How to safely move your pottery studio in Bal Harbour

Do you have a pottery studio and you want to relocate it to Bal Harbour? We are here for you. In this article, you will find some interesting tricks and tips on how to safely move your pottery studio in Bal Harbour. Sometimes it’s really hard to move your equipment without damaging it, so we recommend you to research ”fine art movers near me”, which could be helpful for your whole moving process.

Planning a move

 A hobbyist may not have a lot of equipment may be a weel, worktable, and a small shelf. Or if you hand-built you may have a slab roller, work desk, and a shelf. Nevertheless, pottery in itself is fragile and sometimes hard to pack without professional help like white-glove moving and storage.

girl making a vase in pottery studio
First, you should make a plan of relocation, after that everything will be smooth.

One of the first things u need to do is plan out your move, especially if you’re doing it by yourself. Make sure you have enough boxes and paper to wrap up all of the existing pottery u have. You also need boxes for your equipment, brushes, wheels, shelves, etc. Here is the list of things you will need to have to properly and safely pack and move your pottery studio in Bal Harbour.

  • Boxes
  • Newspaper
  • Towels or some soft material
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Plastic Containers
  • Labels and packing tape

Preparing boxes for packing pottery

Pick out the correct size of the box and if you are using newspapers crumble them up enough to cover the bottom. That will provide you a cushion for the pottery and stop any damage if the box maybe drops or is moved. On the other hand, if you are using towels make sure you have a big enough layer on the bottom. For some bigger pieces, make sure to wrap them up. Now when you set up everything, proceed to put them into the box. Make sure that heavier pieces are on the bottom, and the lighter and smaller pieces are on the top. Also, make sure to leave enough space to make one more cushion on the top

You should tape on every box you have packed, and also use the labels to mark what is in the boxes. Make sure you have enough boxes as there is an endless number of small stuff like brushes, jars, airbrushes, compressors…Usually, some people would opt for help and contact movers Bal Harbour to help them out with the tedious task.

Packing Equipment and materials

Equipment is one of the hardest things to pack and move, so you need to be super careful when it comes to it. First of all, we assume that you have a lot of electrical equipment, so make sure that everything is unplugged and turned off. If you have any containers that are filled up with water, take care of them and drain the water out of them. Further equipment used for painting and pottery decoration also needs to be cleaned, so keep that in mind. Don’t be lazy and never pack dirty brushes and containers.

Moving your pottery studio can be a challenging process unless you have professional help.

If you want to safely move your pottery studio to Bal Harbour, you will need to reassemble the shelf. We recommend you get a helping hand like contact Pro Movers Miami.

It’s time to safely move your pottery studio in Bal Harbour

You should move quickly and efficiently in order to best preserve your work. So, organize a moving truck and don’t forget to check for its size as you may be moving large quantities of equipment and already finished works. If you cant find a truck large enough. You can always rent out two. In this, we recommend the help of professionals or you can contact your friend and family for some extra help.

Make sure that the heavier equipment is placed down, while the lighter and fragile pieces and boxes are on the top. Also, take care that everything is well secured into place so it stops or at least lowers the chances of falling or moving out of place.

Your new studio

Now, when you have arrived at your destination, make sure that everything in your new studio is clean and well prepared before you are about to unpack boxes. Try to have a plan on where things should be placed and tell the guys from the moving company where to put the boxes. First, assemble the shelves, and make sure they are attached well to the wall.

Put in your heavier equipment and make sure that everything is attached to electricity and drainage. After you have placed your heavier equipment you can start with planning out where your damp room will be. So, if you are on the budget maybe you can make a damp corner ( four shelves to use as a damp space)

woman decorating a vase
Always take care of your tools and brushes. That could be your most powerful weapon

Tools and storage equipment

Make sure to keep your clay in clay storage, to make sure it doesn’t have any contact with the water. As wet clay will create mold. Also, dry clay has silica in it and you can inhale it. Good tools make a good master. So be sure that you are using them properly, and also keep them in the proper way.

Professional movers are the best option to move your pottery studio in Bal Harbour

Professional movers are always the best option when it comes to moving your pottery studio safely. They come equipped with everything needed to safely and without any damage, (not the mention fast) move everything. So, in that way, you can sit down and relax watching how they safely move your pottery studio in Bal Harbour without any worry.