Moving antique furniture stress-free

Do you have a lot of pieces of antique furniture in your house? This certainly adds to the overall atmosphere of your house. However, when you need to move, you also have to take your furniture with you. Since they are antiques, it can be quite difficult to transport them. As with any relocation, you need to search for a suitable moving company that offers this type of moving service. As you might know, it can be quite challenging to deal with antique furniture. For this reason, try to find and hire Pro Movers Miami for relocation. In any case, here are all the best tips for moving antique furniture stress-free. 

Moving antique furniture with a moving company 

As suggested, it is important to hire movers for your relocation. They are professionals and they have all the necessary knowledge, skills, and equipment video with any type of relocation. However, you need to make sure that they will know how to handle antique furniture. This is extremely important since it is hard to replace or even to repair any damage that can happen to your furniture. For this reason, when you start looking for movers, you should focus on finding antique movers. If you know someone who moved antique furniture, you can ask them how they did it. If not, then you can search for antique movers on the Internet. Make sure to find at least three to five moving companies and showed in your furniture. See how much they will ask for it and pick your moving company then. 

Moving antique furniture with a white truck
Hire a moving company to help you with antiques

Gathering all the necessary packing supplies 

As you know, antique furniture can be extremely fragile. For this reason, you need to protect them properly before transportation. If they get damaged, it can be quite expensive to repair them. Replacing them is almost impossible. Therefore, they need to be covered in acid-free plastic. This plastic cover will protect them against liquid, debris, dirt, or anything else that poses a threat. The plastic won’t leach out colors or damage the fabric of your furniture. In addition to this, you will need to get moving pads for large wooden furniture. Where can you get them? The best place to get it would be your moving company. Since you need specific packing supplies, you can’t really rely on used ones or to get them on the Internet. It might be a little bit more expensive, but it will do its job. 

Moving antique furniture – how to prepare them? 

Before moving your furniture, you need to prepare them properly. By now, you already know how to clean your antique furniture. it is important to clean your furniture before relocation. If not, there’s dust or debris that can cause damage to your furniture during transport. In order to avoid this, you need to clean them thoroughly. In addition to this, it is also better to have your furniture cleaned before moving into your new house. You don’t want to bring all the dirt and dust from your old house to your new house. On the other hand, if you plan to store your furniture for some time, it is better if they are cleaned for the same reason. For this reason, take one day or two and do all the cleaning. You also need to clean your house before relocation as well for the same reasons. 

brown wooden furniture
Make sure to clean your furniture properly

How to handle them 

The biggest reason why moving antiques can be the problem would be because they’re usually heavy, fragile, and a little bit unpredictable. For this reason, it is better to hire interstate movers than to do it by yourself. However, if you want to try to help or do some part of moving tasks, this is what you can do. First of all, you need to properly protect your furniture. As mentioned before, you need to use acid-free plastic covers for your antiques. Then, you will need to use dollies for heavy or fragile items. As you can see, it is better to have movers handle this type of relocation. They will know which type of packing supplies to use and how to use them properly. In addition to this, you also need to measure your doors to see if your furniture can fit through.  

Moving antique furniture with insurance 

When you’re moving this type of furniture, it is extremely important to get moving insurance. Because they can be quite fragile and delicate, this furniture can easily sustain the image. If you hire a moving company, then you should definitely get good insurance. In case something gets damaged or even lost during transport, your movers will have to pay for a replacement. However, it is extremely important to ask for better insurance. Every moving company has basic insurance. This insurance barely covers anything. Since antique furniture can be quite expensive and hard to replace, you need to get good enough insurance in case you need to claim it. If your moving company cannot offer this type of insurance, you can always ask if it’s allowed to get an external one. You can even ask your moving company if they can recommend some insurance companies in this situation. 

white table
Get insurance for your antique pieces

How to store them properly? 

Since now you know everything about moving antique furniture stress-free, now it’s time to learn how to store them properly. Here are all the things you should pay attention to. 

  • Get climate-controlled storage 
  • Use the same acid-free covers 
  • Make sure your unit is clean 
  • See if you can control humidity level as well 

As you can see, the best solution that you can get for your antique furniture would be climate-controlled storage. In this case, you can control the temperature inside the unit. Also, check if you can control the humidity levels as well since this is also important to keep your furniture safe. Make sure to use the same acid-free covers when storing your furniture.