Leaving Aventura for Kendall – what to expect?

So you’ve decided that you’re leaving Aventura for Kendall, but you aren’t sure what to expect. That’s why we as reliable movers Miami would like to help you out. In the short term, we’ll explain to you the major differences between Aventura and Kendall. We also hope that you’ll have a nice time in Kendall. Now let’s dive in!

Why leaving Aventura for Kendall is good in so many ways

First of all the city of Kendall has double the population that of Aventura. Secondly, the median age of people is 41 while it’s 47 in Aventura. Now when it comes to finances the median home price in Aventura is $343,200 compared to $298,700 in Kendall. These are some of the main things that we as residential movers Miami know. A lot of people are moving since the recession is kicking in and people are trying to save every dollar. Even if unemployment rates in both places are the same, they’re higher than the national average. The average commuting time is also the same so again it’s a tie. Kendall has a tiny advantage when it comes to median income since it’s $59,753 vs $59,657 in Aventura. We know that it’s $69 but if every dollar counts, that’s something.

A suburban town;
This amazing place is just 22 miles from Aventura.

As you can see prices for rent, real estate, milk, eggs, and almost everything have risen. Also, people say that it’ll keep rising, so you should try and save as much as you can. We as local Kendall movers can tell you that more and more people are moving here. This place’s got really good schools they’re rated A+ and overall the crime rate is low. Not only that but diversity is high which makes it that much better. It also has great nightlife so a lot of millennials are moving in and it’s great for families. Not there aren’t any particular problems with Aventura but it’s more expensive plus the crime rates are higher.

Is Kendall a good place for me and my family?

Well as you know it all comes to you. If you like a bit bigger city which has cheaper housing and more diversity it’s for you. We as moving company Aventura understand that these are just the numbers and they may seem attractive, but we’d advise you to visit the city first. Also, you can google and find some real estate agents online so you can also take a look at some properties while you’re there.

An elderly lady talking with younger woman about leaving Aventura for Kendall;
Leaving Aventura for Kendall is a great deal for both families, the elderly, and singles!

Final thoughts on leaving Aventura for Kendall – what to expect?

We hope that you liked leaving Aventura for Kendall – what to expect? These are just our thoughts but if you see it yourself you’ll probably move no matter what.  If you need any other tips and tricks take a look at our blog section. Have a great time in Kendall and have a great move.