middle of it. And of course, the moving terminology can be confusing if you do not know what the writer is talking about. Therefore, you must research a bit about the moving industry to paint the real picture.

Start with basics. Figure out how movers schedule appointments and what kind of tools they use to run things. Then, realize how many workers are enough to cover your relocation and what kind of moving vehicle is commonly used for such an endeavor. Lastly, figure out all about prices and services. Read a bit about legalities tied to the entire moving process and you are good to go. You can find this info on any moving-related blog. But we recommend you on checking several just to confirm the info you have gathered on a previous website.

Movers should meet your expectations

Keep in mind that most moving reviews are derived from personal experience. Each relocation is unique and there are many things you do not know about it. So, you should take all reviews with a grain of salt until you confirm the statement on a different review, blog, or moving-related website. And as others have their experiences, you will have yours as well. You surely have expectations from the moving company. And you want them to bring proper tools, appropriately sized vehicles, enough workers, and to treat you right.

a woman reading reviews
Make sure you know what to expect from your movers. Half comes from your request and other from your moving company.

So, you must focus on what you want and how to get it. It is good to hear that someone had an amazing moving experience. But to have something like that for yourself, you must keep it real, read a few reviews, and simply call the company to speed up the process. After you obtain enough info from movers, you can continue searching or hire them. Your choice entirely.

Hire movers based on reviews only when you are sure they are legit

There are several ways to confirm if your moving company is legitimate. Start by checking the if they are accredited by FMCSA, the US Movers Association, or the Better Business Bureau. Whichever you choose, the result will be the same. These websites will reveal the complete history of the desired moving company. If you are looking for anything specific, we are sure you’ll find it there. Of course, if they are listed on any of these sites in the first place. If not, then this might be a sign of a fraudulent business. Obviously, you should stay away from such a company.

You can check various blogposts and independent websites related to the moving industry as well. But probably the best way to figure out what kind of company you are dealing with is to check social media. You should join one of the moving-related groups and ask if anyone has ever heard about the company in question. More importantly, you want to know how they treat their customers and if anyone has something good/bad to say about them. In a matter of hours, you will have all the info you need to decide if you are hiring this company or not.

Focus on moving services

When you read moving reviews, you will most likely hear about the moving services your movers provide. Most of the services are extremely useful for certain situations. But the question is – are they good for you? All reputable moving companies offer Miami storage facilities, packing services, and special services. But this does not mean they apply to your moving situation. Ok, you can utilize a complete packing service, but only if your budget can withstand it. It is an affordable service though, but still, you shouldn’t get swayed into purchasing something you do not need. As for storage facilities, they are good in any situation as long as you choose the right one. And if you have enough items to utilize the storage space to the fullest.

two movers packing
The packing service is good but does not purchase it only because a review told you to.

So, the idea is, after reading the moving review, if you are interested in a specific moving service, you should talk to your movers about it. Check what the service brings to the table before purchasing it. And of course, let your movers explain all about it and let them advertise in person if needed. But do not feel obligated to purchase any service, no matter how good the sales pitch is. Some scamming moving companies offer services and their goal is to add as many services as possible to your moving contract. Even if you do not need them at all. Therefore, if you see something like this, stay away.

Communicate clearly with your moving company

As we have stated before, you should never schedule your relocation and hire movers only via the internet. No matter how good reviews are, you should talk to the real person and ask additional questions. Whatever you want to know, you should ask an obtain the answers. Also, you will remove concerns, and obtain necessary details about the moving date, and the price of the entire project. You can’t purchase the white glove packing service online, without consulting with your movers first. Unless you have used it before and know what kind of service this is. Or if you have done extensive research online. But again, if you talk to your moving representatives, you will surely know what you are searching for. And eventually, what you are investing in.

We can’t tell you if you should hire movers based on reviews or not. This will in the end be only your decision. Guided by your knowledge, experience, and moving budget, you should act and hire movers you like the most. Hopefully, we explained how it works and now you can easily move around through the moving content. Good luck.