How to stay organized while unpacking after moving to Homestead

Most of the time, moving is complicated and stressful. And it is all because of the notoriously packing process. You must prepare the budget for it, obtain packing materials, and hire Pro Movers Miami to help you out. All these tasks require money, time, and patience. And when we add the unpacking and settling-in process to this story, the entire project becomes almost impossible. But worry not, it is entirely doable if you create a good moving plan. So, today we will focus on the aftermath and teach you how to stay organized while unpacking. Let’s take a look.

Have a plan on paper to stay organized while unpacking

The first thing you must do is to organize the entire thing. Start by covering the mandatory moving steps and list them all down on your moving checklist. Figure out how many pieces of furniture you possess and how many packing materials you must purchase to pack everything safely. This is something you must do because without this info your movers can’t provide precise moving quotes Miami. Also, you must inspect your new home as well and create a furniture layout plan. Think in advance about where to place all robust pieces and how will your new home look like. Pack according to this info and you’ll stay on schedule and have an efficient unpacking for sure.

have a packing plan to stay organized while unpacking
Create a list with all items you must pack, and you’ll have much easier unpacking.

Pack properly first

To stay organized while unpacking, you should pack with this idea in mind. If you pack aimlessly and simply toss random items inside boxes, you’ll spend hours on sorting stuff out once you move in. If you label each box, you will know exactly where your items are. It is important to have some kind of labeling system. Not only that you’ll unpack easily but your movers will know what they are dealing with. Labeling can raise awareness and keep your items safer. So, use either a dark marker, or write on the cardboard box directly. Or use stickers with matching numbers, colors, or detailed descriptions of the content inside. Do as you like, just make sure you label all your boxes properly.

On the other hand, if you purchase packing services Miami, your movers will do this instead. They will bring all the materials and cover the entire process instead of you. Although, they are not familiar with your personal items and there is a chance that those boxes will be inadequately labeled. Therefore, you should pack a few boxes with the most personal items and label them. Leave the rest to the moving team.

Instruct movers where to place your items

You will stay organized while unpacking only if your furniture is placed properly. If you instruct your movers to place furniture in designated rooms, you won’t have to do it by yourself. And you can start making your bed, filling wardrobes, and taking unnecessary stuff to your garage and the attic straight away. So, to avoid this labor and save precious time, tell your movers to follow the labels on your items and furniture and bring them to the room they belong to. This will significantly improve and speed up the unpacking process. And remember, the moving company Homestead FL won’t do this if you do not ask them to. They will probably unload everything into the lobby with a few obvious exceptions. They will probably ask you where to put the fridge, washing machine, dryer, etc. But for everything else, they’ll place it randomly around the home.

mover holding items in his hands
Instruct your movers where to place furniture so you don’t have to do it instead.

Start by unpacking the most important rooms

As soon as you arrive you should give your best to put in function all the most important areas of your home. Most items you have packed in boxes can be stored away easily. You want all clothing, sheets, towels, ceramics, books, and valuable papers out of sight. Simply fill your wardrobes and cabinets with all those items. Hopefully, you have cleaned and prepared most of them before the relocation. If not, do it now and stash everything nicely and you’ll free up the space inside your new home. Therefore, focus on your dresser, bathroom, kitchen, and kids’ room. If you have a nursery, this is the first area you should set up. Probably the best way to do it is to set everything up a week before moving in. Your kids and pets must have their own little homes as soon as they move in.

Fix your wardrobes and the storage

After you are done with fixing and assembling the furniture, you will fill them in with designated items. But do not forget that you still have a basement, garage, or attic available. Some items can go there right away. Especially those that are not used frequently. If you skipped decluttering, you probably have old appliances and furniture with you. Those items are perfect to be stored in one of those areas. Also, take all ski equipment, Christmas decorations, and tools to your garage. Simply spread items all over the place and find them in their designated spots. You do not have to unpack boxes straight away. But all boxes labeled with kitchen items should be stored in a corner in the kitchen. Apply this tactic for all rooms in your home.

parents and a child labeling boxes
Decide on the labeling system and go with it. All boxes should be adequately labeled.

Stay organized while unpacking with the help of your family members

You already figured out that you will hire movers to help you with the hardest parts of the relocation. But having an extra pair of hands is always helpful. So, ask friends to help you move, and make sure to do it a few weeks in advance. Especially if you are asking your coworkers and relatives as well. Give them enough time to think about it and respond according to their schedules. You’ll need only one of them to respond and it will already become much easier. But to be honest, do not expect much because no one likes to relocate. Let alone relocate someone else. So, you’ll probably have movers and your family members. Which is in most cases more than enough.

Now you know how to stay organized while unpacking. The key to easy unpacking and enjoyable settling in is proper packing. And of course, in a reliable moving company. Therefore, make sure to find good movers and pack like a pro. Everything else will come easily if you cover these two. Good luck.