How to stage your Miami apartment for sale

Miami is one of the top places for real estate. Most of the people living here are renters which only points out that many people consider it worthwhile investing in Miami real estate, and would rather rent than sell. However, a time may come for you to move to the next chapter. Hiring  Pro Movers Miami can provide smart solutions, both for storing items after decluttering your apartment and with the move afterward. For many people, selling their apartment may be necessary to fund buying a new one. If that’s the case, you will want to make the most of the sale. Therefore, knowing how to stage your Miami apartment for sale can easily earn you some extra cash.

Why should you stage your Miami apartment for sale?

Most of the real estate listings will catch most attention online. This means that the potential buyers will have their first impression based on the photos they can find on your listing. Houses will need a good exterior photo, which means more work outside, but that doesn’t apply to apartments. However, every photo displayed on the apartment listing will potentially draw or turn away potential buyers. Naturally, if interested, they will come and visit the open house, so maintaining the looks as they are on the official listing can be crucial for making the sale. That’s why contacting some of the moving companies North Miami offers early can greatly help organize and store your items while trying to sell your home. If everything is packed and ready, moving your items from storage to their destination will be a breeze.

sofa in the living room
Staging your apartment for sale has many benefits but requires attention to detail.

Functionality and coziness

While some people think that staging your place isn’t serious and doesn’t provide results, they are wrong. The functional aspect of your home is indeed important, but being able to connect with the place and eventually call it home is a whole different thing. You shouldn’t discard one or the other, as both will have a critical impact on closing the deal. Here’s why you should pay attention to detail when you stage your Miami apartment for sale.

The functionality of your home is something you want to emphasize. The most important thing to display is that there is plenty of space, and that’s where decluttering comes in. Consider using one of the facilities for storage Miami offers. If you don’t have too many items to store, you can also use the trunk of your car. Whatever you do, you should realize that you shouldn’t display your home as a museum of your personal life. On the contrary, you should try to make it neutral, so it’s easier for customers to imagine living in that space.

On the other hand, neutrality doesn’t mean everything has to be sterile. Your apartment should feel cozy and inviting while maintaining minimal interior design. Neutral art on the walls, plants, and a few books are more than enough to create an inviting impression and hopefully help close the deal. Adding a blanket to your sofa is a great but discreet way of making your living room feel cozy and warm. Fine art can be a great addition to the display unless it’s something controversial. Transporting such items after selling the house is best done by specialized antique movers.

dining table with a plant
A neutral feel with a touch of life and greenery always attracts more buyers.

Should you turn the lights on or off when staging your apartment?

Many agents will advise their clients to switch all the lights on, which is a more traditional approach. Instead, you can only use natural light. Florida and Miami get a lot of sunshine, and nothing artificial can replicate that. Unless you have a scarcity of windows in your apartment, you should pull all the blinds up and only use natural light to illuminate your home. It creates a different kind of feel and most people will instinctively prefer it while maybe staying unaware of it.

Climatize and get rid of any odor

The first things that people are going to feel when they enter your home are the air temperature and the smell. Having both of these in check will greatly reduce the chances of buyers giving up before exploring the whole place.

Miami has very hot summers and that’s why having climatized home is paramount. Many buyers will want to check if the air conditioner is working properly, and you shouldn’t underestimate the impression this can leave on them. If they feel a fresh and pleasant breeze upon entering your apartment, you’ll know they’ll have one less thing to worry about. This means they will be one step close to buying your apartment.

The other thing is the smell. You don’t want any odor in your apartment because that can easily turn down any buyer. However, don’t try and make your apartment smell too intense, even if it’s a nice smell. Some people may think you are trying to cover something else up, so don’t do that. Instead, try having fresh air inside, and only allow mild neutral smells. Don’t use anything stronger than a simple decorative candle.

candle on a book
Don’t go too far with the smells when trying to stage your Miami apartment for sale. A simple candle will do.

Tips to make your rooms look better when staging your Miami apartment

There is no formula for every single apartment in Miami, but some things always do help. For example, you should empty your drawers and only leave essentials in there. Kitchen drawers shouldn’t to contain old food or personal items. While they should contain basic kitchen items, a bit of an empty space will give buyers an idea that there is plenty of space.

Another thing to pay attention to is how to stage your bedroom. There are no two ways about it – luxury hotel-style is always the best. Try to look some of the hotels up and see how they design beds and bedrooms. They are great at making people forget someone else slept in their bed, which helps people feel at home or envision themselves in it more easily. It’s a great useful trick when trying to stage your Miami apartment for sale.