How to protect hardwood floors when moving furniture

Hardwood floors are one of the most prized features a home could have. They’re visually pleasing to most, durable, and made of high-quality wood. However, the main downside to hardwood floors is how delicate they are and how easy it is to damage them. We at Professional Movers Miami have seen plenty of damaged hardwood floors over time, and want to protect them. Whether you’re doing it to change things up or to relocate in Florida, we’ll tell you how to protect hardwood floors when moving furniture around. Many people look back and regret not being careful when moving things around because of how they damaged their floors. To help you keep hardwood floors intact and to spare you from having regrets later down the line, read this!

The basics of protecting hardwood floors in general

Wood, although durable, isn’t indestructible: dents, scratches, cracking, and the likes can appear on your floors at any time. Many people don’t even think of the damage they can cause to their hardwood floors before it’s already too late. So, what are some of the most common ways people damage their hardwood floors?  To keep those floors shiny and smooth as the day you got them, avoid doing the following:

beautiful kitchen with a hardwood floor
Protect your hardwood floors when moving furniture to keep them looking beautiful.
  • dropping heavy items on the floor,
  • dragging heavy things and furniture across the floor, especially if they’re not protected,
  • exposing your hardwood floor to water,
  • walking around in shoes such as heels or heavy boots…

Now, we can move on to the more important question: how does one prevent damage and protect their floors? There are many ways to damage a hardwood floor, so there must be just as many ways to save them. For starters, putting carpets around your home can help you keep your hardwood floors safe in certain spots. Luckily, carpets come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so you’ll surely find one that fits into your home’s aesthetic. Secondly, using furniture pads which you can buy on Amazon can help keep your floors intact in the long run. 

Our movers Miami Beach locals rely on also recommend keeping heavy decorations away from your floors. For example, a heavy vase or bowl can easily get bumped or knocked over and fall down, resulting in scratches or dents. Plan out your interior carefully to minimize potential hazards to your hardwood floor. Lastly, make sure to clean up any and all moisture and liquids using rags or mops. Water can seriously damage hardwood floors to the point where they have to be entirely replaced.

How to keep your hardwood floors safe during the moving process

The one thing that can damage hardwood floors more than possible everyday mishaps is relocation. It’s when everything gets more hectic and things might fly over your head entirely, including floor protection. During relocation, the same safety measures apply: things being dropped and potential water exposure are factors you should consider. Luckily, there are ways to protect your floor during the lengthy process of moving.

mover trying to help protect your hardwood floor when moving furniture
Relocation is when hardwood floors are most susceptible to damage, but it can be prevented.

If you happen to have spare cardboard boxes left from packing, you can use them to cover the floor. They’ll absorb water, mud, and other debris while things are being hauled and carried in and out of your home. To take things a step further, you can buy rubber and plastic sheets or protection films for the same purpose. They’ll protect your floor not only from dragging, water damage, and debris, but they’ll also keep your floor safe in case something heavy falls on it.

Sofas, tables, chairs, and wardrobes: all of these furniture pieces are super heavy. Normally, when moving, people try to move and haul entire pieces of furniture, which is one of the main ways people damage their hardwood floors. A solution to this is to ask your movers if their moving services Miami relies on also include taking furniture apart. It’s much easier, safer, and economical to pack parts of a table and assemble them later. Not only will you keep your hardwood floor safe, but you’ll also keep your furniture safe. Essentially, you’ll kill two birds with one stone, making your move all the more convenient.

Why protect hardwood floors when moving furniture in the first place?

Our company offers many a White Glove moving service solution and will help you keep your floors intact. However, how do you benefit from hardwood floor protection? The reasons are few but crucial: hardwood floors are difficult to repair. Hardwood floors are also quite expensive, so preventing damage also helps lowers the chance of going over your budget. If you plan on selling your old home, a well-kept hardwood floor can greatly increase the value at which you can sell it. Another scenario is if you’re moving out from a place you’ve been renting- it’s common courtesy to leave the place in the same state as when you moved in. Hardwood floors also have higher quality than other wooden floor types, so it would be a shame to damage it overall. Hardwood floors are very much sought-after, so make sure to treat them with care.

living room with hardwood floor
The benefits of protecting your hardwood floors are many.

Now that you know how to protect hardwood floors when moving furniture, you may begin getting ready for the move. Of course, make sure to plan your move properly and take the required steps and precautions. A move can only ever be successful if you dedicate enough time and remain patient throughout the whole thing. To make the process of protecting hardwood floors and moving easier, you can also hire Professional Movers Miami to help you. Experience, efficiency, and a variety of moving services are the qualities we’re most proud of. To get the help of one of the most reliable movers in Miami, get a free moving quote from our website today.