Miami apartment prices 2022 edition – is this a good time to buy?

Miami is, without a doubt, one of the best US cities to live in. It offers a unique lifestyle that everyone wants to get a taste of. For years now, it has welcomed tens of thousands of movers from all over the country. However, the huge interest in Miami triggered the skyrocketing rise in real estate prices. Some homes in Magic City are well out of reach for regular people, but there are still some opportunities to take advantage of. Before moving to Florida’s gem, everyone wants to learn about Miami apartment prices. We at Pro Movers Miami, wanted to help you with that, so stay tuned and let’s get into more detail about Miami’s real estate market.

The median Miami apartment prices

When deciding if now is a good time to buy a home in Miami, we should look at median home prices. To understand the real estate market, we will look at average rents and the cost of buying an apartment in Miami. So, what are the average rents in Miami? Knowing rent prices is a good indicator of whether or not it will be a good investment property. Well, for a one-bedroom apartment in 2022, you can expect to pay an average of about $2500. The rent prices have seen a sharp incline from May last year. However, in the past month, there was a decline of 5% for studio apartments. Of course, this is understandable as many real estate markets saw skyrocketing prices after the pandemic, causing many people to hire residential movers Miami, and leave this city for good. 

White Concrete Building Near Green Tree
After the pandemic, the real estate market bounced back quickly, with a sharp incline in median rent prices in Miami

Now that we know the average rent prices in Miami, we should look at the actual Miami apartment prices. The median home price in Miami is around $350,000. Of course, that number varies greatly by square footage and neighborhood. If you are looking to buy an apartment but can only afford a small apartment, there are ways to go around that. Because of high home costs, many people are using  storage Miami, for extra storage and living in smaller apartments.

Affordable neighborhoods in Miami

No matter what type of home you are looking to buy or rent, there are always more and less affordable neighborhoods. Miami is a clear example. However, the gap between the most affordable and the most expensive rent is great. So, if you are looking to buy an investment property, like an apartment to rent out, the neighborhood with the highest rent is Brickell. This neighborhood’s average rent is $3,500/month, which is significantly higher than downtown Miami. On the other hand, if you are looking to buy an apartment for yourself, the most affordable neighborhoods in Miami are Century Village West and Little Haiti. This is important no matter if you are looking to buy an apartment for yourself or as an investment property.

Modern Miami Building Against Sky
One of the most expensive neighborhoods in Miami is Brickell, where the average rent for a luxury one-bedroom apartment is just below $4000

So, what to look for when investing? To know which neighborhoods are best for investing, you should look at two things, high population density and employment growth. When we look at those two factors, these neighborhoods come out as the best places to buy an investment property:

  • Brickell, on the waterfront of Miami South Channel
  • Liberty City, being close to major highways, is one of the main selling points of this neighborhood
  • Overtown which especially great for medical professionals because of how close it is to major hospital and medical centers
  • Little Haiti, which, as we mentioned, is one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Miami and most densely populated
  • Model City – which is also the most affordable neighborhood to buy a property, with a median home price of around $280 thousand.

Forecasts for Miami apartment prices

Before hiring movers North Miami FL, you should know some basic Miami real estate market trends. If you are looking to buy investment properties, Miami is one of the best markets to invest in. There is a consistently high demand for rentals, which means this is a great place for investment properties. Compared to other real estate markets, Miami has a high ROI. This is because it has a relatively low home cost, with high rents. People living in Miami pay almost half of their income in rent, and due to low supply and wages, not many of them can afford a home. Almost two-thirds of people are renters, which means high demand for rentals.

An apartment building in Miami which is good to invest in after reading about Miami apartment prices
Thanks to low Miami apartment prices and high rents, Miami is one of the best markets to invest in

However, great ROI and high demand for rentals are not the only reasons you should think of buying a home in Miami. According to a publication by PwC, Miami was ranked the 12th market in the US for real estate investing in 2019. The properties have a steady rate of appreciation, and you can find high-quality homes at reasonable prices. And thanks to low property taxes and no income taxes, it makes for a great market to buy a home that’s not just for investments. While there were some downturns during the pandemic, Miami remains one of the best markets to invest in, especially for single-family homes.

Is now a good time to invest and move to Miami?

While it’s true that Miami apartment prices are soaring, that shouldn’t put you away from moving there. There’s a plethora of job opportunities and high salaries in Miami that will make it much easier for your budget. And not only that, but if you dig a little deeper, you could find a decent apartment with a price much lower than the Miami average. Also, don’t forget that Miami’s real estate is a great investment opportunity. It is one of the few real estate markets that are popular among Americans as well as other citizens who are looking for a vacation home. So, even if you decide to move out, you might be able to sell at a higher price. Rest assured that Miami won’t go out of fashion in the near future.