NYC boroughs people from Florida move to

When you hear about Florida, an instant image pops into your mind: sandy beaches, sunny days, and picture-perfect landscape. Sure, it sounds amazing and it’s no wonder many New Yorkers decide to relocate to the Sunshine state. Many people dream of moving there, so if you want to leave you may often hear a “Why?”. Well, sometimes the ocean is no match for a skyscraper. No more hurricane seasons, no more bad public transport- you want only the best. It’s easier said than done, but movers and packers Miami got you! We know Florida is lovely, however life works in strange ways. Sometimes you just need to take the next step and try something new. This step sounds like a big one, so here is everything you need to know about NYC boroughs people from Florida move to!

Choosing a perfect NYC borough

Florida is famous for its beautiful scenery and architecture, so we are sure that you will love New York as well! Known for some of the greatest American buildings and most beautiful parks New York boroughs are a sight for sore eyes, but what else should you know before calling residential movers Miami and scheduling your move?

Central park lake and skyscraper in the background
Central Park is perfect for weekend picnics!

Know what you want from New York boroughs

Every borough has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should know your priorities. If you are on a budget consider moving to the Bronx or Queens, as the rent is lower than in Manhattan or Brooklyn. On the other hand, if you are looking for a well-connected base for day-to-day commute Manhattan is the one! Living in the heart of a city that never sleeps is one of the main reasons people from Florida move to NYC.

You’ll spend more money than in Florida

Due to its eternal popularity, NYC boroughs are crowded so the housing market is following the demand. Purchasing a house is a rather costly move and the rent is more expensive than in Florida. General living costs are higher as well, but fortunately, average incomes follow. If you find employment in New York it should cover the difference, so don’t worry.

Preparing for the move to NYC from Florida

New York is made of five boroughs. All of them have the spark NYC is famous for, so we are sure you will enjoy your choice. Many people from Florida opt for Staten Island, Bronx, and Queens as NYC boroughs to move to, but that is up to you! Our interstate moving companies Miami will make sure that your move from Florida goes as smoothly as possible, so you only have to choose a perfect spot and get ready.

NYC boroughs people from Florida move to are always cozy
NYC boroughs people from Florida move to the most are Staten Island, Bronx, and Queens.

Moving to New York from Florida step by step

  • Find a new home/office
  • Explore schools and kindergartens
  • Inform yourself of New York laws and regulations
  • Hire a good interstate moving company
  • Move from Florida to your chosen NYC borough
  • Enjoy your new home!

Easy right?

Florida and New York are both on the East Coast, so even though it’s an interstate move it shouldn’t be too difficult. Just hop on an airplane and you’ll be in the city that never sleeps in a jiffy! Or maybe you are more adventurous? A road trip from Florida to NYC should take about 20 hours and it can be a great start to a new chapter in your life. Just make sure to be there in time to welcome your movers!

What should you expect from NYC boroughs when moving from Florida?

We already said what are NYC boroughs people from Florida move to, but what happens after the move? Moving to a different state, no matter how exciting it is, still comes with its challenges. It might take some time for you to ease into a new way of life and culture. Movers South Point doesn’t want you to be overwhelmed so here are some hints to ease into that New York state of mind, on us!

Public transportation is the way to go

We believe you don’t want to spend your precious time stuck in traffic jams, so ditch your car and meet the subway! New York city’s dense population doesn’t allow for everyone to drive or bike, so yellow taxis and a well-organized subway will be your best friends. Saving both your time and the planet sounds great to us!

Lower crime rates than in Florida

Florida is still one of the states with the highest crime rates. For many (especially the parents) that is a source of worry. You may even feel unsafe in NYC after moving from Florida. Despite its crowdedness and liveliness, New York’s crime rate is quite low. According to the FBI New York is one of the top 10 states with the lowest crime rate in America.

New York lights in the night
New York lights+great entertainment= magic!

Excellent education

Whether you are a parent, a student, or you just have the time to make your dream come true and enroll in college- NYC is a place to be. New York schools are prized for their quality, from kindergartens to private schools. If you are an artist there are many courses, workshops, and hubs just for you!

Competitive job market

Everybody knows Florida is the Mecca for retired people who want to enjoy the sunshine and beaches. New York? Complete opposite! With a population made mostly of (young) adults and many world-known enterprises, it’s no wonder everybody wants to find employment in NYC. Unfortunately, that means that finding a perfect job will require more effort, so be ready!

Amazing entertainment

Florida is famous for its entertainment, of course, but New York is hardly behind. Broadway theatre is unlike any other and you can find interesting performances all around town. We doubt that you moved from Florida to NYC for partying, but keep in mind that New York is home to some of the most famous clubs and restaurants in the world.