How to throw a successful move-in event at your restaurant

Moving a restaurant is a pretty bold move. It takes courage to move it somewhere where people are not used to coming to it. The moving process is easy when we compare it to what you are going to do after. It is easy to hire restaurant movers Miami to cover the relocation, but there is nothing that can help you after the relocation but yourself. The first step towards success is throwing a good move-in event at your restaurant. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use in order to have the best night!

What are the most important things that you need to have in mind in order to throw a move-in event at your restaurant?

Even though it sounds like you just have to put glasses and plates on the table, there is a lot of other stuff that you have to consider when making an event at your restaurant.

  • Start on time
  • Make the budget
  • Plan the meals and drinks carefully
  • Do the marketing 

Start on time

It is very important for you to start on time. Even though planning your move-in party will not take that much time, you should not gamble since you probably want it to be a success. The best time for the party should probably be at the weekend but there are many obstacles that you can encounter. You would not want to have to compete with other restaurants about the event. Most events are usually on weekends so you can make it on the weekday.

You probably know the problems when planning the move so be sure to have some time in order to prepare everything. What we mean by this is that you should not rush and make the party immediately but take a couple of days to get to the normal regime. It can be hard to maintain sanity when moving, especially a restaurant, so you can make a lot of bad decisions that will not serve you well.

Make the budget

Everyone that owns a restaurant knows how important it is to maintain control over the money. It is the same with the move-in event at your restaurant. Most of the budget will most certainly go to food and drinks. There are a lot of types that you can choose from, depending on the type of event that you want to have. A more elegant variant will cost you more but you will most likely create a proper brand after that.

On the other hand, if you are moving your restaurant to a new location but the same place, you most likely already have a brand so you will decide to cut some expenses on the food and drinks and spend more on the entertainment part of the party. It is all on you but you need to have proper financial construction so that you do not spend more money than you intend to.

a calculator - move-in event at your restaurant
Manage your budget for the event properly

Plan the meals and drinks carefully

We are all different, we all like different things. That can actually be a part of the problem when throwing a party like this. You want to accommodate everyone and to offer something for them that they would like. You should have a wide spectrum of meals and drinks so that everyone can have what they want and like. For example, vegans and vegetarians have a strict diet so you can’t offer just meat. After all, your success depends on the fact that people like and respect your food, drinks, service, etc. Bring out the best and be sure that everyone goes home pleased.

Everyone should get what they want

Do the marketing

It is important for you to publicize the event properly. Even though you may already a good clientele, you want your move-in party to be a complete success. There are several good ways on how to publicize the event. Everything depends on your target group. Your move-in event can be public or for a certain type of person. If it is open for the public, posting the event on Facebook should be a good place to start with. You can exchange all the information there and notify everyone.

On the other hand, if you are having a party for a specific type of person, you may want to be more personal. Inviting them over Facebook would be a mistake if you already want to impress them. The best way to notify them about the event should be sending out the invitation to each and every one of them. It will create a good impression and you will have higher chances to have a successful event.

a mobile phone
Social media can be good for publicizing the event

Do it all by yourself or seek help?

Throwing a move-in event can be a nightmare. There are so many things that you have to think about. We have already said that stress over relocation itself could be enough for you to make the wrong decisions. You can always go with the event setup Miami services and get all the help that you need. Sometimes it is just better to coordinate than to have to do all the hard work. You can be sure that you will get all the professionals that you need.


Planning and throwing a move-in event at your restaurant is a very important thing. It does not matter whether you have relocated in the same city or not, you still need to make a good first impression. Even though you may have clientele, you would not want to disappoint them. So, everything needs to be perfect! That is why you should not rush at all and take your time. Have in mind that you can take as much as you need to unpack, put everything on its place until you start planning the event. Manage your finances carefully and think about all the people that you are going to have at the event. That should be enough in order to make the best first impression!