Packing assistance – What’s to know before signing a contract?

Deciding to move is a serious decision. The whole moving process can be quite exhausting and there is little to nothing you can do to prevent anxiety kicking in. But, there are some things that can make this whole experience more enjoyable. One of them being packing assistance. A professional moving company can help you move quickly and efficiently. And even more importantly – stress-free. There are two ways you can do your move:

  • Do it yourself
  • Hire a moving and packing company

DIY vs. hiring movers

A “do it yourself” move is highly discouraged because you do not know what awaits you in the process. Hiring professionals is the best way to go because they have experience and will do everything properly, from packing to moving your belongings. However, there are some moving companies that do not offer packing assistance options. This is why you should do your research prior to hiring a mover and save yourself the time. A professional moving company will assign you to seasoned professionals that know how to get the job done.

Moving box - in relation with packing assistance.
Packing assistance is something that will make your whole relocation much easier!

Moving scams

…are everywhere. And are pretty common. That is why you need to be extra careful and take the following precautionary steps:

The legal side

  • Ask your moving company if they carry insurance for your stuff. A truly professional and reliable packing assistance will always be compliant with all the regulations required by the state. Carrying insurance makes it better for both parties of the deal – it will prevent any lawsuits against them. And in turn, you as the client will be reimbursed for a major portion or entire value of your goods. So, before deciding on a company, make sure they are properly insured and licensed.
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Your safety comes first. Always.
  • Sign a contract and be clear on the terms and conditions. A legitimate moving company from Miami, for example, would be clear on all the terms and requirements. Their bill will not contain any hidden charges. A reputable company would survey your household items prior to giving you a quote. If they don’t, and they ask for a flat charge which is unreasonable, it probably means they’re a scam. Another good tip is to have the exact list of items and to sign a contract. You should read about moving quotes and types of estimates. Choose carefully between binding, non-binding, and binding not-to-exceed-estimate quotes. Knowing everything about this will help the process go smoothly.

Reputation matters when looking for packing assistance

  • Ask around for their reputation. Don’t trust a company no one has heard of. More importantly, don’t go with a company that has a bad reputation, it’s there for a reason! And even though scam companies might pay for fake reviews, use your better judgment before closing the deal. Do your research and play on the safe side.
  • Compare reviews, quotes, and trustworthiness of several companies. This is done by comparing everything that the company has to offer and their reviews. You should make a list of everything one company offers and compare it to a list you made for another company. Ensure that the company of your choosing has everything you need before signing a contract. Some are maybe better equipped for certain services that you require, and stuff like this should be crucial before making a choice.

Quality over quantity

  • Don’t go cheap. If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. Some companies do their scams by giving you an upfront charge a ridiculously low amount of money. This is a sign of a scam and should be avoided. Another way of doing this is by demanding cash only payment. Good companies will have an option to pay by cash, but will also have an option of paying by card or by check. Be wary of these types of moving scams.

Find a reliable mover you can trust

  • Transparency. Ask to see where their trucks are located at every moment of the process. If the company refuses to do so, you can contact the authorities because this may be a scam known as the “hostage” scam. They do not want to tell you where their trucks are before you pay a certain price. You should be wary of this because you do not want your belongings in a truck whose location you do not know.

Packing assistance options

A good company will know how to do the packing. If you are wondering how to pack that priceless painting, or that big mirror you inherited from your great-grandmother, worry not, because the packers know how it is done. If you have excess stuff, you can rent a storage unit. It is important to know how to organize the storage unit as well. You cannot just run in, throwing stuff, because it will clutter and leave you with much-unused space. Consult your packing company to see if they can help you organize the unit. They will know how to use a hundred percent of the storage unit space.

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Get informed well in advance.

You should also have the packing company representative on site while loading the truck. He will work with the moving team and make use of the space much a priority. They will know how to secure fragile items, and which box goes where. You should not put fragile items on the bottom of the stack because the weight of the boxes that are on it may cause damage. This is something that the packer will ensure does not happen.


Using the best packing assistance Miami has to offer will be much easier by following this guide. Creating a positive environment and moving process is a must if you want to do it correctly. By hiring a reliable packing company you will know that your precious belongings will not be damaged during the move.