How to store holiday decorations after moving to a new home

Well, the holidays are finally over. We are back at the machine, getting our work done, relocating, or simply enjoying this silent period without holidays. We assume that you have a lot of holiday decorations, and you don’t know how to store them properly, and with all that on your head, you are settling down to a new home. Wow, fantastic period and timing. But don’t be worried, we are here to learn you how to store holiday decorations after moving to a new home. Or you can simply call movers and packers Miami, and let the professionals do their job. We know that holidays and decorations can frustrate some people, and packing holiday decorations after moving is frustrating for sure for all of us. Holiday decorating may quickly turn from enjoyable to tiresome, to assist you, we’ve compiled a few innovative storage options as well as some pro organizing advice.

What can happen with your holiday decorations after moving if you didn’t store them properly?

Inappropriate storing of your Christmas decoration can fully ruin them. When Christmas decorations, tinsel, and garland are kept inappropriately, they may twist, leading not only in annoying knots but also damaged lights and twisted wiring. If everything isn’t organized and put together, it’s also quite simple for cherished objects to become forgotten. If you want packing to unpacking service from a reliable moving company, this is the best solution for you and your loved ones. You can just sit and relax while professionals do their jobs.

lights on the Christmas tree
Packing light decorations require special attention when it’s about storing holiday decorations after moving, they are fragile and they can get tangled

Simply tips to store holiday decorations after moving

Here you will find some of the most common tips for packing and storing things after moving. This will surely help you to organize after relocating to a new home. Let’s start, here is the list of steps you should follow:

  • Use resealable bags
  • Wrap tree
  • Pack Christmas Lights
  • Buy Boxes and plastic containers
  • Paper for decoration stored in plastic bags and containers

Use resealable bags

Use transparent gallon bags from your kitchen to put all of your decorations in the same container but organized by color. Then it’ll be a breeze to evaluate your stockpile the following year. After you put the ornament decoration in separated bags you can use a plastic box to pack them and categorize them later. You can also try to do a DIY project for packing ornaments. Save some egg cartons, and later you will have an amazing thing to store Christmas tree ornaments in there. Great trick, isn’t it?

ornament balls on the Christmas tree
Be careful when packing ornament ball decorations, they are very fragile!

Wrap tree or pack it in the box

You can pack trees in some great ways. You can use stretch wrap to wrap your tree if you are storing it in the garage or in some other space. Stretch wrap will save it from everything. Boxes for packing Christmas tree is also a great way to store them properly. It’s likely that your fake Christmas tree came in a box when you bought it. Hopefully, you preserved the box because it’s the perfect size for your tree. To pack a Christmas tree, reverse the techniques you used to unpack it, wrapping up each branch and straightening the tree as much as possible.

Pack and store lights properly

Lightning is the most problematic thing to pack when it’s about packing and storing holiday decorations after moving to a new home. This thing can be delicate, so maybe you would love to call for professionals. Try to take a research on moving companies Davie FL,  they can offer you a lot of possibilities. But, if you are a handyman, and love to do all work just by yourself, this can be interesting to you. First, you should find a cardboard piece. Wrap your lights around cardboard, then put it in a labeled box that you have just for lightning decoration.

This principle of packing and storing holiday decorations is great if you want to keep your things in Miami storage facilities, and we surely suggest you do that!

Buy Boxes and Plastic Containers to store holiday decorations after moving to a new home

Cardboard boxes and plastic containers are your best friend for now. You should buy it to store your holiday decorations after moving. If you label it correctly, you will not have any problem later with unpacking for next year’s season. In fact, it will be much easier to decorate your house and Christmas tree when you know where your ornaments and lights are.

boxes wrapped in decoration paper
It’s important to store paper properly because the inappropriate way of storing can damage your decorative papers.

This is the best possible solution when it comes to relocating and packing in general. Labeled boxes and containers are great ways for organization and categorization when moving things.

Paper for decorating stored out in plastic bags and containers

I recommend storing all of your seasonal paper items secure and preserved within plastic bags, whether it’s gift paper, Christmas cards, or snowflake cutouts. If you want to avoid creases and crinkles, consider putting them inside a file before packaging them.

Hiring professionals to pack and store holiday decorations after moving to a new home is the best possible option

Well, if you want your relocation to be a stress-free journey, you should hire a professional moving company with a team of professional movers. They can store holiday decorations after moving properly, and also have their own packing materials so you don’t even need to worry about that stuff on relocating day. You should sit and rest yourself, and just see how smoothly your moving will be with a team of professionals.