Pros and cons of leaving Florida this year

Leaving a state that’s been your home for years isn’t easy. You have to have a pretty good reason to do so or even a few of them. In order to come to a conclusion about this step, you should take a look at the most common pros and cons of leaving Florida. Make your own list of priorities before you call moving companies Davie FL and arrange a team for your moving day. Florida is a great state, but it might not suit everyone’s taste. On top of it all, if you simply wish for a change of scenery, there is no reason not to move away!

woman standing on a lifeguard post
Leaving a state in which you’ve lived for a while will definitely make you miss a few things about it.

Cons of leaving Florida

First of all, let’s discuss the cons. Once you move out of Florida, you’ll be leaving miles-long sandy beaches, palm trees, and sunshine galore. These things might be the best ones about the state itself. Especially if you’ve lived near the coast, where a beach is basically in your backyard. Not to mention nature trails and wildlife – these are the things people usually miss about Florida when they leave. On that list are the following as well:

  • Theme parks – living so close to Disneyworld and Universal Studios is definitely a perk, particularly when you have kids. Moving away will mean you’ll have to drive a longer way (or fly) in order to visit these parks again.
  • The cost of living in Florida is relatively low, so when you’re moving to a different state, it may be a bit higher.

Pros of moving out of Florida

If you’re leaving Florida simply because you’re bored of it, then you’re probably going to move long-distance. The states around it are pretty similar, so moving to a whole different part of the country might be what you want to do. Hot weather can get too much at times! We will understand if you’re moving to a colder state, such as Colorado or Washington. Not to mention the hurricanes, which are regulars every single season in Florida. While some are mild, others can be pretty dangerous! Therefore, moving out of Florida will give you peace of mind when it comes to extreme weather conditions. 

bad weather on a beach
One of the things you definitely won’t miss about Florida is the storms and the frequent hurricanes. While it can be really sunny and hot on a beach, it can also be dangerous.

In any case, moving out of a state is a pretty big deal. But, once you’ve made up your mind, take a good look at the possible moving companies in Florida that you can work with for your upcoming relocation. Not all of them will agree to handle an interstate move. So, be careful about choosing a company that offers this service.