Ways to keep your valuables safe when moving long distance

There are so many things to think about before moving: The best way to pack is. Which business will you employ? What should you know about securing and storing valuables while moving? That final query is the most challenging for many folks. Your priceless family heirlooms, antiques, and other valuables are too important for you to take a chance on losing during the move. Here are some essential suggestions to keep your valuables safe when moving long distance, so you can rest easy knowing they reach their new home safely. You can relax knowing that Pro Movers Miami has your back.

List all of your valuables

Make a list of your priceless belongings and snap pictures of them. This will make it easier to prove how they were before to your move. It will also help when filing an insurance claim, whether it be for your homeowner’s insurance or the insurance of your moving company.

jewelry box
Pro Movers Miami will keep your valuables safe when moving long distance

Get quality boxes

Buy specialty boxes for expensive objects rather than using grocery store trashed boxes or boxes from a home improvement store. Large flat-screen televisions and pricey china or stemware can be transported securely using boxes that are readily accessible. A better box costs more, but it’s cheaper than having to fix or replace priceless goods. Your valuable belongings deserve white glove packing service – remarkable care and professional attitude.


Do not include a description of the contents of the package on the label. Instead, put the name of the room where the box will go (such as “master bedroom”) on it. Number each box and make a note of the valuables within each one if you don’t think you’ll remember what’s in each one.

Tracking your property is important to keep your valuables safe when moving long distance

Consider covertly inserting a tiny, low-cost tracking device inside boxes containing priceless objects. Do your research on the gadgets first, as some have restrictions on their capacity to track. You may be able to see the final destination of your package using some gadgets. While your belongings are being transported to your new location, others may have the technology to pinpoint your whereabouts using nearby cell towers.

Greater items need special assistance

Larger items of art (like statues) and chandeliers, as well as pianos, require special preparation before a relocation. They should not be moved without expert assistance and may need to be created and transported on heavy-duty dollies. Before wrapping, tape a large artwork or framed photograph with masking tape in the shape of an “X” to prevent breaking. Find out from your moving company if they provide this specialized service in-house or if they subcontract this kind of job to another business. Again, confirm that everything is adequately covered.

room labels
Carefully label your boxes, but don’t reveal too much

Insure your possessions

You can move with more confidence if you add insurance. Why? When you insure your possessions, you are protected if something were to happen to them. Consult your insurance provider or movers about strategies for securing valuables during a relocation. How stress-free — or unpleasant — your move is could greatly depend on that additional coverage.

Do not publish any moving updates on social media

Criminals of today are informed enough to search social media for information. This means that by writing casually about your move, you run the risk of alerting burglars to your vulnerability. When packing, stay away from discussing any details that could be used to identify you, such as addresses, possessions, dates, etc. Once you’re safely settled in your new home, friends and family are welcome to stop by.

Items you should consider protecting while moving long-distance


Keeping track of jewelry can be difficult when moving a lot of stuff. Therefore, having a plan is crucial. When moving, you might want to have your valuables on you at all times. Never store your valuables during a transfer in a loose manner or stow it in your jewelry box. Consequently, you won’t misplace or harm your jewelry while relocating.

Additionally, think about keeping a list of all the jewelry you are bringing on your trip. To make sure you have everything, you should also take a photo of each component. Professional movers strive to make your moving experience convenient and enjoyable. They will always make sure that your jewelry arrives at their homes without any hassle.

Important paperwork

Documents like birth certificates, deeds, passports, and tax returns are all of the utmost importance. Moving them is particularly problematic since they frequently contain important personal information. Even the actual paper is prone to tearing. Think about the following advice before you pack:

  • Make a list of every document you’re carrying with you to your new house.
  • Scan your key papers to compile an electronic inventory.
  • Note the precise location where you packed the papers.

Additionally, keeping your papers in a bank safety deposit box could be advantageous. Up until the time you make the last journey to your new home, this offers simple security. Additionally, store your papers in a portable file box to shield them from harm, vermin, and dampness.

Your electronic devices should be serviced before the move and disconnected at least 24 hours prior to the move


Electronic devices

Washing machines, dryers, computers, and televisions are just a few examples of complicated electronic devices. They are heavy, and cumbersome to move, and if handled improperly during a transfer, they are easily shattered. You won’t need to worry when working with trustworthy and skilled long distance movers Florida. Simply let your movers know which boxes include electronic equipment. We can then deliver them to your new house initially. Have your electrical items serviced by a professional at least a week before moving. We also advise you to disconnect all electronic devices 24 hours beforehand. They will be kept cool on moving day thanks to this. Your equipment will be transported with the utmost care.

In conclusion

The safety and security of your possessions during a transfer depends on where you store them. Even though you might think everyone you meet is trustworthy, all it takes is one theft to make you reconsider. Why take a chance when you can keep your valuables safe when moving long distance by hiring a luxury moving company and carefully reading our guide? Happy relocation!