How to prepare your art collection for short-term storage

Everyone who owns some kind of art collection knows how difficult and demanding preparing it for storage can be. It has a great value and sometimes it is a piece of art that is in a family for generations. That is why when you prepare your art collection for short-term storage you need to do it properly. There are a lot of risks to packing and preparing art collections by yourself. In order to do it right, we have prepared you a little guide that will definitely help you out. And when it comes to packing, preparing, and transporting it to the short-term storage you should get help from the professionals, like Pro Movers Miami is.

Find out what kind of environment is the best for your art collections

No matter how many collections you have and how valuable they are, you need to find the best place for them to store them. If you are not sure what is the best environment you can always ask professionals. However, most of the best and most reputable moving companies can answer your questions. Art moving company should be able to answer all of your questions and help you store them in a proper way.

photos on the table ready to be packed for you to prepare your art collection for short-term storage
If you are not sure how to prepare the artwork for storage, contact the professionals.

How to choose the right storage

Having enough space in your home is always the number one option. You can turn your closet or a small office into a storage unit for your art collections. However, you need to be careful about the condition of those rooms. For starts, it needs to be finished. There should not be fresh paint on the walls. The dust must be wiped regularly and there should not be any mold. Try to avoid a basement and an attic. Of course, if your basement is climate controlled and is finished and decorated, you can use that option too.

Avoid open windows and air vents. If you have an air vent in your storage, you should reconsider placing your collections here. Or at least talk to the professionals and see how you can prevent damage. The last thing you should take care of if not renting a storage unit is that the room you will be keeping your collection is that it does not have an exterior wall. It will be perfect if the room is in the center of the house or completely inside the home, surrounded by other rooms.

Does it have to be so complicated?

Of course, it does not. You have always an option to hire the best luxury moving company and let the professional take care of your collections and store if in their storage facilities. This way you will know that they are in a perfect environment and that they will be saved from any damage and not be broken or scratched.

Tips and tricks on how to prepare your art collections for short-term storage

The number one thing you must do is to properly clean the arts. Pay attention to the details. Choose the microfiber cloth that will help you remove all the dust from surfaces. If you have cleaned it on everyday bases, this should not take a lot of time. If it is necessary, buy polish that will be the best for your collections. It should stop dust, rust, or damage. However, if you do not want what kind of cloth you need to use, do not panic. Hire a white glove moving and storage and let the professionals with the experience prepare everything for you.

When you are buying products for cleaning, make sure that they are acid-free. Liquids and other polish that you might use must be without acid, in order to prevent any damage.

antique art collection
Be careful how and where you place your art collection

Pay attention to the condition of the storage when you prepare your art collection for short-term storage

The humidity level should be perfect. The ideal is 40-50%. The temperature should be around 25 degrees Celsius. These ideal conditions you will be able to achieve with the humidifier. The reason for paying attention to it is that the number one thing that causes damage to art collections is humidity. Prevet your pieces of art get destroyed by organizing the best conditions in your storage.

Do not place your artwork on the ground

If you rent a storage unit and hire a professional to prepare your art collections for short-term storage, they will not place them on the floor. They will hang the artwork. Another thing you must not do if not getting help from the professionals is you should not place it near the other or against the art artwork.

The last thing you should do when you prepare your art collections for short-term storage is to ensure the right documentation

Even though you will give your best to protect your items, you need to be prepared for the worst. In this case, to avoid something bad happening, there is one thing you can do. And that is to take pictures of every item that you have. From each side. Before it is loaded in the truck, you must have the document of in which condition you have given it to the professionals.

decorative pieces of art on the wall
To prepare your art collection for short-term storage take a picture of it

To prepare your art collection for short-term storage means that you will need to have a lot of patience. If you are not feeling in the mood to do it, it is better not to start. Make sure that you know the products and materials you will be using to protect them and prepare them for storage. Do not hesitate to contact the professionals and get all the information you need in case you are not sure what is the best solution for your artwork.