Is it possible to get special offers when moving long distance?

Moving can be hard on your financial state. The bigger the move, the bigger the costs will be. If you are planning an overseas or long-distance move, you will have to spend a couple of thousands of dollars on packing supplies, relocation services, moving insurance, etc. You might be thinking: Is it possible to get special offers when moving long distances? The short answer is yes. The longer one is yes, but mostly depending on how you approach your movers and how you treat them. To get some discounts and save up some more-than-vital money, one of the best Miami moving and storage companies give you a couple of advice on how to get special offers when moving long distance.

Is it possible to get special offers when moving long distance?

Getting a special offer might seem impossible. Most people think that when you estimate the moving price, you get a price that can be higher, and almost lower. That is completely wrong. Moving price calculated via the moving site gives you an estimate based on:

  • Relocation distance
  • Relocation date
  • Number of possessions you have

    A man holding money
    Getting a special moving deal might help you save a couple of hundred dollars.

However, that price is not final, since it does not include many things. For example, if you are senior moving long distances, you can get senior discounts. If you are a student moving back from your dorm to your home, you can ask for student discounts. There are various reasons for getting special deals when moving long distance, and knowing about them increases the chance of getting a better deal. Other than looking on the company’s site and discovering options for specific groups such as seniors, students, government moving, emergency moving, etc, you can also use a couple of tricks to get good moving deals.

Ask your movers directly

The best way to confirm whether you can get special offers when moving long distance is by asking your movers directly. That way, you will not be worrying about all the possibilities you have or do not have. Asking them is the best way to find out. The best time to do is so during the first appointment. If you are a specific group such as seniors, students, family with many kids, or someone with disabilities, these things can make a huge impact on your moving journey. Do not forget to mention your conditions if you fall into a specific category.

Usually, long distance movers Florida have some type of deals that can be good for your wallet and your move. For example, you might get a better deal if you rent short–term storage and use moving services. Another thing that might be helpful is asking about promo codes and coupons. If they cannot offer you a special service, you can get moving codes or coupons. Even a 10% off can have a huge impact on your wallet. To see whether they offer coupons and discounts, you can ask them directly or see them on their website. Sometimes a bot chat will pop up and offer you a discount if you hire movers on a specific day, for example, their birthday, during holidays, etc.

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Being rude and disrespectful will not help you get special offers when moving long distance.

Never be rude to your movers

Sometimes, if you ask for something, you will get it just because you behaved nicely. Many retail workers and fast food workers offer discounts to customers who were not rude or made their day with polite gestures. That can happen in the moving industry. If you were nice to your movers and were not yelling if you had to wait on the phone line for a couple of minutes, you might get a discount if you ask the moving company Fort Lauderdale about them. You would be surprised how much people will respect you if you are respectful in the first place. Even if you do not get a discount, being respectful will leave a good impression, which matters.

Choose a specific moving date

You have to choose a specific date to move to Miami. The date you choose can determine how much you will pay for your move. The most experienced movers will tell you that moving during weekends or holidays is a no-no if you want to save up. How come? Most people need a couple of days for long-distance moves. That is why they choose to move during weekends, or during holidays, since they do not work and have more time. Moving during summer is also more expensive, since days are warmer and longer, and most people are on holiday for at least 1 to 2 weeks.

If you want to save up and cannot get special deals, arrange your moving date to be in late fall, or even winter. Moreover, choose a workday, since rarely anybody decides to move on Tuesdays or Thursdays. That way, your moving costs will be a bit lower, and that will influence the quality of the moving process since the mover you choose will have more time and will handle everything with much more care.

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Moving on weekdays is much cheaper than moving on weekends.

Is it possible to get special deals when moving long distance- conclusion

Even if it might seem unrealistic, there are ways to get special offers when moving long distance. You can ask your movers about them, or you can look them up on the company’s website. Most of the time, there are discounts for specific social groups. Some companies offer discounts on their birthdays. Therefore, asking your movers bout them might save you some money. If you can not get a moving discount, you can save up by arranging a moving date during the workdays and in late fall/early winter. Lastly, when asking about discounts, always be polite. Politeness is always a must, whether you get the discount or not. However, being polite and respectful can greatly help you in getting moving discounts.