Permits for home renovations in Miami

Are you about to remodel your house or business office? Did you know that you’ll need permits for home renovation in Miami? Don’t be frightened. The process of getting the permits is quite simple. So, check out this guide and find out what kind of permits you should obtain for remodeling your house. Enjoy making a new cozy home. And don’t worry about your stuff. Miami Moving and Storage got you covered. Your valuable belongings are in the safest hands possible.

Why do you need a permit?

It’s not only about the law, permits protect your home since inspectors approve each project phase if it matches with Florida Building Code. The permits serve as compliance with safety and welfare. Without necessary permits, you risk getting fined and you’ll have problems with selling one day. Since obtaining home renovation permits can be time-consuming, you will need some help with packing and moving your furniture and boxes. And our local movers Miami are at your disposal. They can pack up your belongings, disassemble your furniture, load the items into that moving truck, and transport everything to a storage unit. This way, you’ll save time, money, effort, and nerves.

a man happy for getting permits for home renovation in Miami
If you want to renovate a home, obtain the permits on time.

When do you need permits?

Permits are required for any new structures, such as pools, fences, electrical work, plumbing, etc. Besides, you’ll need permission for renovating the exterior of your homes, such as windows, doors, roofs, and other exterior parts. When it comes to the interior, replacing utilities is subject to permits. Of course, you don’t need a permit when painting your walls, installing a ceiling fan, or replacing the outlets. Concerning the exterior, you don’t need permission to install portable playground equipment or any type of surface. However, before getting into the renovation, check the laws and regulations with to make sure nothing is missing.

Get online permits for home renovation in Miami

According to the official Miami website, here are the preparation steps you can finish online:

  1. Hire architects or engineers to draw a floor plan: This will save you a lot of time, money, and effort. Small residential projects mostly require architectural plans, however, large commercial renovations require both architectural and engineering plans. Don’t forget to obtain a separate permit for door/window renovation.
  2. Hire a licensed contractor: These professionals are experienced in Zoning Codes.
  3. Obtain the necessary paperwork
  4. After you finish all these, proceed with Permit Application Online. Use accurate and complete information related to name, address, square footage, the cost of the whole project, and usage.
  5. Pay your Invoice: This is an up-front fee.
  6. Don’t forget to print the permit application documents.
  7. Get your documents perforated
  8. Get permits
  9. Pay for the permits and print the permit card

If you renovate your home you’ll need two copies of remodeling plans signed and sealed by the architect or engineers. However, if you renovate your office, the procedure is a bit more demanding. Namely, you need to have two copies of your remodeling plan (as when renovating your home), two copies of the property survey (not older than one year), and all trade details.

Two construction workers
Getting a permit is easy, you can do it both online and offline.

Steps to getting home renovation permits in person

Obtaining in-person permits for home renovation in Miami is slightly different from the online process. Namely, the first three steps are the same as online ones (hire architects/engineers to draw a plan, hire a licensed contractor, and gather documents). Then you should print the permit application you can find it online. Next, bring the documents to the City of Miami Building Department at the counter and get a plan number. After that, pay an up-front fee and sign up to get your plans reviewed and approved. Then, pick up the permit or address comments and pay for it. The last step is the same.

And while you are dealing with these, let our residential movers Miami residents rely on the most, handle the packing and transportation of your belongings to the storage unit.

What happens if you don’t have the necessary permits?

As previously said, obtaining permits for home renovation in Miami is a must. If you don’t get them, you may suffer terrible consequences. The following are the things that will happen if you decide to forbear the permits:

  1. Selling your house will be almost impossible if you don’t have a permit to show.
  2. The chances of getting a mortgage are reduced to a minimum without having the necessary permit.
  3. You will receive fees and penalties.
  4. You may have additional expenses due to an improper plan.

So, start obtaining the necessary permits on time, and our White Glove movers Miami will take care of your belongings.

FAQs about getting permits for home renovation in Miami

  1. How long will it take to get a permit? – It largely depends on the size of your project. The average time is one month or more.
  2. What is the cost of getting permits? – The prices may vary depending on different factors. The best way to find out is to contact the City of Miami Building Department.
  3. Where to pay for permits? – Visit iBuild or go directly to the counter of the City of Miami Building Department.
Movers with boxes
You can focus on obtaining permits for home renovation in Miami if you have Pro Movers Miami by your side to handle the packing and transportation.

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