How to prepare delicate items for storage

Relocating can be hard on your belongings. From packing to loading into a truck and transporting, it can be quite a hustle. Furthermore, there are always endless possibilities for something to go wrong. The pressure not to make some kind of mistake creates stress that influences your concentration. Therefore, it’s a paradox of some sort. Luckily, the present-day moving companies have a solution for just such occasions. Smart movers like Pro Movers Miami work hard on improving the quality of their services. As a result, there is a solution for pretty much any kind of moving-related issue today. And one of the best things you can do with your valuables and breakables during relocation is to put them in storage. However, it’s not quite simple as all that. You first need to learn how to how to prepare delicate items for storage. This too requires some preparation on your part.

delicate items
If your house is full of breakables and valuables, you need to prepare delicate items for storage. Only then will your move be a success.

Start preparing on time to avoid hasty decisions

The very first thing you should do while moving is a thorough cleaning of your house. That will give you an estimate on how many things you have to transport. Furthermore, it’s a great way to say goodbye to your old home. As you do this, you might come across hidden treasures you’ve forgotten about long ago. You might even find an item or two that’s valuable. In addition to the fragile items you’ve already known you have to be careful about, a cleanup will give you a good idea of what you have to work with. That way, you can start planning how to go about moving them in time. And the best time to start moving preparations is a month in advance. You’ll then be able to figure out the right solution for all of your valuable items. In the end, storage units Miami is your best option.

Prepare delicate items for storage first and then handle the rest

Moving is a task that might take you more time than you anticipate. That’s why you should do all you can to stay on top of things. As there are a lot of fragile items you have to take care of, you should think of them first. Of course, you must be clear on what classifies as a fragile item. Most people won’t even consider their old musical instrumentals as too fragile for a moving box. However, you should know better. These initial preparations will save you a lot of worrying later along the way. As you start your moving preparations, make sure to first do the following:

  • do an inventory of all of your belongings
  • categorize each item and separate anything valuable or breakable
  • make sure to put away your valuables first – you don’t want any accidents while packing
  • do some research and ask around for the best storage units in your area

    a woman who wants to prepare delicate items for storage
    If you have a lot of delicate items and it’s relocation time. don’t risk putting them into a moving van. Instead, you should look for alternative solutions.

Once you are sure about how many breakables you have, you can start thinking of smart ways to relocate them. However, as we mentioned, the best way is to put it in storage for the time being. Once you’ve moved and settled into your new home, you can easily work on getting your fragile items there.

Get all the supplies you need in order to prepare delicate items for storage and check out the storage unit beforehand

When it comes to preparing your items for storage, this is a complicated issue. It mostly depends on what kind of items you have to contend with. If we’re talking about large house decor and wall art, finding the right box is often enough. If you want to go the extra mile, you can always use packing paper or bubble wrap to cover your items. Hiring professional fine art movers is also a good idea. That way you’re also getting some professional advice and much-needed guidance. If you’ve never used a storage unit, chances are that you need all the help you can get. It’s definitely a good idea to go and check out the space before you send your items there. Make sure that the shelves in a unit don’t touch the ground. If they do, a simple cardboard box won’t be enough to protect your fragile items.

Ask for help when you need it

The most ideal solution for you that have fragile items of higher value would be to ask around for white glove storage. It’s a simple way to ensure your items get special attention. After all, the point is to avoid any potential damage. The best treatment and complete dedication are what you can expect if you decide to get this kind of service. From the very first call you make, you’ll get the best advice you can hope for. Furthermore, you’ll be able to speak up and explain exactly what you want.

professional movers
If you want to do things the easiest way possible, let the professionals handle everything.

How does it work?

You’ll get a complete plan of action and the best part is that it will be tailor-made to suit your needs. Service providers you get will handle everything after that. From packing your belongings and transporting them, to taking good care of them while they’re in a storage unit, they will handle everything. It’s really the best way to do go about putting delicate items to storage. If you get the same people to handle the preparation, packing, transportation, and storing, you’re sure to avoid any mistakes. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about anything yourself.

Start today

Now that you know how best to prepare delicate items for storage, don’t delay. It takes time to do an inventory, get the right supplies, and then pack everything. Even if you decide to let the professionals handle the heavy-lifting, it will still take some time to agree on everything. Furthermore, even professional movers need some time to prepare everything. Therefore, as the moving day approaches, don’t waste any more time and start your work today.