Should I empty dressers before moving?

One of the most common questions regarding packing and moving is: Should I empty dressers before moving? There are some cases when it is highly recommendable and there are some cases when it is not really necessary, and here is a list of those cases. The best advice is to contact residential movers Miami and ask them for any additional information that you need, but here is a general outline of the situation.

Empty out your dresser before the move
Make sure to check all the drawers for money, medicine, and documents before the move.

The short answer on if you should empty dressers before moving

If your dresser is sturdy and lightweight, you will not need to pack your clothes separately. On the other hand, if your dresser is made out of full wood and is extremely heavy, to begin with, you will need to remove everything from the inside. In assessing if your dresser is light enough, ask your Miami beach movers and they will be able to tell you what you should do.

How are dressers transported?

Most moving companies Miami will wrap your dressers in furniture pads and shrink wrap. This will keep your drawers from palling out and your clothes inside the dresser. Before they get a chance to do that, you should take some of the things out of the dresser to make sure that the transport goes smoothly. As the dresser will be moving around in the moving truck, you will want to take out any personal belongings or loose clutter and junk that is laying around. You should also check all the drawers for money and any documents such as ATM cards, IDs, or passports that you may keep in there.

Over night box
If you are moving long-distance, you will need to pack some clothes to wear until your dresser gets to your new home.

When do you need to take the clothes out of the dresser?

In some cases, you will need to (partially) empty out your dresser. If you are planning a long-distance move, you will need to pack some of the clothes as it may take up to a few weeks to get your dresser delivered. So, make a smart choice and pack up everything that you plan on wearing on the daily basis in the time that it takes to get your dresser delivered. Another instance of a situation in which you will need to empty out your dresser is when it is already heavy and large. The chances of damaging your dressers get bigger the heavier your dresser gets.

Do you need to empty dressers before moving to prevent damage?

Most of the time, you will not cause any damage to the dresser if you decide to keep your clothes inside during the transport. However, this does not apply in situations when your dresser is falling apart before the move. The heavier your dresser is, the easier it will break when movers try to maneuver it through your house, into the van, and then into the new house.