Moving your family heirlooms to a new home in Fisher Island

Moving to a new home always comes with many tasks and even stress. But nobody talks enough about those moments of packing and realizing just how much old stuff you have. Not “falling apart” old, but old as in decades and sometimes even centuries old! That old china set that belonged to your Grandma, an ancient chandelier. Sometimes even an entire wardrobe or cabinet is older than you! When dealing with family heirlooms one can’t help but feel sentimental- that’s what the heirlooms are for. Carefully kept in shape, lovingly saved from the passage of time, they are there for a purpose. However, packing and transporting heirlooms can be tricky, especially if they are expensive. Our Pro Movers Miami are there to jump in and save you the stress when moving your family heirlooms to a new home in Fisher Island. Here are some steps on how to prepare!

Invest time in a detailed inventory

Before you do anything with your heirlooms, make an inventory! Movers Fisher Island FL can help you with the move, but you have to do this one alone. We are sure that you are already making a list (at least in your head) of all the stuff you have, but give your heirlooms some special attention. As we said, heirlooms are there for a reason- reminding us of our roots and childhood, so treat them with respect! A detailed inventory is a must when dealing with heirlooms- you don’t want to forget or lose some, right? After making a list, take photos of everything from many angles. This way you will know if there was some damage during moving your family heirlooms to a new home in Fisher Island. Also, this is a great time for a walk down memory lane and stories about the good old days!

moving your family heirlooms to a new home in fisher island list
Doing a detailed inventory is the first step when moving your family heirlooms to a new home in Fisher Island. It may sound like a hassle, but it’s a great opportunity to remember your roots!

Proper packing is a must when moving your family heirlooms to a new home in Fisher Island

This one sounds reasonable, right? We believe you don’t want your precious family heirlooms getting damaged in the moving process. Preparing your heirlooms for a move is a critical step in making sure everything goes as planned on a moving day, so get ready! First, you should invest in good-quality moving materials. Of course, you can save up on some things- but moving boxes are not one of those! Whether you spend more time on finding good ones for free, or extra cash, moving boxes should be good. Also, if you are transporting large pieces of furniture, such as old cabinets- take out the drawers and put them in your car. Try to expose your heirlooms to as little risk as possible. If this all sounds like too much work contact our packing services Miami and be sure that your family heirlooms will get the treatment they deserve!

Find and hire professional movers

Like we said before, moving is a serious job, and it causes feelings of anxiety, stress, and fatigue. You should not try and do everything on your own, but find a helping hand! Choosing a proper moving company can make or break your move, so don’t make this decision lightly. Take your time and find several options, and ask them how would they move your family heirlooms to Fisher Island. This can be used as a sort of test, so you will be able to make a choice pretty easily. Our White Glove moving and storage will definitely be there to provide you with an excellent moving experience. Whether you decide to move all your family heirlooms or to store some of them until you find them a good place, we are sure that our professional movers will do it perfectly!

a mover standing next to the truck
Hire professional movers to help you out with moving and storing your stuff to Fisher Island. That way you can rest assured that your family heirlooms will be in safe hands and enjoy your move!

Know the value of things before moving your family heirlooms to a new home in Fisher Island

It’s difficult to put the price on priceless items, we know. However, in order to protect your family heirlooms before your move, you should know their value. Unfortunately, anything can happen during the move and unloading of your belongings so it’s crucial to protect them. Paying for the insurance of your stuff is an important step in making sure your move goes as smoothly as possible! Here is a guide on how to properly insure your family heirlooms, step by step.

  • Mark the items of high value in your personal inventory is the first step in moving your family heirlooms to a new home in Fisher Island
  • Call your movers or set up a meeting with them- there you can discuss the coverage options they offer, and how they ensure objects of high value
  • Give special attention to your family heirlooms on a moving day- show everything to the movers
  • Fill out the High Value Inventory Form and make sure it’s signed by the moving company
  • Keep the copy and carefully inspect everything after unpacking by comparing it with the pictures you took before the move
woman sitting around boxes holding her head
The best way to avoid headaches and regrets when moving your family heirlooms is to be prepared. Pay for the insurance, fill out the High Value Inventory Form and correctly label the boxes with heirlooms! This way your heirlooms will be safe!

This was a list of steps you need to take when moving your family heirlooms to a new home in Fisher Island. Again, remember to hire professional movers, pack and label your items properly and fill out the High Value Inventory Form so your move will be stress-free. Our high end movers will be there for you every step of the way, so just call us to arrange your move! Good luck!