Pros and cons of buying an old house in Surfside

With the housing market expanding, there are more and more new properties being built. Even though they come with their unique set of benefits, there are also old houses for sale. People lived in them, made memories, and left. This type of personality is something that only old properties have. Whatever kind of house you want to move to, do it with some moving companies Miami. But if you are interested in becoming an owner of old beauty, you should know the pros and cons of buying an old house in Surfside.

What can you expect when buying an old house in Surfside?

Surfside is a part of Miami, with a population of close to 6,000 residents. These people live in a great part of the city, maybe even the best. It has recently become even more popular, but you can still succeed in buying an old house in Surfside and even find storage Miami facilities close to it. Imagine what could be better than living in an old, charming house close to the beach? But even though it looks like the perfect scenario, there are also some bad sides to this investment.

Picture of a family buying an old house in Surfside
Surfside is a good neighborhood

What are some pros of this decision?

  • Cost – cost is a significant factor to consider before making any decision nowadays. You will look at the price even before hiring some residential movers Miami. The prices on the housing market went up a lot compared to a few years ago, making it impossible for many to make this type of investment. The silver lining is that old houses can be found for a lower price. They are cheaper than the same size homes in the area of a newer date. Usually, the cheaper a house is, the more you will need to invest in it.
  • Location – since these houses were built a long time ago, they have a better location. the population of Surfside was smaller back then, giving people the opportunity to build houses closer to the center. if you become the owner of a property like this, you will be closer to points of interest in the city.

Cons of buying an old house in Surfside

  • Root problems – this might not come to mind when thinking about buying an old property, but it is a real problem. Old homes always have at least one old tree, which is rooted deeply. Those roots usually go towards the foundation of the house and pipelines looking for water. It can disturb the foundation of the house, which is a major problem and a hazard. And it is also expensive to fix, so think about it one time.
  • Lack of storage – old homes were built at a time when people didn’t own as many items as we do today. Even if you declutter well before moving with some movers Surfside FL, you will likely lack storage space. The imperfect edges and sloped floors can present a problem for installing shelves and cupboards, which are a must nowadays.
Picture of an old house
When thinking about buying an old house in Surfside, keep the cons in mind

Final thoughts on making this decision

No matter your budget when buying an old house in Surfside, keep in mind that it will always need at least some renovation work. Sometimes it is minor, but it is always at least a few thousand dollars worth of renovations. Budget these costs before making any decisions. We wish you good luck!