Moving with seniors in Hollywood, FL

Moving is a stressful endeavor that can’t be avoided. Moving with seniors in Hollywood comes with an additional set of challenges. You need to plan for the move, choose the right place, help them pack, and make them feel comfortable after the move. Hiring professional moving companies Hollywood FL will help you share some of the burdens. Luckily, Hollywood has some excellent communities designed for the needs of seniors. You should be able to find a good retirement or an assisted living community in Hollywood. If they already have some friends or family there, excellent! This will help them adjust much faster. No matter what the circumstances of the move are, here are some steps you should follow to make the move as easy as possible.

Planning For the Move

Moving is never easy, but moving with seniors can be especially challenging. It is likely that they are moving from a home that is familiar, so you will need to offer additional emotional support during the transition. Good planning can alleviate a lot of the difficulties the move will bring. Ideally, seniors will be moving nearer to close friends or family. This will provide an additional support system so that you don’t have to shoulder all of the burdens. However, this is not always the case. In that situation, you will need to do your best to make them comfortable during the move. Focus on what positive changes the move can bring. Meeting new friends, acquiring new hobbies, and experiencing different surroundings can all be beneficial parts of a move.

You need to pay special attention to how accessible their new home will be. Moving with seniors in Hollywood will require you to think about things you otherwise ignore. How many steps do they need to climb? Will they have assistance? What is the room layout? How close are shops and other services to the home? Even if they are in good health, it is best to be prepared. Certain communities, which will be discussed below, are designed for seniors and take care of these needs. If you don’t intend to move to one of these communities, you will need to worry about these things. Moving companies in Florida can help you make the right choice. They are well equipped to give you advice on the different benefits of the neighborhoods you are considering.

Two women talking.
Help them focus on the benefits of moving.

How to Choose the Right Community to Move to with Seniors in Hollywood?

You need to know what kind of elderly care your new neighborhood provides. Local movers Florida can give you information about nursing homes or retirement communities in the area. Moreover, if you chose to move with seniors to a retirement community, it can be very beneficial to both you and them. Retirement communities will help seniors to make new friends. They can bond with their peers, allowing them to be less dependent on you. Retirement communities have organized group activities, which is a great way for seniors to bond after the move. You can even help organize some of those activities, too! In addition, assisted living communities are also an excellent choice. They are designed to help seniors with their daily tasks. Take note, assisted living communities are not meant for seniors who need special medical care. They help with day-to-day tasks like cleaning and housekeeping, and organize meals and social activities, but can’t provide the care a nursing home does.

Seniors citizens in a park.
Moving with seniors means helping them find the right community.

Assist Seniors With Packing

Moving with seniors in Hollywood brings a special set of challenges with it. Even if they are in good health, it is likely that packing could pose a serious challenge for them. You should help them pack, or hire residential movers Miami to do it for them. Letting them pack themselves will only cause you trouble in the long-run. Seniors have accumulated many valuable possessions in their lifetime. Consequently, you need to help them choose what to pack. They will likely wish to move with all of their items, but that is not practical. Especially if you are moving to a smaller home, you will need to downsize their belongings. Consider organizing a yard sale, giving items to charity, or, alternatively, rent a storage unit. However, bring items of sentimental value, but do away with the rest. 

They need to feel comfortable in their new home, so don’t forget to take a family heirloom or their favorite rocking chair. Be careful how you pack their items. When moving, seniors often bring fragile items with them. Therefore, make sure you pack them correctly. Use boxes that are big enough and wrap them in wrapping paper and bubble wrap. Stuff the boxes with newspaper, cloth, or other soft material to keep it from moving. Similarly, label all of the boxes with fragile. This way, the movers will know to take special care while relocating. Consider getting a childhood photograph of theirs enhanced and framed. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, yet it can be a very nice gift. It will help make their new house a home. The more comfortable the seniors are, the easier it will be for you, too.

Moving with seniors in Hollywood.
Make them feel comfortable in their new home.

After The Move

First off, you need to help the seniors unpack. You don’t have to unpack everything in the first few days, just the essentials. This includes furniture, beddings and clothing, and hygiene items. Additionally, unpack some of their favorite items, so that they can start feeling comfortable in their new home. And give them some leeway. If they consider TV essential, then it is. Consider organizing a house warming party. We know that moving is stressful, therefore hosting a party is the last thing you want to do. Yet, it will help them meet their new community and adjust after the move. The faster they form a new social circle, the faster you can get on with your business. Encourage them to interact with their peers and ask about what group activities they could do. Moving with seniors in Hollywood will be stressful, but you can help make them feel welcomed in their new community.